The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


Everybody should watch Ping Pong: the Animation. It is the best anime.

Death Parade and Mob Psycho 100 battle for number 2 of my favorite anime. I was also heavily surprised by how much I liked Tower of Druaga

I’m not joking about Ping Pong. I haven’t watched anything that I genuinely liked more. Watch it.

EDIT: If Anime wasn’t real how would we watch it???

EDIT No. 2: Parasyte is also real dang good, but, like Mob Psycho 100, I preferred it as a manga


Favorite anime: Turn A Gundam. It’s everything I love about Gundam without all the things I hate. Also Harry Ord is the best Char.

Also a fan of House of Five Leaves, Gankutsuou, and Kurau: Phantom Memory (which nobody ever seems to have heard of…).

Favorite genres are gay shit, mecha, and campy magical girls.

Still haven’t actually watched anything this season, but I intend to start watching Little Witch Academia and Gay Dragon at some point… Provided they don’t do some of the really off-putting scenes with Kanna the manga had…

Also anime is real, you just have to believe with all your heart.


I just recently finished watching Gankutsuou. One of the more stylish anime I’ve watched in recent memory. I was thinking of picking up Mononoke because they seem visually similar.


Yeah, I know some people can’t stand the animation in Gankutsuou, but I absolutely loved it.


I don’t understand how people could find something wrong with it when it gave us some amazing scenes. Like Al in his pirate outfit that says Pirate on it.


Wait wait wait nobody has mentioned Hunter x Hunter yet. Why? How?


People are on hiatus from mentioning it.

Jokes aside though Hunter x Hunter is really good even with the terrible breaks


I liked Vampire Hunter D.

Also Ghibli films are good. I don’t care that Spirited Away is hype as fuck I love it.


Spirited Away deserves all the hype it gets, in my opinion. One of the most gorgeous and touching films I have ever seen, period.


A few months ago I started watching one Ghibli film per week and so far most of them have completely blown me away. They’re always so fun and charming and gorgeous. Kiki’s Delivery Service is probably my favorite at the moment with Whisper of the Heart and Spirited Away tied for second. I identified with the main character in Whisper of the Heart so hard that it kinda fucked me up that night. So good.


LWA owns


i used to avoid sports anime since i don’t care about real sports, but Ping Pong taught me the error of my ways

every ghibli film that i’ve watched is great as well


I tried to watch Ping Pong before but my dislike of sports was too strong and I got bored after 3 or 4 episodes of it.


Chihayafuru could be considered a sports anime, and it’s great. The only new series I’m watching is Little Witch Academia.

For movies, I was really happy to see in a theater, Akira and Redline.


Princess Tutu is really good.


Princess Tutu is one of the few magical girl shows I’ve watched and liked. It’s just that good. Only other shows of that genre I’ve watched to completion have been Magical Play and Majokko Tsukune-chan. And I wouldn’t recommend either of them.


Princess Tutu is an excellent non-fetishy take on the magical girl genre and a really good piece on the relationship between an author and their work. Definitely my top 3 anime.


Drosselmeyer is one of the best anime antagonists I’ve seen.


I have a really difficult time getting people to give Princess Tutu a chance, which is a shame because it is really fucking good. In related news, I convinced noted anime disliker SuperGraffiti to give Puella Magi Madoka Magica a chance. They will probably hate it with a passion and dunk on me forever! Wish me luck!


Jenner’s Princess Tutu fanon: While not shown in the show Fakir totally fucking stabs himself with the quill and writes in his own blood because he’s fucking awesome and Drosselmeyer can eat a dick.