Tell Me All About Brothers! (The McElroy Brothers Discussion Thread!)

This is a thread to discuss our favorite sweet boys: the McElroy Brothers (and Nick!) ((And other polygon dot com stuff, I guess)

The McElroy Brothers, for those not in the know, are Justin, Griffin, and Travis, and they make both funny podcasts (highlights include Sawbones, with Dr. Sydnee and Justin, My Brother, My Brother and Me, and the Adventure Zone, here: (feel free to crosspost from the General Podcast Thread!)
and very funny videos for Polygon.

Car Boys, wherein Nick and Griffin play, updates Thursdays.

Peacecraft, wherein Griffin takes a murder-free tour of World of Warcraft updates Wednesdays.

Monster Factory, wherein Justin and Griffin create lovable abominations in your favorite games updates every other Friday.

And many others!

So, heat up some Totino’s and come chat about your favorite McElroy videos, podcasts, and brother!

Edit: They also do MBMBaM for TV on seeso, so if you have seeso, check it out!


Their Seeso show is basically magic.


Oh, duh, I forgot to add that to the op. I knew I was forgetting something :3:

They also provide all the commentary in 100ft Robot Golf, a good game.


What’s a good Amiibo to put in your mouth?

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Most Amiibo are good friends for your mouth! The sky is almost the limit.

That said, if you have a more delicate chomper, it’s important to consider the size of the amiibo. Bowser, for example, is a real big boy, and most mouths wouldn’t have the tooth clearance for all those spikes. The Wolf Link amiibo is similar, except that the hard part is the base - he’s standing on some jagged rocks that might hurt your jagged rocks (if you know what I mean)

Please exercise caution! Griffin is a trained vorefessional, but you’re not!


I think you’ll find that Griffin is a provoressional.


There’s a really good article about Clint McElroy, their father and resident cleric dwarf from Adventure Zone from 2011 from a small local paper that I think explains a lot about the family overall. They’ve come from a family legacy of radio hosts and funnymen. There are also some absolutely adorable quotes from a younger Griffin:

“I always felt an unspoken pressure from my dad to be less of a nerd and more of an athlete,” says Clint’s youngest son Griffin. “After years of giving the ol’ college try at basketball, baseball and football, my dad finally saw my misery and mercifully allowed me to bow out. My time would be spent where my true talents lied — at home, in the attic, on the Super Nintendo. I thought of it as a kind of compromise; there were plenty of video games Dad and I could play together. We spent hours playing Secret of Mana and Super Mario World. Still, I couldn’t help but worry that he’d rather spend our bonding time in the backyard, working on my free throw shot. One day, I came home from school to discover my father in the attic alone, hacking and slashing his way through Secret of Evermore. I was overjoyed to learn that my dad was just as big of a nerd as I was. Whether playing games with his sons made him that way, or whether he was a nerd all along, wasn’t really important. What was important was refreshing our supply of RC Cola and taking turns trying beat each other’s high score.”

I recommend giving it a read


Toad part 2 is still a work of art and I’ll never hear otherwise.

Also, I can’t wait for next week’s Adventure Zone. The reveal at the end of the last episode fucking murdered me in the middle of my commute. It’s been a week and I’m still in disbelief.


They have become such a big part of my life. I love listening (and now watching ) their stuff.

Here’s me getting the shirt my husband designed signed. It says “Taako Belles”


I, too, have been blessed by the Sauce Doctor

Also Griffin’s a fucking vore furry and you cant tell me otherwise.

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For the longest time I did not know or understand why so many of my friends felt that dogs should vote.


Hell yeah, I love those Sweet Boys™. I started getting into them only recently but they’ve quickly become some of my favorite stuff on the internet. Car Boys in particular manages to gracefully balance on some bizarre line between goofy comedy and surrealist avant-garde art, and I love it so much.

I still need to get through the MBMBAM backlist. TAZ looks really dang cool too, though I know hardly anything about DnD so I dunno how much of it’s gonna be lost on me.

I’m just gonna leave this here for all to enjoy, it’s probably my favorite moment on the podcast in recent memory.


It’s fine, neither do they.

Yeah, half the fun of the early episodes is nobody really knowing how to play or what they’re doing. Then the story starts ramping up and it doesn’t ever stop.

I just started TAZ with only a perfunctory knowledge of DnD (I got kicked out of a campaign for demanding my warrior be able to grab his cohorts and swing them like clubs exclusively) and Griffin does an excellent job explaining it to newbies. Their father never played it either, so they explain most terms to him, as well as they use the newest update to the guide, so they’re all kinda running loose and wild with the rules

The one warning I will give is to free up time cause holy shit you will go from episode one to 10 in like a DAY

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I need to give TAZ another shot. I play D&D/Pathfinder, but for the life of me I cant do podcasts where other people play. The lack of amiibo being vore’d didn’t help either.

There’s still some moments where things are inappropriately swallowed. Don’t you worry.



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