The Conspiracy Theory and Quackery Thread! Open ye Dung Gates!



Taze him again!


I’m sorry, but what is the supposed significance of him “not having a name”, especially since he then gives a name? And then whenever he says someone else’s name, it sounds as if he thinks he’s pulled of some impressive trick?


Has anyone mentioned the conspiricy that a few hundred years of the middle ages never happened.


My uncle was pretty obsessed with that for a while. He’d read some book where that hypothesis was proposed. Luckily we could convince him that that’s a bunch of bullshit. He’s the type of guy that got way into the Dan Brown novels and stuff like that, and he can be somewhat naive in that regard.


Phantom Time is my favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure arc.


Lots of sovereign citizen / ‘freemen on the land’ stuff is based on the idea that they can end-run around the law by invoking the exact right words and phrases, ‘the several states’ and ‘create joinder’ in that video being examples. There is a particular contortion about the difference between ‘a person’ and ‘a man’ and how names apply to those.

Here’s an example of someone trying this out in court.


Hey it’s been 5 minutes since we’ve last checked in on Alex Jones. Let’s change that and vomit together, as fake internet friends:


Oh cool, thanks for actually the most disturbing image I’ve ever had to contemplate in my entire life. New conspiracy: Alex Jones is a secret PETA agent, trying to make the thought of ingesting any meat product as utterly revolting as possible.


One day Alex Jones is gonna get worked up to his reddest, then go to the bathroom and shit his shriveled, dusty soul into the bowl and die on the spot. But he’ll have ingested so much animal protein and exotic reagents from those poisonous InfoWars supplements that he’ll just freeze in place that way instantaneously, mummified.

He will be an angry, perfectly preserved statue of a beet-red man shitting himself to death. He will be just as he was when he was alive, but quieter and likely smelling better.


Okay guys I have an important question for you.

  • Berenstain
  • Berenstein

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Along with your answer, when were you born and what is the earliest year you could have possibly read one of these books?

Additionally, did it ever bother you that these Jewish bears celebrated Christmas but not Hanukkah?


Why read the books when video games exist?


reading is for smucks, i just remember the cartoon show where they pronounced it differently between the intro song and the actual episodes



e: is there a pyf idiots on social media-like thread? cause i got plenty to share


Born early 80s, remember reading them along with the Little Golden Book adaptation of ‘The Rescuers’ at the library, so probably some time between 88-90. Never liked them very much.

I wasn’t aware of what the difference was between Judaism and Christianity 'til I was, like, 9. My mom’s crazy Christian friend (who’s kid was named after a Tolkien character, and not Sam Gamgee) once gave me a weird-ass lecture that led me to believe that Jews were A). All Hasidic and B). had ‘taught us English’. Like, English is a space-language transmitted to us through the Jews? Needless to say, I can’t hear Amy Grant music without shaking my head in confusion.


Be the change you want to see in the world!


Small one but…

I decided (because i’m an idiot) to post in the Yooka Laylee Steam forums and oh god they believe that the only people defending the game are actually Playtonic interns trying to do damage control.

Additionally they think that the activity on the Yooka Laylee forums is also just the devs and not that it’s active because we’re like a few weeks away from release or anything.

E: No wait turns out it was Neogaf pulling the strings all along!


I’ll stop


9/10, good whackjob but needs more saucer people imo,


does that person really think 99 Steam games is a lot?


I feel we need something more rational than the Yooka-Laylee forums.


Dr Gene Ray is the Greatest Philosopher, and is the Greatest Mathematician.

6 side Cube is Evil math, ignoring its top & bottom.
-1 x -1 = +1 is Evil math, as +1 and -1 are antipodes equating a zero existence.

For as long as you dumbass, educated stupid and evil bastards IGNORE Cubic Creation, your sons and daughters deserve to die and be maimed in foreign lands - while killing innocent women and children.


Is there Time Cube merchandise? Or do you need to be the Greatest Philosopher and Greatest Mathematician to wear those?