SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2



in this episode we meet one of my favorite robots and also find one of my new favorite weapons. also panzer picks a gaige ability specifically to annoy me.

Episode #25: Midnight Star


I forgot to comment on the last video, my bad!

Man I completely do not remember who Herbert is. I feel like this is good.

…yup, good thing I don’t at all. Nice. Wow that’s bad.

Censor-Bot is my favorite character too probably.


I did find it funny how Herbert threw in “and I’m going to live forever” at the end of his fantasy about winning Scarlet over.


this video’s a bit on the long side because of how bad we are at hunting treasure but we still find time to finish off the Captain Scarlett DLC! 1 major DLC down, 3 to go!

Episode #26: Oh, Worm?


I hope Scarlett is a one of the player characters in Borderlands 3. I’m not fond of most of the writing in the franchise but she’s good.


time for another spot of short DLC before we dive into a big one – it’s the season of LOVE here in the city borderlandsville!

Episode #27: Krieg, Motivational Speaker

she’s cool but i don’t think she has enough to offer in terms of player power. definitely would like to see her as at least an NPC of sorts


The game Kaubocks was thinking of where the robots have sex and explode is NieR: Automata.


It took me far too long to notice that Gaige’s hood on that, uh, skin is actually her face.


Hm, actually how about fuck everything about this skin wow what the hell. How is that more unsettling than literally everything Krieg has.

Man, maybe it’s just the Anarchy lines, but I don’t remember Gaige being such a tryhard “haha lol I’m funny” type humour.


To be fair, I probably would have said the same about Nisha and Claptrap (well…minus the cool part on that one)


Honestly thinking on it, should could be the reverse Krieg. Emphasis on guns and the ability to hurt your friends for benefits.

Absolutely do not create this character Gearbox, it’d be horrible.


I could see Scarlett summoning minions for her ability (maybe a group of pirates like those she sent to ambush you) and then have at least one of her trees built around her being able to do friendly fire to her summons for some benefit. That way you could keep her backstabbing thing as a mechanic she uses without making her insufferable for other people to play with.



Episode #28: Torgue’s Big Beat-off

claptrap exists :poop:


Torgue is something I found hilarious when I first played. I wonder how I’ll feel about it now…

Yeah, I do. It’s still pretty great.

Krieg’s super duper on fire rants are…weird, but well done. I’m surprised your fire build is as effective as it is against the pyro guys.

“HIS GIMMICK IS THAT HE LIKES FIRE” is probably my favorite line read in this DLC.



Episode #29: My Very Close Quarters Exploding Ass


blizzcon is starting shortly but if you wanted to watch something slightly less disappointing you can check out the end of the torgue DLC in the latest video!

Episode #30: A Bang and a Whimper


I was looking forward to episode 29, due to remembering how tightly packed the bar area was. It did not disappoint.

You know, it’s a small thing, but I like how they used the quest log updates to simulate a count down for the race. That’s a clever bit of game design that’s taking advantage of what you have to perform something more than your engine is capable of doing. It’s cute.

Also yeah it goes without saying that…this DLC kinda ends like a wet fart.


if you guys like outdated references then by god is Borderlands ever the series for you

Episode #31: The Hungry Games


Wow that was aggressively mediocre and kind of a waste of time.

The DLC, not the video. Which I mean I guess also represents Thanksgiving well.


Why does Mr. Torgue have a shirt in his heads up display picture?