The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



Parody of the Jesus Toast but with Hillary’s face in avacado toast.


I regret to announce that the British cartoonists are back to their poop-loving ways.

Also whatever the fuck this is supposed to be saying.


A: “Poisoned Faeces” is one hell of a band name.

B: Theres another panel missing from that comic, right?


No, it’s just a bit of a hit and miss comic. I’m not entirely sure about this one, for example.


That second one is just your standard “young people don’t care about anything except celebrities/media” thing.

Zoella is a fashion vlogger.


Aha! That makes a bit more sense now then. Though it does mean the British cartoonists are also back to their referencing ways as well.


At first I thought the stuff in the bucket was just generic poison and the zombie people were saying they loved poisoned faces. And it still sort of made sense?


The Avocado toast thing confused me but then I saw a post explaining that “Rich millennials” exist.

I only know this because of the Demma Vlog log videos since they mention Zoella multiple times in them.



Apparently the reason millennials don’t own houses is because they eat avocados on toast. Also they’re spending all their money on eating out, but they’re also killing Applebees by eating at home. And they just aren’t buying enough diamonds.

Also Matt Bors did a really good pictorial essay about this.


God damn I like Matt Bors stuff



UK election result cartoons! Expect to be baffled unless you’re following it closely.

Neil Slorance did a whole bunch of live cartooning on the night, but this nicely sums it up.

Also some satire from the Beano


Not a political cartoon but I don’t care!


Technically a political cartoon. It is based of an actual electoral photo.

Also buzzfeed did write an article about /pol/ finding out about the DUP and it is disturbing.


Christ. I feel like I understand maybe two-thirds of what’s going on there, but the complete picture is just… baffling. Actually, looking closer, maybe only one third. I keep noticing new details and I can’t tell if they’re symbolic or not.


Well, there’s Theresa May. Obviously.

She’s in a wheatfield because she was asked in the runup to the election “What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did?” and she said “Running through a wheatfield.” So naughty.

She is tied to a bull dressed in the costume of a member of the Orange Order, a fraternal order in Northern Ireland dedicated to keeping it part of the UK and to having band marches early on a Sunday morning so that the noise punishes hungover drinkers. (Alcohol is the devil’s buttermilk, don’t you know.) It may be a bull in order to represent Britishness (John Bull). The Orange Order is closely associated with the DUP, who she is trying to get into government with the support of. The bull has a sign on it saying “Save Ulster from Sodomy”, the slogan the DUP used in the 1970s when they campaigned to keep homosexuality illegal. (Ulster is spelled “Olsturr” to mock the typical Ulster-Scots accent of the rural Presbyterians who make up most of the Orangemen’s ranks.)

The bull is charging towards Jeremy Corbyn, who appears to be a scarecrow dressed in Bolshevik-era Soviet clothing. Being a scarecrow might imply that he’s less of a threat than he appears, or might reference the media attempts to make him scary during the campaign by linking him to terrorism.

Also the wheatfield has snakes in it and is on fire with vultures cricling because THAT’S THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW.

I think that’s almost everything, but there’s something in the bottom left corner I can’t make out.


Thanks for the awesome writeup! May appears to also be a scarecrow? At least, she has the same stick projecting from behind her that Corbyn does. I don’t know if her necklace is significant? Also Corbyn is making early-era Churchill V-for-victories. The scattered objects at the bottom left seem to be a severed scarecrow hand?? And a dead snake???

So… May and Corbyn are both mere scarecrows; the Orangeman (Orangehorse? Grotesque, cow-like Orangehorse?) is the only actual living creature; it thinks it’s carrying the Tories in a glorious charge against the Communists; it’s actually being duped into running into a burning field full of snakes? The implication is that the DUP are being duped (DUPed?) into their own destruction by… someone manipulating both parties?

Edit: My wife just pointed out that the Orangehorse’s sash appears to include a Star of David, and the dead snake may be the live snake’s shed skin? So whoever the snake represents, they’ve recently changed their façade, somehow?


I missed the V for Victory, good spot. And that Theresa was a scarecrow - makes sense in context though.The Star of David is just part of the regular Masonic symbols the Orange Order uses. (They got kicked out of the Masonic Brotherhood because being a secret order and having annual marches in full regalia are surprisingly incompatible.)

It’s interesting that you read this as the DUP galloping towards their own destruction - they’ve got more than a few financial shenanigans in the recent past that the increased publicity of a coalition could magnify, not to mention the roasting they’ve been getting in the UK press.

Truly, this is A Good Cartoon.


I am staring at that ding-dang snake. It looks like its tiny, hard-to-make-out face might be someone specific? Its shed skin is in UKIP colours… its present colours are green and purple??