The Pets Thread: Turns out my cat IS the boss of me :dogee: 🐱


This is my Kirby. There are many like him but this one is mine.


This morning, Jasmine woke me up at 5 a.m. by clawing the side of the mattress, which makes sort of a drumming sound. I tried to be mad at her, but then she jumped up on me and purred really loudly while I pet her.

Then she jumped off and clawed the mattress and meowed a bunch until I fed her.

Cats, man.


More Patch.


In addition to nine chickens, I have two idiot cat children:

Five-year-old Victor, who constantly begs for food and gets pawprints all over the stainless steel in the kitchen. Can’t open a bag of catfood on his own, but will happily knock it off a counter so that…

… yearling Tobias (or Tobi) can tear it apart. The sweetest cat–he just wants to snuggle with you. Forever. Incredibly quiet; only meows when he’s in a carrier, and even then it’s more of a “meh???”.

Victor’s a butt and rarely lets Tobias cuddle with him, but when he does… it’s precious. :allears:


i posted this on a different forum but you guys need to see this


This is Copa. I got him from a high school friend who was moving in with a roommate who was allergic to cats

Finally got a little melm.

He’s my shining boy. He’s the best.


Someone send help please.


We didn’t get Miles or her sister from a shelter, but instead just intercepted their previous owners as they were filling paperwork out to relinquish them. They were about six months old at the time. Her sister passed away a while back after a long illness. Miles intends to live forever, though; she’s 19.

We found a kitten on highway 880, and thus dubbed him Nimitz. He was tiny at the time, probably only a couple weeks old, but it turned out he’s some percentage Maine Coon and he became a big tank cat. Miles hates him and will go out of her way just to beat him up a bit, despite the fact that he’s easily twice her size; Nimitz is just a soft goofball and sits there and takes it, though.

Rio is 75% Golden, 25% Poodle. He’s smarter than he wants me to think, but not as smart as he thinks he is. We got him from the same breeder one of our old neighbors got their dog from, a flat 50/50 doodle who became a family friend.


This is a wonderful thread and I thought I’d contribute!

This is Star. She was my sister’s friend’s cat, then our families cat, now mine. She chose me as much as I chose her.

Here’s our other cat, Nyx. She’s a rescue and a super chill cat.

Like, super chill.


Muted calicos are the cutest. Also holy hell that camo index is at 95%


I had to do it


I don’t have any pets of my own so here are my dad’s dogs:

(from left to right: Chompers, Minnie, and Gee)

Bonus cooldog:


These are my two dogs.

The one in the back is Chase, the one in front is Bailey. The two of them are Shetland Sheepdogs. Unfortunately I don’t have any other images of Bailey, but I do have a few of Chase.

Here is Chase as a pup.

And here’s probably my favorite image of Chase.


These are both my derps. Black derp is Kirby, already pictured in this thread. Smaller black-and-white derp is Lolly. I’m an emergency RN, and this is how they greeted me after the night shift I just finished.


Edith likes sitting in the tub and staring at me when I’m in the bathroom.


That is one judgemental cat. I’d get stage fright.


Edith is the world’s least intimidating cat. She is the biggest goof.


this is agatha, she’s a goober with really fuzzy toes


This is my buddy Sam.


Hi Sam!