The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



Ben Garrison has weighed in on the healthcare debate with his usual tact and sensitivity.


There are going to be so many awful hot takes about the fucking nonsense of what happened yesterday. Good lord.


Is that a repost? His comics could always be blending together to me, but I think I’ve seen that one before. In which case, I’m quite insulted he didn’t take two minutes to draw a comic about how everybody fearful of the death of millions is a whiner.


Yeah, I think he just pulled it out as a standard response. His latest comic is some anti-Clinton base-baiting misogyny.


Garrison also did this one recently, which seems to imply that Obama is a Russian agent? Or that he was the one who hacked the DNC in order to be able to blame Russia? So confused.


I have one word for this: unbearable!


How? HOW do these people simultaneously idolize Trump, a living caricature of the excess of wealth, while acting like Chelsea Clinton being some kind of posh cash golem is somehow a major character flaw? One of these people has gold-leafed an entire New York penthouse.


Were it not a Ben Garrison, I would sooner expect the dog bowl to instead read “Ivanka”.


The same mentality that lets them say their weak pathetic enemies are oppressive. A literal doublethink situation where being rich is bad unless you’re on their side, in which case you earned it.[quote=“Mas, post:308, topic:1398, full:true”]
Were it not a Ben Garrison, I would sooner expect the dog bowl to instead read “Ivanka”.

And that’d be way more accurate given I’m fairly certain he’s said outright he “grooms” his children.


Glad to see the thread’s title is remaining relevant, lol.


I know “until the heat death of the universe” jokes are kind of overplayed, but…



Oh yeah, I also just picked up this comic anthology for Free Comic Book day, featuring unintentional nazi meme creator Matt Furie.



And a good one to balance stuff out



Man, I feel so bad for that guy. I don’t even know what I’d do if something I created ended up as thoroughly co-opted by fascists as Pepe has.



I find it highly doubtful that Mike Lester believes that the “poor and truly needy” are being taken care of.


I like that “truly needy” dogwhistle.

That’s a lie, I hate it and I hope that every one of these smug middle class fucks who thinks they somehow earned access to healthcare by making 6 figures gets cancer.


Friend of the thread Ben Garrison gives us this fun little image.

There’s so much to unpack here I honestly cannot even begin.