The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


I watched 3 episodes of the dub of Madoka and boy oh boy. It’s not good. I also don’t like magical girls though so I pretty much hate any show about them to begin with.

I also dislike Studio Trigger, but I will say that LWA is one of if not the best anime this season. Even if I don’t watch it


Eesh. That’s kind of grim because the 3rd episode is the one where shit gets real and the 8th episode is the one where everything makes sense now and the 12th episode is the one where you cry.

And the Rebellion movie isn’t canon.


Going into it knowing what it was all about and knowing how it ends didn’t help I think. It doesn’t offer much to keep you going if you know the basic plot of it.


I’ve never seen princess tutu, but as someone who loves Princess Jellyfish and is never able to get anyone to watch it, I can feel the pain.


Princess Tutu is a magical girl anime about ballet. Anything outside of that is a spoiler so I suggest just watching it.


I’ll put it on my list. The slack clued me into Interviews With Monster Girls so I’ve been watching that…

and also Monster Musume…



Interviews with Monster Girls is one of the surprises of this season along with Maid Dragon. I expected it to be exactly like Monster Musume but with a teacher perving on his students but it’s not! But I think what really got me to think that it’s a decent show was the episode about the succubus teacher and her daily routine. Seeing all the trouble she has to go through to avoid touching anyone or affecting other peoples lives with her powers was really neat.


I’ve been making a video about anime violence lately, so going from editing footage of corpse party, to Interviews, to Musume has been giving me serious whiplash.


Ok what the hell is this anime where women fight with their breasts and asses that I was just forced to watch for an hour and a half? My brain blocked out its name from the horror and the trauma.


That would be Keijo!!!


I’m so sorry

The only way to purify yourself now is to watch Jojo’s for several days straight.


Keijo!!! is a shame because it actually becomes one of the best (more like breast) fighting-esque DBZ Hajime no Ippo fighting manga out there. They do battles and powers super goddamn well, you just gotta numb yourself to the fact that it’s about butt-bumpin


I don’t know how relevant this is to anime but I saw this on twitter and it made me laugh

Also this Yokai Watch thing made me laugh more than it should have


Recently binged through an anime called Erased which apparently was very popular last year or something. I liked the premise of it but the plot shits the bed really hard after a while.


After seeing it on a stream last weekend, I’d give a soft recommend to the currently-airing Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. Mindless, but bright, colorful, and cute; uses the exact right tone and art style. It’s kind of what you wish the older Pokemon anime had held up as.


Erased is one of my favorite anime of last year for the look and feel of it. Also it has one of the best OPs of the year but yeah, the plot starts to fall apart after a bit, the ending specifically. Not that it changes anything about the anime but from what I read of it the manga seems to hold up better though it’s still not perfect.


I should go to lengths about Warau Salesman. It’s a thriller anime/manga about a salesman named Moguro Fukuzo who sells clients exactly what they want. It’s a monkey paw type of series where eventually the client has their desire backfire spectacularly, whether it’s by itself or aided by Moguro himself. What makes this also interesting is that the author of Warau Salesman was the co-creator of Doraemon, and it’s their only darker work.

It got a new anime announced for April 3rd.


I was actually just talking about that show a little bit ago. I was trying to figure out if it was going to be like a horror series or not since the tags it had were only Comedy, Drama, and Seinen. Knowing that it’s a monkey’s paw kinda situation makes me more interested in it


I don’t have too much time to watch TV in general, but some of my favorites (new and old) are:

  • Trigun :cactus:
  • World God Only Knows :innocent:
  • Mobile Suit Gundam :boom:
  • Bakuman
  • Haikyu!
  • Mob Psycho 100 :runner:
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun
  • Yuri!! on Ice
  • Baby Steps

I feel like sports, slice-of-life and sci-fi are where I Iive when it comes to enjoying anime.


team rocket gets a mimikyu, so it can’t be bad