The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


With all of the more mature prequel Lupin media coming out, like Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone and Goemon Ishiwaka’s Spray of Blood, I’ve been interested in going back to Fujiko Mine. I wasn’t super hot on the character stuff in Sayo Yamamoto’s original series, and I ended up dropping off of both of them, but her direction is strong and I’d like to see what her work is like with someone else’s characters.


Yamamoto’s a really interesting director, she also did episode 20 of Space Dandy, but yeah the Fujiko series was fairly divisive. I felt like it was only willing to meet some of its themes half-way, but it had a great visual style. I saw Jigen Daisuke’s Gravestone, which I completely soured on when it got to the penis motor puppet robot designed to fuck people to death. I didn’t even know they’d made another movie in that continuity, and if it doesn’t have anything as disgustingly out of place as the penis motor puppet robot designed to fuck people to death maybe I’ll give it a shot.


At least if that continuity sucks, we got a proper Lupin III TV series last year and it was very good.


That series was extremely good and had both Not James Bond who had super hearing powers and Leonardo DaVinci as the main villain.


I watched Jigen’s Gravestone before they took it off Hulu and even though I totally saw the ending coming because there was zero way they’d kill off Jigen and Lupin and not have a “second half” of the movie the animation and action was top notch. Hopefully the Goemon movie is as good, it’s gonna be Koike again right? (Speaking of which, please watch REDLINE if you haven’t it’s amazing and I was so glad I caught it on Manga’s Youtube legit)


Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (aka Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door) is showing as a midnight movie at the Clay theater in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday. Hard to believe its been almost 14 years since it had its American theatrical run.

Ticket info:


I tried to make sense of Zeorymer last night and today but it turns out that the plot is just:


What more do you need than “Balls touch, worlds end”?

Jokes aside, Zeorymer is dumb and fun, but stay away from the manga.


The episode where they find the dog all alone on that planet (if you’ve seen it, you know who the dog is) made what is normally a fun series go straight into heavy emotional territory for me.

And I appreciate when a show can do that.

A lot.


The first episode I caught was the one with Adelie (the girl with that alien thing who wanted to find her grandfather) and it was really cute.

Also, the space racing episode’s ending is just nuts. I heard the musical one was funny too but I didn’t catch it (I was watching it on Toonami and I forgot how I was watching it but it was in a way that basically meant I couldn’t see it frequently)


Crunchyroll just added Gundam 00 to their library, does anyone know if that series is actually good? All I know about it is that the 00 Raiser was super fun to play as Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.


I wasn’t a huge fan of it but I know some people are. Thought some people talked about it in the thread before and found this, hope it helps.


First season is really fucking good, like actually fucking good. Season 2 just can’t keep up. I certainly think 00 is worth a watch and season 2 isn’t a disaster, its just kind of a bummer since you can tell corporate meddling was involved.


I’m currently watching 00. I’ve finished the first season and it’s pretty good. I’ve started the second, and there’s a definite tonal shift, but it’s still interesting so far. My opinion might change as it goes, though.


Nice, thanks for opinions, I’ll check it out this weekend. The last mecha show I watched was Aldnoah.Zero and I realllly disliked that, so hopefully I’ll at least enjoy 00 more than that.


If you want a good mecha show just watch The Big O, which Sentai Filmworks is releasing a box set of in June this year. Or if you want to watch a good Gundam there’s always Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans which is getting close to it’s series finale.


I’m really glad I stuck with ACCA because it’s now the chillest political thriller. Give it a watch if that’s your kinda thing.


I wish that the art of ACCA was as good as the rest of it. It’s the only thing that takes me out of it when I watch it. I shouldn’t expect a ton though since I’m pretty sure it was a kickstarter anime?


The original author, Natsume Ono, just has a non-standard art style and both this and the other anime based off her work, House of Five Leaves, try to stick to that style in their own ways. I think it’s pretty cool, all things considered. The sandwich bread looks great.
Also no I’m pretty sure this didn’t have any crowdfunding around it.


I don’t mean to say that the style of the art was bad, I enjoy it. More that as soon as a character is even slightly out of focus their face becomes : | Also you are right, it didn’t receive any crowdfunding, not sure which show I was confusing it with.

EDIT: I’d just like a little more detail on the characters even when they aren’t the main focus of a certain scene though I understand that isn’t always possible with time.