The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


Pluto anime teased/announced in France, info we know so far it’s produced by Masao Maruyama (his dream project), animated by MAPPA, split into 8 extended episodes (1 per volume), and supervised by Urasawa himself
people are bringing up that Urasawa tends to meddle in adaptations of his work and that’s why Monster is paced so weirdly, but my take is Pluto is so tight already compared to his other work so it could be fine


Not sure why I never posted them before but with the new season coming up here are some links that will help you check out upcoming anime.


I still want a 20th Century Boys anime. I only read 1 volume of Pluto but I hope this means more Urasawa adaptions so we can also get Billy Bat (A comic which features JFK, Jesus and A cartoon Bat.)


Not that I would recommend it but there’s that one motorcycle anime with high school girls from a couple seasons back that has anime JFK and motorcycle Jesus in it


Found out my local cinema was taken over by a different company - One good thing to come from it is that this new company does show anime movies and an exciting one is on the “Coming soon” Schedule.

I have watched it before but I have not seen any of Satoshi Kon’s work on the big screen.


New anime season is now officially underway. If you want a somewhat in-depth overview of most of it forums poster ChorpSaway did a preview of it in their anime podcast Cocoa Disaster.


I can’t believe I haven’t written in this thread yet.

If I had to name favorites they would be: Barakamon, Flying Witch, Haikyuu!!, Little Witch Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Monthly Girl’s Nozaki Kun, My Hero Academia, Nichijou, JoJo’s, One Punch Man, Shirobako, Sound! Euphonium, Steins;Gate, Sweetness and Lightning, Your Lie in April, Yuri!!! on Ice, Avatar/Korra (If you’re willing to count it), and I have a love/hate relationship with Gintama.

With genres, I’m usually willing to try anything good, but I mostly go for comedy and/or slice-of-life, but I have a real soft spot for things that are real adorable. Also, action in things like Hero Academia or Gintama is real fun to watch too. And because of Haikyuu!! I’ve gotten more and more into sports anime.

From the current season: Made in Abyss has to be my favorite one so far, the world they built is super interesting, and I like seeing the creatures that inhabit it. I don’t know what to think after episode 10 though because what the fuck.
Welcome to the Ballroom has also been something really good, and Restaurant to Another World is great for winding down and relaxing. Sakura Quest was much more different than what I imagined, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless, and another surprise would be Princess Principal which has been pretty cool so far. And of course, My Hero Academia continues to be top notch :ok_hand:.
I was watching Magical Circle and The Reflection; the former was pretty entertaining, but then it got…bad. :tw: kind of bad. And the latter just felt weirdly paced, and the animation felt stilted.

And anime is Real.


I’ve been keeping up with both Magical Circle(despite telling myself I wouldn’t) and The Reflection. I’m a sucker for superheroes and it’s giving me that fix I need since I don’t really care for My Hero Academia.

The anime I would most recommend from this season so far is Vatican Miracle examiners. Just because it gets pretty silly pretty quick but it still takes itself and it’s ridiculous story seriously enough that it’s effective.


The problem with Vatican Miracle Examiner is that while it does go in some real batshit directions with its mysteries, the build-up is poorly paced and can often be tedious because of that. If you have the patience though, that show is basically the Da Vinci Code But More Extra, with maybe a moderately lesser sense of self-importance.


I watched two episodes of Miracle Examiner, but didn’t really get into it, but if it really does get more ridiculous as it goes on, I’ll give it another shot.
While I didn’t like The Reflection, I have to say that I liked what I got to see of I-Guy, like how he had a team devoted to making him look cooler, and how he had an in-universe theme song they played every time he appeared, which I also liked.


Vatican Miracle Examiner puts all its cards on the table at the end of its first mystery, which is four episodes in total. It also puts several other series’ cards on the table, as well as some cards it drew in crayon that it added to the deck. It is a Bad show but the payoff for the mysteries is generally entertaining.


I-Guy’s theme song is what really sold me on the show. The idea that this hero would blast his own music as he fights to put on a Sky Show is really cool and something I love.They also keep setting up the full reveal of a Japanese group of superhero Magical Girls and that’s something I’m looking forward too a lot.

Recently I started watching Armored Troopers VOTOMS and Great teacher Onizuka. I’ve been enjoying both but I lreally only like GTO for it’s OP and style. Also started trying to watch as many anime based on video games as possibleso if you know of any let me know so I can right them down. I’ve watched the Professor Layton and Animal Crossing movies along with the Tower of Druaga anime so far.


Tower of Druaga is way better than it has any right to be


The video game based anime series that I’ve watched are Stein;Gate, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Danganronpa: The Animation, the recent Castlevania one, and God Eater (which I didn’t actually finish, but still). For anime movies, I’ve watched Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, Last Order: Final Fantasy VII, and Animal Crossing.
There’s also this list on wikipedia with a lot of them.

I also know about one series coming out in october based on a visual novel called Code:Realize. Hope some of this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I forgot about the Castlevania anime. I have the Devil May Cry and Tales of Zesteria The X anime in my backlog along with about 16 years of Street Fighter animations. I’ve been using that wikipedia list as a guide but it also missing things, like the Fire Emblem OVA series about the First/Second game.

I’m staying away from VN adaptations since there’s so many of them. And will probably stay away from the Code: Realize one except for the first episode due to what I have seen of the game through Chorps Date :star: Night streams.


Spoilers for Kino’s Journey 2017

Man, I can’t believe just how little care they gave to the Colosseum story, at first I thought they just wanted to introduce Shizu and Riku as soon as they could, but even if that was the case, the pace felt super rushed, and then I went back and watched it in the original series (which was two episodes long, while here it’s just one), and the difference was even more striking. I liked the first episode, so hopefully the rest of the series is better. :confused: There wasn’t even a puppet show!

Edit: in other news, Girl’s Last Tour is going to bold new places in anime.

Whether this gamble pays off or not remains to be seen.


Yeah Colosseum wasn’t the best but I still enjoyed it for the most part. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to compare this version to that last since it’s a different take that seems to be focusing much more on the tone than on the actual stories, Though if you do want to compare them I think the better way of doing isn’t comparing both versions of the same story but comparing which stories they picked for each episode.

EDIT:The lack of the puppet show was probably the worst part of the episode since it’s one of my favorite parts of the old Kino.


I’m three episodes into My Hero Academia and my god the main character wont stop crying.


Deku is a big baby but at some point he stops crying all the time… and instead starts scowling a lot.


I’m certainly not watching the new series to compare it to the older one, that doesn’t sound like an enjoyable way to go about it, I even felt it was unfair to compare them because this series did one episode on Colosseum, while the older one did two, which obviously gives more room to work with, I just could’t help but think about the differences between the two since it’s the same story.

If you think that’s too much, you ought to watch some of Ultimate Survivor Kaiji, dude could probably dehydrate himself on tears alone.