Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

Scarlet Hollow Episode 3 is out, and now we have to deal with the fallout of what happened the previous day. We meet a variety of people today, including Tabitha’s housekeeper, that woman’s weird pastor husband, Reese, and the mayor of Scarlet Hollow himself. Of course, the darkness looming over us is not yet gone, and not everyone is happy with how the mayor is dealing with this emerging threat.

We finish up our Reese visit with an incredibly uncomfortable dinner! Ah well, can’t win 'em all. At least hunting ghosts at Oscar’s home is gonna be a good time, right?

… Right?

The Basilks have, thankfully, proven to be a minor issue. Now, only the boss of the Depths remains. So once we defeat this guy, everything should be smooth sailing. Or it would be, but the name on that key looks mighty familiar.

Today, we find ourselves in the body of Son Goku after the start of some kind of major crisis. With some kind of mysterious energy weakening able-bodied fighters the world over, we’ll have to gather the crew together if we hope to pull a win. I mean, Goku could still theoretically take this on his own, but let’s at least try to let other characters pull some weight.

Enid has survived the Depths, but now she must go up against the people who live beyond the miserable sewage system. What awaits her in the village made by the cast-outs of cast-outs? Well, it’s Blighttown, so you probably know what she’s in for by reputation alone.

The Z Fighters continue their search for Android 16, picking up a few more allies on the way. But just what’s going on with 16 in the first place? And why is he being so obtuse?

We’ve conquered just about all of Blighttown, but it’s not over yet. We’ve still got the boss to deal with.

… We also have to leave, which invites a few more detours than I may have wanted.

Our new enemy is revealed, but just what is her deal? The Z Fighters will have to start looking into that when Goku wakes up, but for now we have to help Cell survive an encounter with Android 21 herself.

We’ve exhausted just about everything we can do in Blighttown for now, so… let’s maybe find the exit this time around. And hey, if we do get out, it’d be nice to see how everyone in Firelink Shrine is doing.

The Z Fighters continue fighting clones around the world in hopes of running across Android 21 by chance. Unfortunately, while they’re meandering, Android 21 continues cleaning up the scraps. And by “scraps,” I mean the villains. And by “cleaning up,” I do mean devouring.

We begin Sen’s Fortress in earnest! And it seems to live up to its reputation; this stronghold is filled to the brim with traps both conventional and unusual. Giant blade pendulums? You better believe Sen sprang for those. Murderous treasure boxes? Yeah, Sen started that trend. Giants hurling boulders? I bet you thought Sen didn’t get one of those, but he did.

Goku and crew have flown around fighting clones for long enough! Now it’s time… for them to do that for a little while longer, but towards Android 21 this time. And it seems 21 is starting to get impatient in anticipation of her feast, so the Z Fighters had best stop her before she consumes the universe.

An Iron Golem is the only obstacle left in Sen’s Fortress… technically. There’s the whole “climb the fortress every time you die” thing, but that doesn’t have to remain a problem. And beyond the fortress? The destination of the Chosen Undead we’ve been seeking all this time.

Frieza and his crew have recruited Cell. The integration goes as well as you’d think, (they hate each other,) but now that they’re banded together, they must stay together long enough to take out Android 21. But due to an untimely arrival, it seems the Villain crew will have to wait on eliminating 21.

Enid continues her way through Anor Londo. Although the path to the main cathedral is open, the building itself is locked. But when god closes a door, he’s opened a window behind several guards who are well-prepared to knock you down to your death. Enid won’t have the easiest time breaking in, but it’s not like we expected anyone to give us an easy victory.

Iiiiiiiiiiit’s still Dragon Ball FighterZ! Now that Frieza has joined forces with Goku, it seems as though we just have to keep rescuing his friends now. The villains aren’t terribly happy about that, but if nothing else they get to taunt their rivals without fear of getting launched into a mountain for once. Hey, Frieza has to have something going for him while he has to honor a truce.

Enid is close to the end of her journey, but before she’s done, she’ll have to overcome a powerful team.

… That’s right, Lautrec and his gang of randos is hiding out just before Anor Londo’s boss door! For the murder of Firelink Shrine’s Firekeeper, we must defeat Lautrec before moving on to the actual boss of the area.

You know, now that everyone has teamed up, there’s really no other antagonist in this story other than Android 21 and her many, many clones. And guess which one of them doesn’t appear in this session?

Welcome to Gunpoint, an indie puzzle game where a noir detective with jump-pants accidentally gets involved in the murder of a company employee. And when I say “involved,” I mean he gets caught on camera and has to delete the evidence he was in the same building as the murder, lest he wind up the prime suspect. And that’s the level of competence you can expect from our protagonist!

Boy, wouldn’t it have been fun to have fluked my way into a first-try win with these two? Yeah, that would be funny. Anyway, here’s the exact opposite scenario: two hours fighting Ornstein and Smough.