Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

Maya’s life is on the line, and it’s up to Phoenix to build a case before it’s too late. Unfortunately, that won’t be easy; just about everyone we talk to is showing psyche locks, and some people’s secrets are pretty uncomfortable to touch upon.

We finally reach the fruits of our operation: Kamoshida’s confession. But the Phantom Thieves’ success begs the question: what are they going to do now?

Alright, last week’s question has been answered. The DLC sort of kicks our ass. It’s not undoable, but clearly it’s an uphill battle until we gain a few more levels.

Phoenix has one chance to win the trial and save Maya, but her kidnapper has an… interesting idea to help us get a proper verdict. Of course, the outcome means that Phoenix is faced with someone he’d never wanted to see again, as well as someone far too competent to let us get a ‘not guilty’ verdict unopposed.

We’re in between jobs, but maybe that’s for the best considering exams are coming up. Still, the Rhythm Rogues can’t do nothing until exams are finished, so now seems as good a time as any to learn about Mementos, the collective Palace of Tokyo’s public. After all, small jobs are the key to gaining more traction, and Mementos is exactly where those get done.

We continue on through the Provisional Government Center. The main building has a familiar guard, but the interior is something new entirely. Things are deteriorating quickly, so it’s gonna be really weird once we reach the end and turn around to do something unrelated.

Half the trial has come and gone, but Engard’s verdict still seems dire. Our only option is to reveal Adrian Andrews as the real killer right here, right now. Which shouldn’t be difficult since she is the murderer, right?

… Right?

The exams are upon us, and the Phantom Thieves are exhausted before the tests even begin. But even after they’re done studying, their work doesn’t end as a link to Madarame, their next target, happens to fall into their laps. Or approach them after coming off the subway in a somewhat dubious manner, as it were.

Today, we dive deeper into the provisional government HQ and learn a few secrets as we go. Which includes the fact that a lot of attendants wind up dead, pre and post-successor.

Phoenix has failed to secure a “not guilty” verdict for Matt Engard, so now it’s time to bank on de Killer giving us some leeway. As long as Maya can still be saved, Phoenix and Pearl must continue their investigation to prove Adrian Andrews is the real killer. Now if only the evidence actually pointed that way…

It’s the Rhythm Rogue’s first job out in the world, and they quickly find that Madarame’s own subconscious almost completely confirms his crimes. But a quick trip to somebody’s mind palace isn’t going to be enough to finish the job, so it’s time to do some real world investigating with all the subtlety you’d expect from a trio of teenagers and their cat.

We’re well into the Depths now. And while we can wrap up the in-game maps, it seems they have one last trick to overcome before moving on to the DLC.

All signs are starting to point to Matt Engarde having a hand in Juan Corrida’s death, not Adrian Andrews. But we always defend the innocent, right? Surely this looks bad for now, but it’ll turn around for us eventually, right???

The Phantom Thieves continue on through Madarame’s Palace, but they soon come face to face with a new challenge: a very big door. The only way through it? Opening a similar door in real life while Madarame is watching. Which also means we’re gonna be making Ann uncomfortable. Again.

Good news! We can clear the main portions of the DLC. The bosses, on the other hand, might be a thing.