SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2



Because when they made the model from Krieg’s body they forgot to give him one, basically. Ooops.


true story; i came out of a work meeting excited to come to my desk to post the first episode of the tiny tina DLC having completely blocked this shitshow from my memory

Episode #32: Hammerlock’s Uncomfortably Racist Jerk-off Session


The wiki agrees Hammerlock does not fuck.


Wow this DLC is extremely not good. It makes me slightly glad that my interest in borderlands 2 kinda started to wane halfway through Torgue’s DLC.


Hmm. What possessed them to do that to the colours. That’s…very bad.

So far the content doesn’t seem terrible, just boring. The story and some of the jokes seem fine. The enemies are…a little racist, but I have to imagine most of the gross racist nonsense is in the sidequests which you’re ignoring so I may just be getting a different impression than you guys remember.


Wow, Panzer, super homophobic toward Hammerlock (joking! like 99% joking)!

Honestly, I like this DLC about as much as the pirate one. They’re both just okay.


Some art I made of Claptrap.


gonna need a copy of that shirt for myself, thanks


how many times will we talk about jerking off this stream dlc entire playthrough? let’s find out!

Episode #33: Rock Hard Monster Skeleton


I’m sure he’s a monster, but I feel kinda bad for Nakayama.


guys it took over an hour of documentation and running into one of the worst bugs i’ve seen in this game but we finally found the one good joke in the hammerlock DLC

Episode #34: Jack in the Box


Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode was a mistake, if it’s responsible for scaling the boss up like that. The bug…sure as hell did not help. Krieg and Anarchy!Gaige were also mistakes, and honestly if a game has outright actually Wrong Choices that feels…really bad.

That joke feels…incredibly not worth it, though I feel like if you didn’t call it “the stair joke” a bunch it would of been funnier since then I wouldn’t of guessed what it was immediately.

Here’s an actual question I have, that relates to something you guys said last video. You want to show us why you love the game, to show us about what makes the game so enjoyable. So you boost the item drops to get all the cool weapons the game barely so much as drip feeds you, and regardless of character choice I feel like so very much of this would truly be miserable. So I really must ask…what IS enjoyable about this game? It’s not the writing since you seem to hate a lot of it, it’s not the item collection since it’s a miserable loot conveyor belt that only gives decent rewards if you force it, and it’s sure as hell not playing the actual game it’s actually pretty badly made.

So what is actually enjoyable about it?


Uhhhhhh number go up. Bigger Number??? Really good???


it’s a good game, it’s just bad


I can only speak for myself but Borderlands 2 falls in that weird category of games where it’s like a really entertaining trainwreck you can’t help but stare at and enjoy. I don’t even know why I spent 4 hours of my life the other day late at night playing the bulk of the Tina DLC but I did. It’s really hard to quantify (for me at least) why I play it because dang is it jank.


That bug and that boss is the only way I could ever see that DLC ending.


it’s finally here folks

Episode #35: The Good DLC


Yeah this is substantially better. I feel like I definitely should of played this myself.


It gives off a Call of Juarez: Gunslinger vibe.


I wish all the NPCs were just Tina doing different voices.