SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2




God Hyperion guns are so bass akwards. They have reverse recoil, some of their special guns add bullets when you fire. It’s ridiculous. No wonder they’re the dominant company in this setting.

Also yeah, looking at it…once you hit 100 stacks of blood the Butcher gun just gets infinite ammo as long as you don’t switch it. I feel like this is a perfectly okay bug and should be abused whenever possible, considering.


So what exactly does The Bane do that makes it worth using? Practically speaking, not just how annoying it can be.


So the Bane, typically has very high damage for an smg, and fairly large magazine size. At the same time the gun also slows character movement to a crawl, is extremely inaccurate when first shooting, and the voice. Its mostly a joke weapon, with a few interesting quirks. Namely the movement speed modifier cancels out any other alterations to movement speed be they buffs or debuffs.

It can also turn a player on the back of a bandit technical into a moving turret of hate that kills things really well. I say hate because the bane seems to be made of spite towards everything.


the only alert you need today is that there’s a new video today! we go to one of her favorite areas and explicitly don’t look at exploding helicopters. it goes poorly.

Episode #18 - Badasses Don’t Look at Explosions


At a young age I fell out of love with pepperoni. Something about it tastes weird and the skin along the edges sticks in my teeth and throat.

For me the best pizza is a deep dish meat lovers with a shit ton of pineapple on top. The acid helps balance the base of the tons of meat and gives it a nice zing.

It seems like the theme of Borderlands in general is “this game sucks but I love it” which…I mean sure, that’s fine.


the fun part about posting these videos weeks after having recorded them is trying to remember what it is we said that makes this a relevant comment


to be clear i wholeheartedly believe that we probably talked about what our favorite pizzas are or something i just legitimately can’t remember lmfao


You and me both Kaubocks.


You did, you also walked into lava and then Panzer covered herself in bong water.


I can’t eat pizza anymore.


:jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern: SPOOKY ALERT :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:
:jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern: SPOOKY ALERT :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:



Episode #19: Skeleton Keys


Wow these seasonal DLCs sure…are.

Also I really don’t get why people like TK Baha. I remember a billion years ago when people where hyping him up in Borderlands 1 and fuck if I know why.


That candy quest was basically a Sven map.


I believe this is something you’d like to hear about.


hey friends! i was so absorbed in Sarge Club this weekend that i totally forgot to post a Borderlands video yesterday! that’s fine, we’ll just briefly revert to a two episode week.

in today’s video we take a peek at the game from how panzer sees it!

Episode #20: A Different Perspective



I can VIRTUALLY guarantee that you do.


Panzer may have skipped over 69 stacks, but I got here just in time…



Also, it amuses me that the instant it was decided Panzer would be the viewpoint for this episode, everything bad started happening to her.

Not only is the dialogue a little quiet, the dialogue’s a little space-time warpy. Panzer’s side of things is…confused and disoriented by time. That teleporting happened more than once, and messed up the subtitles and line reads a lot.


in this episode panzer and i beat the game! there is definitely no more content in borderlands 2 to show off. this is the last of it

Episode #21: Lava’s Rising