The Pets Thread: Turns out my cat IS the boss of me :dogee: 🐱


the lab is named Bo and the aussie is Roxie


Muffin says hello. Either that or feed me. Actually, more likely that second one…




hello. i have two huge beautiful garbage sons from dumpster world. the larger pile of trash and muscles is faraday, and the smaller destroyer of my home and spirit is maxwell.

they are a blight unto my household

their insatiable war-thirst has rent my family asunder.

please. help me.


This is my pup Francis York Morgan (just call him York, everyone does!)

I adopted him when he was 4 months old in 2013 and named him after my favorite video game protagonist

This is him with his cuddle clone

I also make him wear costumes sometimes

He’s a good sport about it!

I even dressed him up like Norman Reedus’ character to go with my Lisa Halloween costume back when Silent Hill’s future was bright :tired_face:

He’s the best pup and my bff :slight_smile: I love him :heart:



The black cat is Ninja, an unstoppable mooch who lives for pets. Given that he has survived the loss of his tail, diabetes, the feline equivalent of HIV, and the removal of all of his teeth, he might be immortal.

The grey cat is Luna, an adorable goofball who lives for sniffing things and then maybe giving them the careful cat paw. She is also maybe the only cat ever to use a scratching post properly.

When I am away at college, they can be found working together to ensure that my bed is always occupied.

“rat, aren’t some of these images already posted in the no stress thread?”
“yes now be quiet and enjoy them again”


I only have 2 pictures of her right now but here’s my Juno

(Her name is/was Junko but I regret naming the cat that and Juno is close enough that she recognizes it)


This is Dre. He’s a big dumb lazy idiot. He is also objectively the best dog in the world and i won’t hear a word otherwise.

He’s also not very photogenic.


Can we like… Stick this thread? It’s like… The best thread. :dogeep:

Have Mhor Thor!


He’s big, but just loves tight spaces. He sleeps in an igloo-like house of sorts.

And he likes my bed.

My mom found him on an empty lot, raimy day.
We found out the week later he had canine distemper, and the vet said “either do you make your house into an ICU, or he’s gone in a month.”

Ends up we ended up giving him 5 different meds a day, once every 2 hours, for 10 weeks, and he got better! And no nasty after effects to boot!

Will bring more photos once again.


I currently have a pair of little dumbo rat sisters, Two-Tone and B-dub. They’re about two months old, and they’re the sweetest little squeakers ever.

Two-Tone is more cautious than B-dub, and always picks up treats from my hand very carefully. She’s a little smaller than B-dub right now, but she’ll get big soon enough.

Tiny baby in a big hammock. :allears:

And this is B-dub! Because she’s Black and White, y’know.

She’s turning out to be the more adventurous one, and always wants to come out of the cage first for playtime. She gets so excited for treats, sometimes she almost grabs a finger by mistake.

They’re hard to tell apart from the front. Right now I’m going by their tails. Two-Tone has a few inches of pink on hers, while B-dub’s is only pink at the end. B-dub also has a black spot on her tummy.

They know their names, the word “treat,” and can form RATBLOB.

Now for the buttholes:

This is Misty. My brother found her as a stray when she was about 7 months, and I think she’s 9 years old now. She’s a big-boned double-coated musclecat with an itty-bitty meow (sometimes silent), but growls and snarls like a dog. It’s easy to make her purr real loud, and she lives on deep scritches.

She loves me, and tolerates most humans, but hates all other living things, including my second cat. Misty intimidates full-grown labradors just by staring.

Here’s Cat #2, Sheldon. Adopted from a shelter at 2 months, she’s now 6 years old and just as kittenish as ever. She developed some sort of asthma problem as an adult, so she couldn’t play for long without having an attack. But now Sheldon gets a shot every few months, and plays Shoestring Murder as much as she wants. At all hours. Forever.

She’s a loud meower. If she doesn’t get playtime, she will scream, tear around the house, and climb up the door frames. She’s also shameless, and will use the litterbox whether she’s alone or not. Unlike Misty, who requires complete solitude so she can suck at covering and flee from the turd ghosts afterward.


this is Rizzo. I adopted him from the local humane society when he was about 1.5 years old. They said he was a special needs cat but I was in love. Turns out he had some gingivitis that was easily treated!

Then the kitten arrived. A coworker rescued a stray cat from out of town and it turned out she was pregnant. He brought they kittens in to work to see if anyone would take them…

So a week later the rest had been adopted and “Diamond” was the only one left. I loved her the moment I saw her and HAD wanted a second cat…

So now I have a Freya and a Rizzo


Jack was supposed to be the new guard dog where my father works. They said he didn’t bark enough; too friendly. (He also ate part of a metal door, we found out later). He must like having 200 acres to run free on, and the pampering he gets from my parents, because he will certainly bark to protect his new home.

Puff was brought home from an old sawmill with a sibling, who did not make it. Puff likes to chase Jack around, bite him while he is sleeping, and cuddle up together at the end of the day.


I have two cats and they are very good

this is Kali, who is an empowered catte

this is Ellie (my little sis named her), and she is very nice but also sheds like a machine


This here is Tomus. He doesn’t live with me (wouldn’t be going outside if he did), but he is definitely my cat.

Going outside means he’s not very playful inside. And he’s getting old, 13 years or so. So he’s slowed down quite a bit.

While not a lapcat, he is quite cuddly. Won’t appreciate being picked up, though tolerates when I do it, but will snuggle up next to me to sleep every time I visit him.

I wish he could live with me, but oh well. He’s not too far to visit. My cuddly boy~


This is Sugar, I put my glasses on him.


This is Patch, we got him as a kitten, now he’s a grumpy old asshole, around 12 years old is our best guess.


My laptop’s webcam is kinda low quality, but my dog is very high quality so I’m still gonna share pics.

This is Bella. She is tired after a long day of yelling at unfamiliar neighbour dogs.

Also this cat lived in my house for a couple of weeks. She left today, but here’s a pic anyway.


Here are some pictures of my ornery child Daemon. He’s 5, has codependency issues, and is probably the most affectionate and intelligent cat I’ve ever known (I was raised by a crazy cat lady, so I’ve known way too many)

And some photos from on the road, when we were moving from Cleveland to Seattle…


behold: dog idiots

Left to right: Gryphon (living doormat, terrified of everyone), Lia (cuddlemonster, giant tiny puppy baby), and Altair (Queen Bitch of Dog Mountain, fatte, my precious asshole). Gryphon’s a poodle, Lia’s a purebred pit, and Ally’s a mutt. Ally is going to be the smallest of the three once Lia’s full-grown but she terrorized Gryphon even when she was a handful of puppy so that doesn’t matter.

Combined, they form a cat shaped like three dogs. :dogeep:

some older lia pics


I dont have any pets, but i wish i had a cat. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful and gorgeous friends! I love them all, please tell them i said so!