The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


reminder cannon busters is a thing (and hopefully get more news for us non-backers. whoever backed this, lucky)


It’s Joshiraku. Not really about the standup as much as cute girls doing cute things in the backstage,

So, where’s everyone getting their animays these days with Nyaa and Tokyo Toshokan being in the slump? Hell, even BakaBT went full private from what I’ve gathered.


God, yeah. LeSean is working on a new show and I hope the pilot for CB makes it out somehow.

Nyaa’s magnet links got put up on a database and while they aren’t complete the stuff I want (Brave series stuff mostly) is there.


You have to get them through Crunchy, Funi, Anime Strike, and Daisuke now.


New Gundam Build Fighters!!!


Like with other stuff - If I can get them officially I will watch them officially. (Even if it means using a VPN to access them.) I need to catch up with Detective Conan - I was about 100 episodes behind when the fansubs I was watching stopped and when Crunchy Roll picked it up for the US. Detective Conan is still one of my favourite procedural shows even if the silly gadgets from the early days are no longer used. (The Bento shaped phone is still the best gadget in Detective Conan.)


Most anime can be watched with a Crunchyroll and Funimation subscription. I don’t actually know if Daisuke has a subscription service or not since the only show of theirs I watched was Gundam IBO and they’d put it up on Youtube, Anime Strike is a hassle since you need both an Amazon Prime account and then the Strike subscription and they’ve only gotten more anime as the seasons have gone on.


Daisuke has a subscription service, but I think over the past year since it’s had a subscription service, it’s had like one running show with exclusive streaming rights. Their subs are more for their weird and fairly obscure backlog.

You can also sometimes find anime on Hulu when Viz Media grabs the rights but there’s also very little redeemable about Hulu, and very rarely is it exclusive.

If you’re only concerned with currently airing shows, Crunchyroll and Amazon are the two services you want to look for, and Funimation if you’re more interested in dubbed content. Backlogs are spread around more, though Funimation seems to be slowly moving all of their subbed backlog shows over to Crunchyroll.



i just watched a silent voice (koe no katachi)

I loved it

I recommend it, it’s 2 hours.


I absolutely don’t keep up with any series as far as anime goes, but my favorite will forever be Haibane Renmei. It’s just so good with atmosphere and story. You can really feel dread ramping up til the finale.

I also really dug Beyond The Boundary and K-On’s first season for less ~serious anime~. When I was an edgy teen my fave thing was Elfen Lied. Sometimes I think about that anime and I’m just like “why”


the manga for that was heartbreaking and amazing


I stream anime for friends and Haibane Renmei is actually one of the shows I was considering but didn’t have much to go on outside of some MAL recommendations and those aren’t very trustworthy.


To be fair it might be a little slow paced or boring for a stream, but would also be pretty easy to marathon since it has 13 (I think?) episodes. The pacing is a bit…weird, I wanna say. That being said if you don’t mind some boring parts and unanswered questions it’d make for an interesting watch.

Even though it’s my favorite anime a lot of that comes from multiple re-watches to find new things in it. It’s like layers. An onion of an anime.


I’ve streamed some pretty slow paced shows before so that’s not really an issue. I’ll have to check it out for sure now.


haibane renmei is extremely good and i’d watch it


Can anyone recommend me a good Psychological anime? something like Paranoia Agent and Serial Experiments Lain or to a lesser extent Boogiepop Phantom and Sci-fi Harry. I have Erased to watch but the subject matter is a bit too real compared to what I am looking for and I haven’t heard of a good one since I was binging these sort of shows in the mid 00s. Also related to this is Higurashi worth going back to I dropped it in the second or third cycle because I didn’t get the format but I have watched and played Umineko since and wonder if Higurashi is worth exploring too.


I was going to recommend Boogiepop Phantom because that is one of my favorite anime ever. Psychological may not be the best word for it but Ergo Proxy has similar vibes. Shinsekai Yori(From The New World) is also a good watch in a similar vein.

EDIT: Here’s another reason to watch Ergo Proxy


Is there a place online now where people can legally watch the entirety of Princess Tutu? Asking for a friend, who is me, and wants to make people watch Princess Tutu.

I know the first season was on Netflix for awhile but I only see season one and not season two. I own a copy of the whole thing on DVD and could stream it but I’d rather folks watch it in their own time. Any help?


New Info just dropped last night on the second Kino’s Journey anime. I wasn’t excited when I heard the news that they were going to make another one and with the staff reveal I’m still not. But I am still hoping that it will be good.

A nice touch is that the new VA for Kino is the same VA as the girl she visits in the final episode of the original show.

From a quick check it seems to be on Hulu.

EDIT: Since I recommend Ergo Proxy a bit ago I should also mention that Crunchyroll added that it’s it’s back catalog from it’s deal with Funimation.


I believe Princess Tutu is also available through standard Amazon Prime, though to note I believe it might be dub-only.

Also, for anyone who’s keeping up with seasonal stuff, how is Kado: The Right Answer shaping up? I know it’s almost over, but I’ve been considering for about 10 weeks of dropping Boruto and picking that up. Is it any good? Seem like it’s going to wrap up satisfactorily?

The Adventure Continues: Let's Watch Princess Tutu.