The Pets Thread: Turns out my cat IS the boss of me :dogee: 🐱


“I just wanted to make her really warm” got a chuckle


Bonus finger in the frame.


Important Nyx update.

Still fluffy.

Here’s some old pictures I’ve found:

Star cuddling with Pogo. Pogo was my family’s golden retriever, just a big ole sweetie. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple years ago.

Pogo and Nyx

Pogo, Nyx and Star

Nyx in a tree

Not mine or anyone’s pet, but have a bonus baby bear.


This is a very good thread. I’ve not had a pet in forever, but I’m popular with wandering pets so at least there’s that. This thread has been very helpful during a very boring work call.


This is Fennel and she loves you.


the asshole wakes me up and demands her princess perch.


Hello, today I bring to you my parents’ cat, Wiggin. It appears she has become a common drunk in my absence. However, she is also quite festive.


top of the meoworning to ye


happy st catrick’s day



cat orb looks very floofy

please pet to confirm hypothesis


this is Werner Heisenberg, named because he so fast but fuck knows where he is… Sunday afternoon is making bread to reggae day while kitties plops down in the middle of the kitchen following the sun :slight_smile:


And here is Werner Heisenberg asleep in what looks to be a very uncomfortable position


did pet many times, was floof

also one of my other cats doesn’t know how to sleep in those beds that were made to be slept inside of


A friend gifted me some flowers and after putting them on my cupboard I’ve been considering getting some potted plants to put there cus it looks pretty nice, but the moment I look away she becomes a very dangerous flower criminal.


in case you are wondering how my hamster is doing, she met my sister’s cat earlier today.

(the hamster is fine and the cat is still an asshole)


Volunteered at the shelter tuesday and forgot to post pics. Time to rectify that:

and a bonus video of my hand getting headbutted by a very tiny lion


I don’t know if I could volunteer at a shelter. I’d just want to take all the good kitties home and I ain’t got room for that. I probably should, though, because look at how much those cats love having some attention and affection :3:


In my experience, shelter cats are some of the sweetest I’ve ever met. They’re always happy to see you and love to be petted. Even the ones that aren’t when they come in eventually come around. :wiggle:

Working at a shelter is hard sometimes because there are always some you want to take home soooo bad. But I try to think of it like I’m giving them attention they wouldn’t get otherwise and are taking care of them until they go to their forever home.


This is exactly how I got my cat, and my parents got their last cat and likely their next cat, if they are foolish enough to speak to the owner of the shelter (She is very pushy and very good at finding homes for kitties in need :3: