The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



Dumb message aside: Are these people actually talking to each other? One gives a question and the one on the right answers her sign instead.


Yeahhhhh that’s not what Matt was going for Garrison


It looks to me like Ben Garrison is fine with a person’s cartoon being co-opted by Nazis and used to promote hate speech while leaving that person’s name and reputation on them…wait a minute…


It must be nice for Garrison, being a hack who doesn’t have to worry about fringe political elements hijacking his IP. It’s because he doesn’t have any IP, because his entire career is based on shitty hot-takes about current events.

I feel so bad for Furie. It’s like the run of the mill art theft you see every day on the internet x1,000,000, and there’s nothing he can do about it because our copyright system can only be enforced by millionaires.



It so sad. To see a thing you put your heart and soul into stolen and morphed into something you can hardly recognize.



Y’know, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody have the hot take of “The replacement is pretty much equally as bad as Obamacare” so far, so this is pretty uniquely dumb, lol. I’ve only seen “The replacement is way better/worse.” What kinda cartoonist thinks “Obamacare was like a shark biting Uncle Sam’s head but this new thing is like a bear biting Uncle Sam’s head, they’re almost the same bad thing”? Interesting.


How dare this Garrison give my brand such a bad name :frowning:


That’s not Garrison, that’s Jeff Darcy of He’s pretty much the political polar opposite of Garrison.

Though ironically this was his cartoon chiding the former Hillary campaign last week.


What? An artist doesn’t like a thing they made because it was co-opted by literal nazis and they killed them in-comic? Better start respecting their wi- oh wait we’re morally bankrupt and still need a symbol to push.


How are we supposed to know what the frog person represents if it’s not even labeled, Ben?


Maybe I’m wrong, but I read it as being from the GOP’s pov (because of the elephant) thereby demonstrating their double-standard.


Garrison is just barely on the cusp of realizing that fictional entities were created by another person and have no independent existence.

While he’s still not quite there it does give him a leg up on your garden variety nerd.


If it were criticizing Republicans, I feel like Obamacare would have been portrayed as a small dog or something, not a shark. So it feels like the cartoonist is saying “they made one that’s just as bad!” which is, like I said, a unique view on the situation. Most people think this is either way better or way worse than Obamacare, not “just as bad.”

Well, I mean, it IS criticizing Republicans, but in a vaguer way than I’m used to seeing in a poltoon, with the additional weird outlook of “it’s just as bad”.


I see what you mean. It’s odd, for sure.


Been looking through the Garrison trolling saga, and it’s…quite something. Ran into this charming piece, and I’m actually not sure if it is a genuine Benny G or a spoof.

It did definitely lead to him having a real grudge against Nazis for a while, though somehow he doesn’t seem to tie that to the modern political situation.


I haven’t seen it about Trumpcare specifically but I’ve been hearing it about the GOP in general since the election, so I’m not really surprised to see it either. I’m a little befuddled but mostly because I know enough about what Trumpcare is going to do to people that I can’t really parse the sentiment.

Frankly, these days “Repubs and Dems are as bad as each other” really only means “I stopped paying attention to politics back in the Clinton administration and refuse to start, but want to maintain my moral superiority while the country goes up in flames.”


Oh man, I can’t wait to start my LP of “I’m a Euphoric Loser” just as soon as I can get my capture card to record my MICROSOFT™ XBOX™


Local Man literally too stupid to understand the phrase “Witch Hunt”.