Classic Console Conquest!

My buddy Dan (from both of my Digimon LPs) has been a big fan of collecting the mini consoles that became popular in the mid-to-late 2010s, and he’s been wanting to bring them over to play for a good while… so why not make a video series of it?


Part 1: “I’m Suddenly Doing Okay”
Part 2: Final FantAAAAsy
Part 3: Twenty Exty Ex
Part 4: Super Shaq Bros.
Part 5: The Legend of DAZZZYEL

Commodore 64

Part 1: Ear Duver
Part 2: Kids These Days
Part 3: EVERYONE’S A WALLY! :musical_note:
Part 4: Grimbly Grumbly
Part 5: Jumpmanji
Part 6: Moty on the Sun
Part 7: Just Vibing
Part 8: Robotnik of the Wood

Thread Rules

  • Avoid isms and phobias.

  • If you’re a console scalper, begone!


Wanna help keep me fed and watered? Cheers:

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Welp, doesn’t take long for this one to go off the rails…

Chaos likes to brag about his infinite time loop, but I guess the real reason he keeps killing the Warriors of Light is because most of them just run naked and screaming into the shrine and try to punch him a lot.

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Just to cover ourselves, Megaman was far more flickery on my screen than in the recorded video… I’m not sure how, but he was!

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Thankfully Ridley didn’t break the console. Saves me a lot of money!

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Only you Dazzzyel, can rescue the beautiful Princess Yelda-Bº! This’ll be back when Dan turns up at my front door with another mini-console…

Nothing like scrubbing it up at computer games from the 80s to make you feel young again!

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During this pandemic-ridden summer, this is the closest thing to “sports” you can get me to do.

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Featuring Bri-ish artwork by ToonPirate, and music by Kevin Macleod!

Thanks to poisonmalcy for unearthing this gold:

Okay, but the implication of Wally being able to see Queen Elizabeth’s Stand, 「Hail Holy Queen」, is that Wally himself is a Stand user, and I do not know what to do with this information.

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Getting slightly loopy after a long session…


The end of Session 1. Dan’ll be over soon to power through the rest of these!

I do not understand the lifestyle of Hover Bovver’s main character, nor the logistics of the game’s world. But it might be my favorite C64 game now with how ludicrous it is.

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Despite everything, you’re still Monty.

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This episode features some of the absolute greats!

A nice mix of games in this episode… before we drown in a deluge of SPORTS.