The Conspiracy Theory and Quackery Thread! Open ye Dung Gates!



Time Cube stopped being quite as entertaining for me when Gene started getting racist. :frowning:


It’s a rule - literally every conspiracy theory devolves into racism, anti-semitism or both over time.


I don’t think I understand this Political Compass. :frowning:


I am intrigued by that utter nonsense. Someone tell me more about this insane cube man, I’ve never heard of him before.


I remember once coming across a parody of Time Cube (threw in some JRPG stuff) that made me realize that it’s almost impossible for me to tell if I’m looking at a parody of Time Cube or actual real Time Cube documents. For all I know, 60,000 words in, he did go on a rant about Zelda timelines. Like, that Einstein-Jesus-Socrates-Clinton thing looks fake to me, but everything about Time Cube feels fake to me, so quite literally, what the fuck do I know?


I found a couple of podcasts about it - an episode of Tasty Holes of the Unknown and an episode of Random Sampling. Never listened to either though, so I don’t know if they’re any good.


Sounds interesting, I’ll check them out. Thanks!


Truth is stranger than fiction, and Time Cube is incredibly strange; therefore, it must be the truth.


You are a pyramid! That’s right, you!


I AM the I in the pyramId!

(If you like conspiracy weirdness and haven’t read Robert Anton Wilson, you’re denying yourself a treat. Though be warned, he turned into a bit of an MRA towards the end of his life and the warning signs are definitely there in his earlier work.)





Speaking of conspiracies, everyone’s favorite Sandy Hook truther and gay-frog-exposer Alex Jones is in family court, trying to get some custody of his kids from his ex-wife. This twitter account is reporting from inside the courtroom this week and there’s some pretty weird shit in there.

The nuttiest thing, to me at least, is that it seems as though the judge has no idea who Jones is and also wants to separate his politics from the trial proceedings?? So he probably won’t be questioned about his conspiratorial bullshit that is definitely not healthy for children to be exposed to. Shouldn’t there be a line drawn between “political opinion” and delusional “THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS MAKING FISH PEOPLE IN TEST TUBES WARBLGARBLLLL!!” stuff? :psyduck:


I love the war between him and his lawyers going “oh it’s an act so PLEASE take leniency on him” and his going “I HAVE NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER AND THE GOVERNMENT IS AFTER ME”


A tortoise is a lizard, how blatant can you get? They’re laughing at us, people, laughing at us! Been telling you for years!


4 Days take place withing 24 Hours
One-Day Oppressors won’t want you to hear the Truth
Discover The East and West Poles with Me


So definitely not just Time Cube that they were sure to tell us immediately.


And just think, all this because one guy got a little confused about how time zones and three-dimensional space work…