Tell Me All About Brothers! (The McElroy Brothers Discussion Thread!)


They’ve been releasing outtakes and blooper reels every week and oh my god the brothers sure do get up to some goofs in those


my plan is to wait for all those to come out, and renew my seeso subscription to binge on those (as I got all the episodes watched a day into my 3 day free trial)


Slight Adventure Zone spoilers: Okay so I know the Hunger only just got properly introduced but damn the music used for those guys is absolutely perfect and basically made that episode for me. Like, it works so well as a “cutscene” and a “battle” theme. Even when it’s not Griffin directly making the music for the show, he still does a really good job with the music.


“If they catch us cursing on Fallon or something cussing, we’re fucked!”

The new new Trolls 2 podcast is incredible.


Okay, so I guess this is where Car Boys talk goes?

This is a thing. Endorsed by Nick. Its a whole new game.


the guy who made this video has done quite a few amazing Car Boys/CoolGamesInc stuff as well:

and my favorite:

(The interesting part, for those who didn’t know, is that the song/video in this is “Shelter”, by Porter Robinson, brother of Nick Robinson)


Wrestlemania is facing stiff competition this year.


Okay, so I want to get into THE ADVENTURE ZONE but I really don’t have time to catch up on 50 hour long podcasts. Is there a good jumping on point or do I have to dedicate several days to listening to THE ADVENTURE ZONE?


dedicate the time. you’ll be extremely confused if you just hop in. it’ll go by WAY faster than you think


TAZ is very into callbacks to previous episodes. While you can theoretically skip to the beginning of any one arc, you’ll be pretty confused when they bring back old characters. There are pre-episode recaps but unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be much help unless you’re already familiar with what they’re recapping.


I basically mainlined the adventure zone for the past 8 weeks and I cannot stop I need more but there isn’t any more please release me from this hell you have created, Griffin


I have good news for you then, the next episode of Song and Story comes out…today*!

*at least according to Griffin last thursday


griffin please



okay, for realsies this time

i’m not crying i swear


I cried several times, sometimes at random moments. :fountain:


I maybe shouted “THIS IS IT” when the kid’s apron was revealed


Oh, huh

Further research reveals that Otter Media, who own Crunchyroll & Fullscreen, acquired the rights.


Great, so that’s another subscription I’ll be getting solely for The Brothers.


Turns out they landed on which is a free-with-ads type deal

Also they got JoJo’s because there’s some cross-platform situation with Crunchyroll which is good because I never got around to finishing part 4