Tell Me All About Brothers! (The McElroy Brothers Discussion Thread!)



I just powered through the last episode. It’s, uh, really good.

Mild (non-story, but still very important) spoilers, but,

“Thus ends, The Adventure Zone: Balance. The story of four idiots that played D&D so hard, that they made themselves cry,” may have been the best way to possibly close this out.


Gotta admit, the final “Magnus rushes in” got to me. That whole part was just such a lovely way to end it.

What an ending. Can’t wait for what comes next.




Spoilering the bejesus out of this whole thing just to be on the safe side

I know Griffin has said that he’s taken inspiration from other games/movies for the other arcs (“Petals to the Metal” being from the Fast and the Furious movies, for example) and with this one, I’m nearly positive the final fight was inspired by Undertale and Earthbound. From the bond between you and your friends translating into a power to destroy the final villain, to the music and form-change and even color aesthetics of the final boss, it was incredible

The one thing I was upset never got resolved was Lup getting her 15 dollars back from GREG FUCKING GRIMMALDIS, when they started mentioning that people in destroyed worlds were the corrupted army of the hunger I was waiting for him to show up

So excited for what’s coming next, and the next TTAZZ

Edit: spoiler tag was being weird, sorry about that


can the next arc just be about lup


I finally finished listening to episode 69 (nice) of TAZ earlier today and I was shedding a few tears during the epilogue, but then it got to Magnus’ personal epilogue and there was too many tears. I’m very excited for whatever comes next from the boys now because hot damn.


It reminded me the end of Six Feat Under.

I had originally fallen asleep listening to the last hour of TAZ 69, and I’m really glad I went back and re-listened.


I only started TAZ a couple of days ago and am currently solving train crime at episode 15, but I’m excited to cry about whatever y’all are crying about when I finally get there in a month.

Edit: Okay, it’s been a month since I started, I finished today and I understand all the crying now. Show was a little slow at first and I wasn’t super into it, but I’m glad I stuck with it because it grew into such a wonderful and warm experience that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. I already miss every single character I got to know over those 69 extremely nice episodes, and I can’t wait for whatever is next so I can meet more.


Have not caght up on TAZ yet, but I did see the good brothers and their friend Lin Manuel like a week and a half ago in Brooklyn.



So what does everybody think of the bold new direction that Monster Factory is taking, with the new aesthetic and the shorter Just Like Art video? I think the new look is fine, but I have to admit, I don’t like the goopy transitions with that weird noise, also, it looks like we may have lost that part with the monster name and accompanying music, and the score graphic at the end, which would suck. And Just Like Art seem like a good way to still get videos while they don’t have new games.

Also, I haven’t listened to episode 0 of the new TAZ campaign, since I want to be able to listen to episode 1 right after, but hopefully they’re setting up something great.


If I’m not mistaken, I think Just Like Art is simply a side series that they’re doing; it’s not replacing the regular ol’ Monster Factory.

Personally, I’m not a terribly big fan of the new series, as I feel like the faster-paced editing stifles the McElroys’ comedic style. My personal philosophy when it comes to editing in comedic videos is that the editing should never (or at least, very rarely) take the spotlight and instead simply let the actors perform freely. When you add fancy editing on top of it, it creates this conflict where neither the editing nor the actors have the room to creatively breathe, and everything feels really mushed together.

Anyway I don’t mean to ramble on; it’s not too bad, just a little underwhelming to me.


I dunno I’m definitely more of a fan of monfac classic


Who’s ready for the Mcelroys’ adventures in a FATE system? (me, i’m ready)


The editing in Just Like Art is terrible. The series has grown on me but that’s entirely in spite of the editing.
It’s way too overzealous and makes too many cuts so the video flows terribly. Not to mention when it inserts a video clip or something that’s literally repeating a joke Justin or Griffin just made.


Personally, I just really hate the transitions. Those noises, every time one comes up it’s like my spine retracts into itself.