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hey this episode sucks and it’s my fault, sorry

Episode #14: The One Where I Finally Snap About Low-Level Krieg Sucking


The Best Friends Forever tree isn’t that bad since I think it gives Deathtrap the laser, which is good for dealing with Raks. He basically just always one shots them. It also has a cooldown reduction skill in it if I recall.

Apparently BFFS also has a lot of…i swear I’m reading this right but “pony references” that make a lot of dumb nerds angry. I don’t get it and I don’t want to.


Deathtrap is great for Rakks from the word go. He has a basic ranged shock attack. It also counts as killing enemies with barrels for some reason, so that challenge gets cleared right away.

But yes, Best Friends Forever is excellent. I think Panzer was getting it confused with the middle tree, Little Big Trouble, which is all about dealing Shock damage and upping Elemental Damage. In vanilla it is a pretty lackluster tree, but with UCP it got a few big buffs that make it pretty good (especially in more difficult modes where elements play a bigger role).

edit: BFFs has Close Enough and that alone makes it a great tree really. It also has a damage reduction skill that was made awesome in UCP (it’s 1% per level damage reduction and 3% increase to DT damage in Vanilla increased to 4/7 in UCP), a skill that lets you keep Deathtrap out basically forever (hopefully Panzer takes this one eventually since we know Kaubocks loves that robot!) and the capstone gives DT a copy of Gaige’s shield which is actually really amazing with certain shields.


Right, the laser shock thing is standard, I forgot that.

Also god yeah Deathtrap being able to sustain himself is fantastic.


I’ve been watching yt uploads and stream vods and it got me to start playing through the games over the last few weeks. I enjoy it a whole lot!! I beat 2 and all the non-holiday DLC, Tales, and the Presequel, although I hit a wall in the claptrap DLC so I’m putting that off and doing holodome for more XP and loot.

I always assumed these games were way worse and I was wrong! Granted, the main campaign of 2’s writing is mediocre but everything past that is incredible, especially Tales. The Claptrap DLC has made me love and appreciate Claptrap so much more than before and I’m doing a run of Presequel as him.

Incidentally, I’ve been wanting to find non-pubbies to play these games with, so if anyone’s interested, here’s my steam.


I really need to get a mic/headset so I can play these co-op. Currently all I got is the shitty headset that came with my 360 and who knows if that even actually works lol.

Co-op Pre-Sequel might actually get me into that game. I just cannot get a feel for it otherwise. Everything feels so floaty and enemies are way more mobile in a way they just aren’t in 2 and I hit a wall every time I try to play it.


Out of curiosity Kaubocks are you going to show off the silence the voices skill?


i forgot to post an episode yesterday. oops! to be fair, i was thinking of switching to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday upload schedule anyway, so this just forces my hand!

Episode #15: An Extremely Jacked Small Child

see some posts i wanna reply to but i’m a bit busy atm so i’ll reply to them later! :slight_smile:


When Panzer burped I almost said “excuse you” god I’m so Canadian.

The talk about Tales from the Borderlands and how it will effect the main game series sure is…awkward, considering recent events.


yeah!! tales rules! claptrap dlc is extremely good! claptrap is fun to play if you want to annoy your friends!

oh yeah :smirk:

i already knew in my heart of hearts there would be no tales from the borderlands 2. …but not like this… :frowning:


It’s so weird how that DLC didn’t scale properly. I wonder what happened there.

According to the Valentine’s Day DLC Gaige has a thing for Hammerlock and is just waiting on him to switch teams.

Also it is weird how she doesn’t want to bang the robot; after all, her class is Mech Romancer. :wink:


Gaige knows how to keep a work place friendship at arms length.

Also given Hammerlock is the only decently good looking person in the series who ALSO has artificial body parts, aside from Zero who is probably a robot, Gaige doesn’t have many options for a technophile.


Well gaige does have this idle line. " If I don’t shoot, repair, or screw something in the next few minutes, we’re gonna have a problem." Source




not gonna forget today’s episode! :staredog:

Episode #16: Three Deaths


I’d be more angry at Lilith if the writing explained why the playable siren can’t come either. There’s no real reason to bar her from coming beyond “well Jack wants Sirens” and truthfully he probably could of gotten her some other way. She’s still kind of nasty, I just don’t remember what all she’s done beyond this part and accidentally starting a fire cult (and I mean that’s not really her fault?).

I do agree that Tannis is a piece of shit, and she’s gotten way worse now that I’ve started to actually care when people make “lolautism” jokes. And I use the term “jokes” loosely.


I love the borderlands series, its so emotional :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


googles how to modify someone’s copy of Borderlands 2 so only one gun spawns without them noticing



Episode #17: An Hour of Lynchwood


Who doesn’t like Lynchwood?