SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2



now that i’m done watching the FFXIV fanfest keynote i have time to post the latest video!

Episode #36: Four Kings


Hmm, I’m…seeing some minor issues with this one and game balance. Feels like you’re intended to do all the side quests.

I’m also seeing a…lets call it theme, with how Tina is DMing this.


For folks interested in the Goblin Quest game Panzer mentioned. You can listen to her play it with the folks from Six Feats Under here!


fact: panzer is the best at solving riddles

Episode #37: TAFY


if y’all like roleplaying so much you’re gonna love how into it krieg gets in the next couple videos

Episode #38: Lightning Bolt


All in all, I can definitely tell this is less tedious than the other DLC. I’ll give it that much.


Hey folks-- since I had Thursday and Friday off due to Thanksgiving I lost any semblance of being able to keep track of what time it is. On top of that I got so wrapped up planning a new stream series (you can check the VOD here!) that I totally forgot to post a video yesterday. Oops!

here it is now, sorry!

Episode #39: Never-ending Battle


this episode i didn’t forget to post on time and thankfully it’s the one where we spend ten minutes watching a unicorn pooping

Episode #40: Unicorn Poop


That was…not as good as I had expected from what I heard.

I also think putting the diamondhorse in the game was a mistake, because I thought the entire idea of “you never get to see it and that’s the joke” is funnier than a horse that shits guns.


Is the horse from the first game? It seems like there’s some kind of history with it.


Nope. Butt Stallion is from a joke at the very beginning of the game, before the Vault Hunters make it to sanctuary. The joke proved super popular though, so it was eventually included again.

Overall the DnD dlc campaign is probably the highlight of Borderlands 2, with some rather fun quests. Sadly Kaubocks and Panzer didn’t show off the quest that gets you a gun that shoots exploding swords, or the grognozzle.


good news, bad news, and mixed news

good news: this video is the last of the story DLC! we’re almost at an end!
bad news: it’s more hammerlock story
mixed news: apologies in advance on this one but if you were someone who was using YouTube CC to read the Twitch chat for these videos, I have accidentally lost the archive of the chatlog for this stretch of the stream. because of this, you cannot enable subtitles to view the chat for this video. sorry!

Episode #41: Funday Sunday Gunday


it’s friday! you know what that means? it’s :siren: RAID NIGHT :siren:

this stream took panzer on a whirlwind tour of pandora to fight most of the raid bosses-- nearly none of which she’s seen before! how well do we do? come find out!

Episode #42: Raid Night


That wasn’t actually that bad, DLC wise. Wam Bam Island was pretty okay.

Raid’s seem miserable and a good example of why this game series being primarily an MMO Shooter is just bad. Ultimate Vault Hunter mode also seems…utterly miserable, every enemy getting health regen sounds like the opposite of fun.


David Hayter’s Folly.


Good to know I’m not the only one who immediately thought of that.


in the next part of our ~raid stream~ we took on most of the remaining raid bosses. how well do we do? much worse than the first ones!

Episode #43: From Hero to Zero


we’re so nearly at the end of the series, folks! in today’s video i take panzer through digistruct peak for the first time and listen to the chill ass music that comes with it:

Episode #44: Raid on Digistruct Peak


Yeah, the music of that raid is definitely the highlight.


here it is folks, the hardest raid content. we had to end on this. we’re not sorry

Episode #45: The Hardest Boss of All

this is the last video! we may have a bonus stream coming up but we haven’t entirely planned it yet. will definitely post it here if it happens. we will also create a new thread for our Pre-Sequel playthrough once we get that going as well and link it here.

thanks for joining us on our 30th playthrough of this stupid game! :wave: