SUNDAY! GUNDAY! FUNDAY! - Let's Play Borderlands 2



Claptrap is fine in small doses but he is written and portrayed in such a way that just radiates an energy of “LOOK AT THIS FUNNY CHARACTER WE MADE. ISN’T HE FUNNY? LAUGH.” and that can get tiresome quick.


Dang yeah I remember him talking about working at Gearbox and voicing Scooter way back when he and Kris Straub used to do the Chainsawsuit podcast. I vaguely remember him saying it was initially gonna be a smaller part than it was and they just recruited him out of the office to do it, his job was something else entirely.

I think that’s right, it’s been years.


I agree with panzer on claptrap


Boner jokes! Ass jokes! Panzer and I being bad at video games! All these things and more in the latest Borderlands 2 vid! …well, maybe not more. That’s about literally all you’re going to get today.

Episode #04: Unstuck in Time


I’ll be honest I’ve never found a use for the secret stash because oh my god how does…anyone actually play an MMO esque shooter more than once.

Like, it seems like a hard sell to me is all. I get you guys enjoy it, and I’m enjoying your enjoyment of it, but that shit’s not for me.


Let’s take a page out of my Tales from the Borderlands LP thread and once again argue about the “deep” “morally grey” plot of the Borderlands series.

Episode #05: Lilith Did Everything Wrong


The only wrong thing I remember Lilith doing is completely ignoring the “I’m a siren” option if you play as Maya.

But then it’s been awhile so maybe I’ve just forgotten.


Everything is a ramp. Especially mountains.


if you get air, it is a ramp. a cliff is just a ramp with an incline of 0. a bomb you drive over is a ramp if it detonates and you get air. air = ramp


That bridge is a double ramp, one for each direction.


i will not stand for the ramp defense force


i was skimming through this video to figure out what to call it and realized this is the episode where we decided to start saying bazinga all the time

i’m so sorry

Episode #06 - High Level Shirtless Men


cursed lp


The evil has been defeated so it’s okay now. Or at least it will be in a couple years.


hello borderfriends! shortish episode today since we had to recover from the horrible stream crash of the last video. this episode contains some good-ass combat, good-ass music, and good-ass mikey neumann

Episode #07: Mikey Neumann Appreciation Station


I’ll admit, of all the characters in Borderlands…Scooter is probably my least favorite. Something about him is just not enjoyable to me. He’s funny for the most part, but it just sets me off and I don’t know why.

Of course I also like Claptrop so maybe I’m just weird.

…what the fuck was that song you put on in the middle of this? Like, assuming you guys do all the DLC and Pre-Sequel, free to just say “Context will be provided” and leave it at that, but…uh, what?




Today in that hot hot Borderlands 2 action, Panzer and I revisit the area we just came from due to how much it kicks ass!!! also because of like sidequests or something idk

Episode #08: Too Dumb for Puzzles


How does Anarchy work again? You gain stacks as you empty your clip, so all you have to do is just not MANUALLY reload, right?


So Anarchy stacks are gained via a couple of methods, namely running the run empty and killing enemies. There is a cap of a 150 with just the anarchy skill, and then one later down the line ups that number. Stacks are lost entirely via reloading, and drain away rapidly if put into fight for your life mode. Additionally there are a few skills later on that consume stacks of anarchy and won’t function without any.

Anarchy is interesting in that for every stack you gain gun damage, but lose accuracy. At max stacks you may as well shoot the ground and accidentally hit helios somehow.