Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

It’s time for another few cracks at the miniboss trio, who have an entirely new trick up their sleeve. But despite their new reality-breaking abilities, they’re really not that difficult. And of course, their defeat means we’re free to move on to Eternal Abyss’s boss.

Sin Man is here, and he’s mad. But he is being reasonable about it, which is good. Either way, it’s definitely nothing we need to be concerned with. Mario (or Toad) is elsewhere, and he’s on a mission. Does it involve Sin Man? Maybe. Is Mario having memory trouble? Absolutely yes.

Much like Kamoshida, Madarame isn’t just coming right out of the gate to confess his crimes. So what are we going to do while we wait? A whole lot of things, actually! There’s a bunch of people to talk to, between our friends and acquaintances. And whether we want to or not, Ryuji and Mishima seem adamant in roping us into hiring a maid. And when I say “maid,” I actually mean maid.

We’ve done enough messing around, it’s time to put a stop to Silva’s rampage. Of course, whatever terrible eldritch beast he’s turned into won’t be easy to kill, but he’s the last thing between us and a better world.

Monday is over, but Subgar Caverage still stands in our way. As does our good old brother Luigi, who has a request for us on this particular day.

Unlike with Kamoshida, we’ve given ourselves plenty of downtime before Madarame confesses. So we might as well get a few jobs out of the way while we’re waiting, and we’ve still got a park to clean up too.

Metro City, and the world at large, has a pretty storied history. But today we’re skipping past any red-hatted dictators that may have been a menace to the world at large for ~5 games and entering the World Tour mode of Street Fighter 6. A new trainee of Buckler, Morgan Glynn, has found herself under the tutelage of Luke Sullivan. And soon enough, after a little basic training, she finds herself paired with fellow student and quickly-established rival Bosch Waraya. The two of them are sent to Metro City, where the bulk of their training will occur. It will, of course, involve punching many people.

Okay. So maybe we were a little hasty in killing Luigi’s ex. But, let’s just ignore that we did that and move on. We still need to finish Subgar Caverage, and no haunted masks will stop us! … for too long.

I guess it’s good we got the park cleanup done with. As advantageous as the pollen is in Mementos, allergy season continues in full-force even even as the Rhythm Rogues move on to spending their days in a more mundane fashion.

Bosch has taken his own leave, but it’s time for Morgan to take hers. Metro City’s a big place, which means there’s a lot of potential to train. But the best way to do that is seek out strong masters to guide us. That being said, there’s a lot of people to punch between Luke and our next teacher, and it would be a waste if we didn’t fight a bunch of them!

So you might be thinking: does the World With Strange Zone actually have a Strange Zone? Well don’t worry, the author is not depriving you of Strange Zone. It is there, that’s not a lie. But we will need to explore the Tower of Illegal Activities before we finish the world. Well, okay. We don’t need to explore the tower. But why wouldn’t you?

Madarame’s exhibit is nearing its end, but the finale won’t be one anyone was expecting. Still, with only two heists under their belts, how much will this change for the Rhythm Rogues? Ah well, this isn’t their last job either way, so let’s hit the cooldown period and enjoy our time around town.

Morgan’s training continues, and tonight she’ll be taking on the Mad Gear gang. Yes, they’re still operating in Metro City. And with the absence of Mike Haggar on the streets, it’s up to us to take them on. And by “us” I mean Bosch is also here, stealing a bag for some reason.

We reach the end of Sin Land, but little does Mario know it’s not quite the end. And I’m not just saying that because I kept dying in Sin Man’s castle.

Life goes on for the Rhythm Rogues, but things are building in the background. Makoto is finding herself pushed harder in her investigation, despite new rumors of Shujin students being targeted by scams seeming more important. Oh, and there’s a school trip to a television studio or something. It seems a good place to scout for new Phantom Thieves targets, at least.