The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



Adam 4Dadam is still trucking along, and I think he’s acquired even more disparate art styles. (I hope Adam 4D counts under the banner of “acceptable amateur artists to post”)

At least he seems to be making less on Patreon than he used to. I guess people are finally getting tired of discount The Oatmeal.


That Liberal Atheist in the second cartoon rules because he knows he’s being baited and knows this is a conversation he doesn’t want to have so he’s doing the right thing by disengaging.


This must be the new punk rock I’ve been hearing so much about.


(I do not understand that one.)

And a diptych:


Oh wow, thanks H. Payne for letting me know that not only are conservatives still not over the Clinton scandal, but they think that consensual sex is the same as sexual harassment.




What is this even attempting to convey? Does Ben Garrison have an aneurysm or something?

Can I just say that the crying Statue of Liberty is a nice touch though regardless.


I honestly have no idea whatsoever.


Anti fascists are apparently really good contortionists.

Then again, I have a habit of taking things literally.


Also I’m pretty sure that’s an edit of this cartoon:

Which makes a lot more sense and also is infuriating.


Okay yeah this makes more sense. It’s infinitely worse, but it makes more sense.

I still can’t get over people making the “Antifa are the real nazis” argument when there were honest-to-god not-even-trying-to-hide-it nazis on the other side of the protest though.


I hate this shit, by the way, and I fully support any method by which Ben Garrison could die, up to and including plunging the whole planet into the sun just to get him.

The positioning of Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter as “the victims” here after they’ve both made entire careers out of causing irreparable and caustic damage to American culture makes me want to puke.

That cartoon pepper spray is too good for either of them.


Yeah, I just found out it was an edit. It’s so incoherent that it’s plausible.


I sort of assumed it was an edit cause “I looove death!” is a running gag in the SA politoons thread and “Yes… ha ha ha… YES” is a quote from a Kelly cartoon.

… I can’t believe I know both of those things.


I think the one you don’t understand is saying that the only REAL problem after 100 days is Democrats whining about Trump being in office.

So, you know, real outside-the-box thinking.


It’s a good edit


Oh wow that is a really incredible edit! It’s so convincing! I almost nearly felt a glimmer of hope at the idea that maybe Garrison had turned on his former MAGA pals (some random nazi jerks like Paul Joseph Watson have disembarked “the Trump Train” recently over the Syria thing, for example.) But welp. lol.


He’s in too deep at this point.


Some British Politics Political comics from The Nib (My favourite new place for political comics.) Alex Norris did some pretty silly ones starting with a series called “Brexit Explained” but the comics below are the first he has done on the Snap Election which was called a week ago.

Note: “oh no” is the punchline to every single one of these series of comics because it is the perfect description of British Politics since 2015.


Also, it seems to be the punchline of every one of this artist’s comics even if it’s not about politics.It’s a very versatile sentiment.