The Pets Thread: Turns out my cat IS the boss of me :dogee: 🐱


I got a few more pics of my bab Juno


I don’t have a pet due to financial reasons, but our house does have a lot of cute frogs down the hill.

They’re surprisingly soft and not-slimy!


This is Barney,a certified Good Boy (fun fact: I balanced a treat on my head for this picture)

That’s Natasha; hobbies include stealing my spot and complaining

And last but not least, Bubi, professional contortonist


So as I’ve mentioned before, I volunteer (usually most tuesdays) at our local no-kill animal shelter. I always come home from these nights with tons of pictures, which I thought I’d post to here as well

[details=click to see all the cats!]

Bonus video of the ginger boy playing[/details]


These are my two terrible children, Kazu and Miko.
WARNING: sob story incoming! At around 4ish weeks old, they and the rest of their siblings were collected into a bag and hurled into a small river. Somehow they washed ashore and were eventually found hiding under some bushes by a woman who was out walking her dog. (The rest of the littermates were found still in the bag later on. One of them didn’t make it, but miraculously the rest were okay!) They came to live with us soon after.

Miko, the calico, is not very smart, but so brave and adventurous. We joke that she doesn’t know how to express affection because when she’s happy she never licks people, she only bites. Kazu, the tabby, is too smart for his own good, is scared of his own shadow, and is insatiably hungry all the time. They are both very loud.:blush: I love them very much.


This is Babe. She’s super fluffy and loves to hang out and get belly rubs.


I have a story for you all. I’ve been using a heating pad and cool gel pack to ease some back pain lately. I swapped over to the cold pack but forgot to turn off my heating pad and…

Oh how cute.


Oh my, my lovely cat has disappeared. What could have happened? :iiam:


you have a precious baby I want you to know that. that’s a good cat I’d cuddle them 11/10


All of these pets are very, very good. It’s been making me want to do a yearbook/photo book for all of LP Zone’s pets. Just tons and tons of pet pics.


I wholeheartedly endorse this plan.

In related news, I should get some more pictures of Jasmine for the thread. She was a very good kitty yesterday while we were getting new windows installed and deserves internet adoration (and also treats).


I agree with anything that involves more pics of very good pets. Congrats to Jasmine for being good.


Prel that’s… that’s my electric blanket, Prel.

::sighs, bes cold.::



: Chet Smith here, filling in for Bret Baier, with some breaking news! Fox News is coming to you live from suburban Virginia where the warmest cat has just been discovered!

: We check in now with on field reporter Amanda Gutierrez who is live at the scene.

: Thanks Chet, with me now is one of the the caretakers of the warmest cat, Jenner. Jenner do you have any comments?

: I just wanted to make her really warm.

: Thank you, Jenner. Let’s take a look.

: Excuse me, wouldn’t the actual warmest cat be like out in the deserts of Iraq, where the temperatures can get over 114 degrees Fahrenheit, or something?

: I don’t know Katie, she looks mighty warm to me and–How did you even get here?!

: I am the news, Amanda.

: Well, nobody asked for your expert opinion about warm cats.

: Yeah, shut up, nerd!

: Just a moment, Chet! The warmest cat has released a statement!

Turn on subtitles.

: Oh goodness! Viewers, we at Fox News do not condone that kind of crass language! Can we go back and bleep that out?

: I’m afraid not, Chet. It was a live broadcast.

: The views expressed by the commentators do not reflect those of the network.

: Amanda Gutierrez, signing off.


My idiot dog, Loki, is an Mini Australian Shepherd, which means he’s a hyper as a regular Aussie but the size of a pupper. I literally only call him Puppers, to the point where it’s all he knows to answer to. He just turned 4 last month, so he’s well past growing any more. He’s barely a foot tall and is only 26lbs.

His hobbies include lying on the floor while maintaining eye contact and coming up to my computer chair… also while maintaining constant eye contact.

The lighting in my room is kinda bad for pictures, so he’s a lot more brown and orange than these pictures might suggest.

I rescued him from a family that just had a newborn and couldn’t handle his jealousy of losing attention to anything that isn’t him.

So please, please pray for my dog. There’s nothing wrong with him or anything; he’s just an idiot.

Edit: My dog just laid back down and fell asleep with his eyes half open.


Alright, this got kind of out of control so I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry, all these babies are wonderful and deserve to be seen by the internet)

This is my dog Angel before I brought her home from the shelter.

Click for more about her and some of my favorites from the shelter I volunteer at!

A couple weeks before Christmas I adopted a husky that had been fostered for a shot leg (we don’t know how it happened :frowning:) and she’s made herself very at home since. Her name’s Angel, and she thinks every living being she meets is her bestest friend. :heart_eyes:

Her foster mother had trouble with her acting out and trying to wander off, and she was so surprised to hear that Angel was so comfortable instantly with me and my parents.

Angel’s hobbies include hogging the camera


begging me not to leave

and generally being adorable.

I don’t know what I ever did without her now!

Now for the shelter pictures!

This is Pete. He’s the definition of a grumpy old man. He was adopted but it just didn’t work for him because he missed us too much and wouldn’t eat. He’s basically our mascot now. He tolerates pets from me and my bosses but not really anyone else. But he loves to be brushed. It’s the easiest way to make him forgive you. Mostly he just naps on top of the paperwork and eats (including but not limited to: his own food, honey buns, fried potatoes, poptarts, and chicken tenders). He’s spoiled and we love him.

This is Buttons. She was the first cat I fell in love with at the shelter. According to my bosses, she was almost feral when she came in, but by the time I started there, she was one of the friendliest cats I’ve ever met. She was adopted a few months ago, and I miss her but am happy she went to a good home.

This is Blue (his official name, but I call him Teddie). He was brought in with another cat from a barn and was eat up with (nastiness incoming) ear mites and tapeworms. I always let him out when I clean his cage, and he just moseys around the building until it’s time to go back. And the reason his cheeks look so big is just because of his fur! All of that is fluff!

This is Naga. She’s a Great Pyrenees and was an absolute joy to have around. She loved to be petted and I wanted to adopt her so badly! Unfortunately, she was adopted before I could convince my mom. I still miss her sometimes. That’s my best friend in the picture, cause I just had to introduce them! He loved her just as much as I did!

This is Mrs. Kitty. She was a reluctant owner surrender and she was only there a few days before someone adopted her! She was such a sweetheart and absolutely loved for me to pet her. (I was the only one at the shelter that she wasn’t shy around, probably because I spent time the first day with her on my lap just petting her!) Her former owner had a son with autism and Mrs. Kitty was so good with him that we adopted her out as a sort of service cat!

And finally, my baby, my pride and joy, who was adopted only a few days ago. His name is Lance (named so because he looks just like my Final Fantasy 14 character!) and he was so spoiled by the time he left the shelter. He came in with coccidia which causes terrible (nasty) diarrhea and he took forever to finally nurse back to health. I washed him one day because I felt so bad for how dirty he was, and that was it for me.

I had him so spoiled that my bosses teased me about it, telling me to just take him home already. He became such a lap cat and would just sit cuddled up in my lap against my stomach and be content just to be there, petted or not. Whenever I cleaned his cage, I would let him out to wander around (he even sat on my lap one day so I had to work around him to clean!), but everybody else wouldn’t so he would just sit and stare at them, pouting. My bosses thought it was hilarious.

Here he is stealing Pete’s food one day. You can’t see it, but Pete is sat behind him glaring but deciding it’s not worth the effort to try and stop him. (He really is lazy.)

And that’s it! I have plenty of other pictures of some of the other animals if anyone is interested, but these are the ones I just had to post!


You have a good idiot dog. Also WOW that is a fluffy belly. Is it as nice to pet as it looks like it is?


Most of the people who have pet my dog have described him as “the softest dog they have ever touched.”


did you just do a hybrid lp of your cat


Ha ha. I kind of did, didn’t I? I’m stupidly proud of it.


Save me from my wild Chihuahua he’s wild I tells ya!