SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2



Almost wish that the gun that should not be named was kept to kill Jack with. He definitely deserves the double gub if anyone does.


Your’re We’re Everyone’s free. Can’t wait for you to both play Claptrap in Pre-Sequel.


Nah. Claptrap and Wilhelm.


“Good joke executed poorly” is an evergreen statement for basically all of Borderlands, so no surprise there.

I know at the time the stairs joke definitely made me laugh my ass off though.

My time with the final boss was fun, because I learned the game still runs during the credits and my Deathtrap had the perk that made him refresh on enemy death. The Raks…also, do not stop spawning. I gained like three levels over the credits and that ruled.

I also never got an orange weapon at all when I played. I think I only ever got blues and under. That sucked a lot. This LP was fun though, excited to see…The Rest.


bad news: i lied, there’s more borderlands 2
good news: i have become all powerful

Episode #22: Bringer of Death


I can’t believe how lively Shade’s friends are


Hard agree with Kaubocks, Shade’s annoying. Tales from the Borderlands made him good but then Tales from the Borderlands made the series good, so you know that goes.

What’s the benefit Stop The Voices gives you, for a chance of randomly hitting yourself?

Kaubocks that’s purple.


Each point put in it boosts melee damage by 50%. Considering those numbers he was throwing out in Badass Mutant mode, it looks like a worthwhile trade if you can tolerate the terrible effect.


answered a bit in the post above mine, but for a frame of reference of what kind of boosts i’m getting right now:

krieg action skill: increase melee damage by +500%
empty the rage: +4% melee damage per point
salt the wound: gain stacks on taking health damage. +1.5% melee damage per point per stack (max 20 stacks)
silence the voices: +50% melee damage per point
release the beast: +100% melee damage when used at low hp

i have other skills and some of those skills do more than just increase melee damage but melee is what i care about. i think eventually i shift over to a sickle class mod that increases melee damage passively and increases skills directly related to melee damage. it really does all add up

as proven in the most recent sunday stream which is a couple DLCs ahead, this allows a level 40 krieg to walk up to a boss and punch them in the dick for over 7 million damage


That sounds like a lot, but how much does the game scale up enemies?


below 50, not much



Okay so yeah, worth it.

Although looking at that graph you posted…fuckin’ yikes.


panzer and i are, like… really bad at knowing what sidequests are worth our time and knowing the fast ways to complete them

Episode #23: Open Concept Dumpster


You all mentioned Metalocalypse and you can just watch all of it on the Adult Swim website for free.


hey we’re dumb as fuck


It’s interesting how a lot of the capstone, or at least very high level, skills involve lines that directly reference the game mechanics. It’s just neat, to me.

Honestly do enjoy seeing Krieg hit himself in the face.


Out of curiosity are you going to show off any of the raid bosses?


this was asked very recently on SA and i realized it’s not something i had considered since it’s not really something panzer and i engage with much

what panzer and i have decided to do is, after we complete the last of the story dlcs (tiny tina’s assault on dragon keep), we’re going to cheat up a couple characters to show off high level digistruct peak. once we’ve done that, we’ll go on a tour of pandora and show off all the raid bosses. i’ll be familiar with a few of them but i believe basically all will be new to panzer!


Another, Sven-esque idea; invite a bunch of droogs to go raiding for the Proper Experience.

I really like your actual idea as an aside, this is just a suggestion I had in mind.


in this episode we meet one of the worst characters in the franchise! it sucks, but don’t worry-- we definitely kill them later in the story!

Episode #24: You’ll Remember