SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2



Today’s Borderlands 2 video proves two things:

  1. wilhelm is unstoppable, invincible, immortal
  2. i can’t use OBS properly

One of these is a lie. Can you guess which?

Episode #09: oh no, it’s wilhelm


Mordecai is a cool and good friend who shoots slag at everyone.

This is great when you’re just fucking around. This is bad when you’re trying to science some bugs. Thanks, weirdo sniper hobo.


god lilith is so fucking cool

Episode #10: Soup.


Huh. Craig seems like a pretty fun character. While I do like Zero (Haiku robot ninja with emoticon face is a really interesting idea personally) and of course my soul belongs to Gaige and her hell machine, I can definitely see why the base classes would be considered duel in comparison.


Gaige and Sal (mostly Gaige tbh) are my forever characters. Axton and Maya are backups. I never really liked Zer0 or Kreig personally but always enjoy seeing others play them as they can do some pretty cool stuff.


Krieg honestly rules but it’s going to take a while for him to reach his full potential. otherwise he can kinda suck. we’ll see that later. honestly if i was a smarter man i would have started with Maya and then switched over to Krieg later? oh well too late for that.

oh hey also here’s a new video:

Episode #11: Butts and Booby

(apologies for my audio being louder than panzer/game for next handful of episodes-- around that time i got in the habit of streaming like every day with a bunch of games with different audio levels and it turns out i’m bad at remembering to balance things out ahead of time)


I realize part of Krieg’s build is that he wants to get hurt a lot, but it still just feels…wrong, to pick the worst of two shields that are otherwise identical. Also god that sniper rifle is huge. Is it safe to say that the golden chest is the only good loot box?

Also hey, this episode features the most annoying fucking thing. The big bad obvious trap where you absolutely must not should not bring a Siren so Lilith can’t come…and no one even mentions Maya if you’re playing as her. The non DLC classes have voice recordings you can find that flesh them out and that’s cool, and they have more lines in combat than Borderlands 1 had, but this moment here really just shows that they really just…didn’t know how to actually approach the story. And to be fair it’s basically an MMO so “who cares” but…I mean I care. Other people probably care.

It’d be more fun if the characters had more personality is all I’m saying, even if this is an improvement over the first.


Krieg has a fair amount of in game lines, that make it clear in character that he really really likes getting injured. Additionally there is a skill that increases kriegs melee damage by a large amount, but also gives him a chance to hit himself. Appropriately its called Silence the voices.

Maya’s existence as a siren sadly really doesn’t come up as a story point, which is really unfortunate. They’d probably have to change a few plot points if they decided to factor it in. Here’s hoping that Borderlands 3s characters continue to build upon displaying more of a personality.


To be perfectly honest Tales from the Borderlands is Borderlands 3 for me. At the very least, a mix of that level of story telling with some actual good gameplay would be great.


friends, i don’t even know where to begin with this one

Episode #12: Ultimate Gub


Thank god you found those guns, otherwise you’d have had to pretend to care about shitty Zero’s shitty Deathtrap.


Ah, I see my favorite bazinga brigade has doubled their gub.


I feel kinda bad about Bloodwing. What I played of the first game, I played as Mordecai, so Bloodwing is kinda cool to me. Ah well.

Also I can’t…actually describe the emotions I felt the first time Panzer shoots the Conference Call. I’d never seen this gun in action before. That’s uh…that’s a lot of bullets.


Conference call seems like someone at Gearbox took the challenge from 1 called “I fired every bullet ever” and turned it into a gun. The challenge is for shooting a million times.


On the 360 version of BL2, I remember I had a Gunzerker with two of them, with a bunch of fire rate buffs. It was atrocious. Probably not as atrocious as a maxed out Gaige would be, but still, I couldn’t see shit while gunzerking.


if you don’t think scooter is the best u can get the fuck OUUTA THIS THREAD

Episode #13: Ultimate Realization


It could be said, that people can “Catch A Ride” out of this thread.


Shooty McFace is one of those moments that…will never not be funny, I think. He’s fantastic. A lot of humour may not of aged all that well, but Shooty McFace is eternal.


My brain had erased the memory of Ultimate Gub between watching the episodes.


I can’t wait to play No Goblin Game 3 - The Ultimate Gubber featuring Mickey Neumann.