The Pets Thread: Turns out my cat IS the boss of me :dogee: 🐱


I think it’s probably safe to say that we all like cute pictures of cute pets and we all like to talk about our pets, so let’s heave a thread for it.

Here is my cat, Jasmine. My girlfriend and I adopted her a couple years ago when she was two years old. She was crazy shy in the shelter–they had a sign on her cage that said “SHY, SHY, SHY”–but after we had her home for about a week she turned out to be extremely affectionate, not at all shy around people, and also the loudest and most vocal cat either of us has ever seen. Anyway Jasmine is the best and here are some pictures so you can admire her:

Now post pictures of your pets so that we can all admire them, too! Pets of all species welcome.


Meet my puppy Ruger


This is my baby girl Tessie. I got her from the local no-kill shelter I volunteer at when she was 6mo old, and she’s still as energetic now as she was as a kitten


this is my roommate’s cat. As you can see, I am the one that she loves more. This is how i wake up.

This is my idiot, Pidge. She likes poopaya treats and running on her wheel at 2 in the morning.

The bagel/coonhound mix is my parents dog, ELi. The chihuahua in the front is my asshole, Coby. He’s with my parents right now, but I’ll be seeing him in two months.


This is catblob.

When separated, catblob is Maude

And Edith

I got these goofs a little over three years ago from a rescue/foster group in NYC. They’re sisters from the same litter. Here’s the first pic I have of them.

Maude is mischievous, needy, and has a lovely singing voice.

Edith is deathly terrified of anyone who isn’t sitting down (except me), cuddly, and goofy.

She might be a vampire.

My parents have a golden doodle named Weebee who Edith and Maude see whenever I go home. He’s a big loveable softy.

Weebee’s only method of communication with the cats is to poke them with his snout. Maude wants nothing to do with him unless she’s swatting at him or stealing his bed to mess with him. Edith tolerates him and will even play with him on occasion.

Unprompted, Ainsley S. drew catblob.


Catblob :3:

I’m a sucker for pets who are best friends forever.


If you like buddy pets here is our other dog Bullet. Him and Ruger are best buds.


it always makes me super happy whenever people at our shelter adopt brothers/sisters from the same litter as a pair!


This is my doge, Thor (and now you understand my AV)

That’s like the day he got home.

He grew up a bit…

I love him so much as he got me through a steep depression.
Will look for more photos later.


I went into the whole getting my own cat thing thinking I’d just get one, but once I saw how great bonded pairs were, I knew I had to get these two. Getting to see them blobbed together at least once a day confirms that I made the right decision.


Cocoa wouldnt stop meowing so i threw cash at her until she stopped.


My dog doesn’t understand elevations


This is Prel, we estimate she is roughly 11 years old. I found her horribly injured and on the cusp of death on New Years Day in 2007.

The emergency vet was too far away, so I took her to a human ER because I’m a fucking idiot. At the ER, I was told they couldn’t help her because of rules, laws, regulations which stipulate that they can only care for human patients. I convinced them to make an exception.

Laws were broken, illegal things were done, money was spent and Prel was stabilized and survived until a local vet opened up. I rushed her in and got her fixed up properly. It cost almost $1k, my entire savings at the time. No regrets.

Surprising no one, cat found on street hit by car was 100% feral and hated me with every fiber of her being. Fast forward two months of hand feeding and coaxing to rehabilitate her, she’s now a very sweet and affectionate cat.

She kept me sane the years I lived alone. And warmed up quickly to my spouse (and now loves them more than she loves me, ungrateful punk.)

She showers us with affection and brings us her toys. See the red glove on the couch? That’s one of her toys. She just brought it to me because she’s a provider. :3 She is very good and we love her very much.

Is it a trap?



The old gray lady is Emma, who has recently decided my bed is her bed. We rescued her about 12 years ago. The younger, beautiful Siamese is Sheba, who we rescued last year. Emma’s a louder purrer and loves to lick my head; but she’s not perfect, she likes to stand on you and is really obnoxious about it. Sheba’s smart and melts in your lap, by comparison. I love them both and they both get along quite well now!


Belly rubs! I love it! My cat Gracie loves having her stomach rubbed too.

So many good pets in this thread :allears: I’ve got a couple of kitties myself

This is Gollum and Gracie, a mother/son combo we got when Gollum was only a few weeks old. He’s now twice the size of his mother. Gracie was feral for the first year of her life and it took her maybe 3-4 years to really warm up to us but now she’s a total lap cat. Gollum has no fear and likes eating he can get his paws on.

This is Saya; she’s a weird little thing. She really likes attacking my blanket and jumps into the litter box when she sees me on the toilet.


Prel looks like a very good kitty and I am glad she was rescued :3: She looks so happy!


I have two cats: Matthew Cat (tabby) and Toki Wartooth Not A Bumblebee (Siamese). They are the best cats, hanging out with me or my GF constantly :slight_smile:

Toki has had some… Issues recently. In 2015 he hemorrhaged a disc in his back, something that is extremely rare in cats. We took him to a neurologist, and through surgery and physio he is walking again almost normally! He walks a bit plantigrade sometimes, but he is great otherwise!

While he was in at the vet, we found out that his saliva was basically dissolving his teeth, so we had those removed at the same time. This has not affected his love for food, but it has made it so he gets derp face more often :smile:

Matthew has been my cat for probably 14 years, and he is my buddy. He is never happier than when he is near me :slight_smile: He has carried me through some very rough times.


I was really lucky to find her. Her personality compliments mine perfectly. She’s not too fussy, or needy. She gives me my space and doesn’t pester me all that much but still lets her presence be known. One of the most interesting things about her is that she has no petting threshold.

Let me explain, you know how with most cats you can only pet them so many times or for so long before they get fed up and try to bite you or swat at you? That’s the petting threshold and I’ve never met a cat that didn’t have one until her. I’ve literally pet her for like 15 mins and she was just fine. Pretty sure you could pet her forever if you wanted, she has no limit. Cat broke.

Here’s a video of her fetching. :3


Wow, look at all these cuties!

So, how y’all feel about chickens? I have nine of them! Two Barred Plymouth Rocks, two Rhode Island Reds, three Buff Orpingtons and two Ameraucanas. I don’t have pictures of all of them, though–they’re tough to photograph!

This is Abby, a Barred Rock. Instead of roosting with the others, she sleeps with her head inside of her favorite nesting box. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Abby’s sister Amy! All of her toes are crooked, but that doesn’t keep her from being the fastest in the flock. She broke her beak last August and was spoiled rotten, so she’s a bit of a brat. Funny story: the vet said that it’d be easier to give a pill to a chicken than a cat. That was a terrible lie. (PS: I can’t tell which Buff that is to the right!)

This is Scarlett. She’s the largest hen of the bunch and also the most photogenic. She’s a very shy Rhode Island Red, but when she’s laying she’s incredibly loud. And bitey.

Penny the Buff Orpington! She likes to fall asleep on my lap while I pet her.

Lastly, here’s Zelda the Ameraucana. She lays blue eggs! (Zelda’s my favorite.)

Chickens are funny birds! I didn’t realize how much personality these fluffy little dinosaurs have. =3


This is Bragi, my big floofy Maine Coon.

He likes tummy rubs, which is fantastic because his tummy is amazingly soft.

This little goddess is Bastet, she is super energetic and almost plays fetch (she has a tendency to drop the ball halfway back to me).

I’m got them from a local no kill shelter as weeks-old kittens immediately after moving out to Seattle and they are great buddies.