The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



You have no idea. It’s Poe’s Law to the most frightening degree.






I hope you all enjoyed this trip to the early 2000’s. Wow, it’s like I still hear the constant whining about hipsters.


Please, they’re called emos back then.


As we all know, criticizing someone who is a woman is the same as being a hypocrite about women’s rights.


Sure! Just like being in favor of free speech only counts if your response to a Nazi is, “that sounds reasonable, tell me more.”


This one I like.

(context for non-UK types)


I like the Judge (or is that somebody else?) with the hammer.


That’s ex-Conservative leader Michael Howard - the robe is the ermine worn by people from the House of Lords. He’s shown hitting the Gibraltar bomb with a hammer due to his comment at the weekend that Britain should go to war with Spain to defend Gibraltar.


Ah, right! Michael Howard. Yes, I get the meaning now. That is quite a fun one.


You know, I figured that cabinet would be insane, but it’s rather surprising to me that they go that far that fast. Seriously. 60 years of peace in Europe, and the very moment some nationalist dickheads get elected to government they immediately talk about staring a war in Europe. Fuck these guys.


I don’t like this new direction they’re taking Plucky Duck.


Time for bizarro Garrison

Well he almost sided against Trump.


Haha, I knew someone would post this.
Meanwhile in Cleveland they ran an entire series of their old anti-Assad cartoons.

Also note the typo in their headline.


“Just Plane Wrong”

“Mask Hysteria”


So does the Statue of Liberty count as cosplay here?


You can’t cosplay as yourself.


It’s a very subtle cosplay where she’s dressed up as one of the kids from Costume Quest, dressed up in the Lady Liberty costume.


Butts are apparently very powerful.


See, this is why I love Kelly. He’s not just a one-note joke - there’s an actual character that shines through in these comics. He loves Star Trek, for example, and used to get bullied about it as a kid. He cosplays. He has an ex-wife (who he may have married when he got her pregnant and they were guilted out of getting an abortion). And he’s also possibly a functioning alcoholic - he definitely has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

All of that comes straight out of the cartoons, and the voice they express. I’ll admit the reason he married his wife is a stretch, but it would explain his surprising pro-choice stance: