The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



It’s nice to know that conservatives are still obsessed with Pelosi. I wouldn’t be surprised if the comic exists solely to put her in witch’s garb.


I can come up with a really generous interpretation that allows him to make this comic while still knowing what the idiom means, but the comic is still stupid so it’s kind of pointless.


I’m going to assume that’s Obama as the SHADOW WITCH®, coming soon from Marvel Comics


You can see the big ears


Presumably next time round the bear gets the paddles.


I’ve been thinking about this one a lot. My current ideas revolve around them not wanting to think of “Christians” murdering the innocent through a mixture of prejudice and bloodthirstiness as being “bad guys”.


My armchair anthropologist take is that they’re also just generally loath to think of Christians as having the upper hand in anything; the Bible devotes a lot of time to the people of God and Christians being unpopular, persecuted minorities and this is a useful narrative for them for essentially the same reasons as Objectivism appeals to crotchety teenagers. It basically vindicates prejudices they already have as the natural order of things, because as long as they can think of themselves as an oppressed underdog everything they do becomes a heroic blow struck for good sense and morality against a world that stands united against them.

There’s more I could unpack about the different facets of this “I’m the real oppressed party” attitude but I do not have the education or expertise to do so.


This is true. The Slacktivist blog (a progressive Christian blog) has done some good stuff on this. (Also used to do amazing recaps of the Left Behind books, but sadly that effort seems to have stalled.)


From the Times (via twitter).


me, rn


I will explain the last one, then. Theresa May (our current PM) is doing her best to evoke images of Margaret Thatcher (a previous PM who is regarded with extreme devotion by the Right and utter hatred by the Left). Thatcher was most often nicknamed “The Iron Lady”. However in recent showings leading up to the election May has made a pretty poor showing, leading few to regard her as a second Iron Lady. This is illustrated by showing the Iron Lady being caught in the rain. The rain turns her into wood, just like we all know happens to iron when it gets wet.

See? Perfectly Obvious.


Of course, the Iron Lady. That’s why she looks like… the Tinman.


I think the implication is that the appearance of being an Iron Lady is being washed away to reveal that it was all fakery.


I think so too, but it’s ruined by the artist not bothering to line the wood up with the metal pieces and having her shape change as well.


Agreed. It’s pretty obtuse.


It’s definitely a bad bit of art but “you think you’re the Iron Lady but you’re just wood with silver paint” is a good bit of symbolism. At least it’s not horribly offensive to anyone.

I’ll take obtuse but actually sensible symbolism over ridiculous garbage any day.


I like this one because, unlike most British political cartoons, it’s not horrifically ugly, obsessed with vomit and/or feces, or only understandable if you’ve followed that political cartoonist for their entire career!


Not political but hey it’s time to get DEEP



The spinner one looks like a photoshop and that’s just sad.


Join us next week as I present my fine artwork showing the TRUE face of Avocado Toast.

Will it be about how the government is putting chemicals in the bread or maybe being enslaved to a giant avocado with the word ‘Avocado’ on it?
You’ll just have to tune in next week!