Tell Me All About Brothers! (The McElroy Brothers Discussion Thread!)


God damn it, Travis.


I got one of my coworkers into mbmbam and told him about the seeso free trial on friday.

So of course yesterday the first thing he says to me is “Can we PLEASE talk about the clown box”


We do not speak of the Clown Box


Agreed let’s not talk about the clown box
It can hear us


Clown box is great! Look at this nice hand drawn maze it gave me.


Can I just say that PeaceCraft is definitive proof that Griffin has the patience of a saint.


Oh wow look at this neat word search that clown box gave me…

oh god give it your pho-


I still can’t believe how hot it turns out travis is. I was not prepared for that. It is not fair. It is not just.


If y’all have never gotten a good look at Travis before, take a few minute to Google. He looks REMARKABLY different in like, every one of the photos out there. It seriously confuses me when I see pictures of him with a much shorter (or no) beard, especially ones where he has different or no glasses. Still not 100% convinced there are aren’t Travis Evil Twins out there.


All of the brothers have their charms but Travis is quicky becoming my favorite. He really rocks the nail polish. And “agressive positivity” and sencnerity is a good look on him


Justin and Griffin did a video with Drawfee where they try to conceive the hot new toy for this Christmas season.


I just listened to Thursday’s Adventure Zone and dang, pretty strong episode. I honestly was not expecting Chekhov’s Raging Flaming Poison Sword of Doom, but holy damn that came around absolutely perfectly.




100ft Robot Golf is out on Steam, featuring the McElroys as future golf commentators, and I can’t recommend it enough.


I actually wish it was longer. It’s pretty short & what is there is great but is over way too soon.


Also they snuck a frolf reference in there and it made pins VERY angry it was beautiful.


Strong contender for my favorite video on the internet:


Now that Griffin is watching anime more, I hope he brings JoJo’s into the lives of his brothers as well.


Finally saw the first Seeso episode of MBMBaB and let me tell you something: I still do not care for the 'ranchos.


the bit where they bring in the spider expert might be the most I’ve ever laughed at anything. The line “you’ve brought approximately 200,000 spiders into our home” had me laughing so hard I had to rewind the episode 3 times