Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

Having narrowly escaped Kamoshida’s Palace, our unpopular teenage protagonists have found their lives aren’t getting any easier. Ryuji isn’t satisfied with leaving things where they were, though, and wants to return to the Metaverse. How bad of an idea is that? Well, it’ll be hard to tell before we actually make that return trip.

With most of Ashen Cavern finished, all that’s left is the boss! Which, as it turns out, is pretty tough. But what is the reward for beating such a difficult foe? The keys to Hell Town, of course!

I hope you’re ready for a grown ventriloquist hitting on a teen girl by way of his terrible puppet, because thaaaaaat’s a lot of this stream!

Ryuji has memorized the faces of the kids Kamoshida has abused in his own mind palace, but just how much is that going to help when nobody has been confident to speak up in the first place? And if this plan doesn’t work, then what more can be done?

We reach the end of the burning city and meet Yakumo’s friend. We also meet the guy who’s probably the main villain, but in the flesh and not just through flashbacks this time.

It’s court part 2, which means we’re dealing with another unpleasant member of the Berry Big Circus. On the bright side, Moe isn’t one to creep on the teen girl. But it seems the court isn’t so fond of clowning around, which means this next testimony is going to be a bit of a minefield. Because apparently the prosecutor’s witness is our problem to deal with.

The Phantom Thieves search Kamoshida’s castle for the treasure, but someone else’s curiosity means they’ll have to detour again. The good news is that we’ll be getting another member for our encounter, but the bad news is that there’s little over two weeks before Kamoshida kicks our asses out of school.

Jack is resigned to having to kill Eva to set her free. We, however, are far smarter and cooler than he is, so we know how to actually help her. It still involves fighting her first, though. You can’t go without fighting someone before you help them.

We continue our investigation, and learn the identity of our new witness. Considering he’s in a wheelchair and far less irritating than just about everyone else we’ve met in this case, it’ll be hard to get the court to side against him. But considering he’s at the center in a tragedy months prior, it’s looking likely he has more to do with the Ringmaster’s death than it seems.

We’ve got two weeks until Kamoshida expels us, which means we’ve gotta manage our time carefully. Going to the Palace would be the best idea, but the ~Almighty Guide~ says we should do a few things before stealing Kamoshida’s treasure.

You know those two areas I circled a bunch of times to try and find the secrets I was missing? We’re going back to those places now for that same reason. But surely this time we’ll look in all the right corners.

It’s been a real roller coaster of a case, but it’s just about over. We have everything we need to solve the mystery, and now we just have the matter of… figuring out what the heck any of these clues mean. And worse off, Acro is not a foe to be taken lightly. Sure, he can play the sympathy angle. But he’s also one of the smartest people we’ve seen take the witness stand, and while I know that’s a low bar, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t clear it like the acrobat he used to be.

The treasure of Kamoshida’s Castle is still a ways away, but in the meantime the Phantom Thieves get a bit more used to the whole ‘infiltration’ thing. We also get a glimpse at Kamoshida’s obsession with Shiho, which is uncomfortable for everyone involved.