The Pets Thread: Turns out my cat IS the boss of me :dogee: 🐱


So my cat of 18 years just passed away this morning, can I get some happy pictures of good animals please?


I’m sorry for your loss :(, I hope you’re doing well.

I know you said to post good animals, but here’s my two brats, Roo (grey) and Pooh (black). Long, complicated story of how they wound up with me, but they’re a little over 2.5 years old, and are brothers.

Currently back home with my mom while I’m in my current apartment for school, so I don’t really post them as much as I’d like (most pictures I have are from my old iPhone 5, and not my newish iPhone Subhuman Edition).

(Pooh likes to follow me downstairs and into the bathroom for belly rubs, which are never a trap, but only the basement and bathroom. He’s weird.)


I tried to tell Sam what this picture was for but he still refused to let me take a good picture of him and instead tried to waltz on into my room.


Losing a cat is always terrible. Here’s some requested happy pics of ‘good’ animals Edith and Maude


An excuse to post more pictures of Prel? ALRIGHT!
(My condolences for your loss.)



I’ll take some more today and edit this if I don’t get too busy. Take time to grieve.


I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t have many new pics right now, but here’s Nyx being a good, silly girl trying to make a bed out of a tiny basket.


My goodboy Namazu says hello.


Namazu looks really good. :3


Thanks for the pictures of these good good animals.

This is Crackers, I had her for as long as I can remember, she’s the kitty who passed away.

She pretty much hated everyone and everything except me. This includes her son, who she would whap anytime they crossed paths.

She was a real fucking good cat.


He loves sunbeams,

dramatic lighting,

and definitely never looking undignified or silly.


She’s giving me some serious stinkeye here.
(Please ignore the wires I’m sorry.)


My wife and I just adopted a dog! She’s a one-year-old shih tzu/poodle mix from the Anti-Cruelty Society shelter; and we named her Mokey.

Here she is when we met her Saturday:

And a big smile when they put the “adopted” sign on her cage:

We couldn’t take her home then, because she wasn’t spayed yet. So here she is home with us and kinda drowsy!

And another big smile as she settles in and learns to love our laps:


She’s just so tired of my shit.


My cat coughed up a VERY wet hairball onto my sheets right as i was about to go to bed last night so I had to do laundry and I am VERY TIRED NOW AFTER A LONG DAY OF TROUBLESHOOTING WORK PROBLEMS


Get a cat that shares the bed, not pukes in it.
(Just kidding, all cats are good.)


This is thread relevant, I think…


This is Kira, she likes snuggling, sleeping in the kitchen when someone is cooking, and shedding enough to make clothes. :dogee:


@Ironicus post the dog.


Please enjoy regular updates of my dog:


:dog::hotdog::dogee:THE DOG :dogee::hotdog::dog: