Taking a Byte Out of Crime! Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Released in 2015, Cyber Sleuth is the fourth entry in the Digimon Story series of games: which started about 10 years prior with Digmon World DS, but thankfully consists of standalone titles.

The gameplay of Cyber Sleuth is very, very similar to that of the Persona games: from the long stretches of dialogue, to the turn based combat that proves to be so addictive it completely destroys your perception of time (or at least it does mine), so do keep in mind that this’ll be quite a long video series.

For this LP I am joined by my friends Dan (Digimon World) and FITZWILLIAM RAMSBOTTOM (Pony Island), the latter of whom is the only person among us who has played through most of this game!


Part 1: Loud & Edgy
Part 2: A Ghastly White Boy
Part 4: A Rookie Mistake
Part 5: Horrible Digital Nightmare

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Want to keep me afloat? Here’s how! Ta very much:

I was thinking recently “I will have to LP Digimon: Cyber Sleuth someday, won’t I? After all, it’s not like anyone else is going to do it”.

I don’t know why I bought this game. I never watched Digimon. I’ve never played any other Digimon games. It was just a weird, impulse-ish buy. I did enjoy playing it, though not enough to actually finish, because this game is…not short.

All the faces the MC makes are astonishingly doofy. I played as the girl (as my contract requires me to do for all Japan games) and I remember her expressions and stuff weren’t great, but either my memory’s fuzzy or the guy’s are a lot goofier. Maybe it’s just because the promo art of him is more serious…

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Oh yeah, I remember buying this one.

There was some meme toting it as a better alternative to Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the reviews looked good. The final product, however…

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the concept, and there were some good things to the game (Hello Digimon following you around!), plus I enjoyed the artstyle due to it being the same artist that worked on the Devil Survivor series (seriously, look up the protag of the second game, and tell me he doesn’t look like a nicer version of Arata.). But there were some issues I had with it…

To keep things spoiler free (and because it’s been a while since I played), I found the fact that some areas in the real world (like the mall you spend most of the time in) had no OST to be weird. Give me a simple tune at least, the silence was more noticeable than any song blaring in the background. Most of the side dungeons felt like the same map with different routes, which was kinda lame. While having useful NPC allies was nice, they felt so overpowered that they took away any difficulty the game would have! That’s not much of an issue, however, since, one or two segments aside, I don’t remember struggling with the difficulty that much. I heard it gets tougher at some point, but I never got to that point. And the story. Don’t get me wrong, it starts off good, but it feels like some chapters are dedicated to side quests which have no bearing on the main plot (again, been a while since I played, and I don’t want to risk tripping the spoiler policy). The fact that the translation has been accused of having typos and some glaring areas in certain spots doesn’t help.

Honestly, while the game was fun at first, I lost interest after a while. Watching these vids has rekindled my interest in this game a bit (the funny commentary you guys give helps), but I think I’ll wait until the LP reaches content I didn’t get to in order to see if it’s worth going on…

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