Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

We continue on in the 'ol Blood Cathedral. But midway through, we find a new set of memories lying around, but these belong to Rhododendron herself. Just what happened at the end of Operation Queenslayer, and how did Rhododendron get where she is now? We’ll find out eventually, but the battlefield is as hard to navigate as the cathedral, so we’re going to be going through some loops.

The first case is done, but just how did Maya reenter the picture? In much the same way as she did the first time, actually! A surprise visit to Kurain Village goes south when the channeling Maya was requested to do ends in the client’s death. So, I guess Phoenix is gonna have to figure out how Ghost Law works now, because this form of possession isn’t usually considered by regular court.

Today, Meg Man Network Transmission asks the ever-important question, “What is the difference between homage and lifting wholesale?” At least in this situation it seems the answer is, “whether or not you actually wanted to play these levels again.”

Clear of distractions, we finally make it to the end of Rhododendron’s memories. The Queen is so close, but what exactly is the plan to take her out anyway?

We continue trying to get to the bottom of this locked room mystery, and things are looking a bit dire. Given the situation, Maya could take a self-defense plea, but there’d be blood on her hands whether she was possessed or not in that case, so hopefully Phoenix can bluff his way to a solution that doesn’t leave his friend with a guilty conscience. Oh, and while he’s at it, he’ll also have to put up with a vengeful prosecutor who is allowed to bring a whip into court.

Lan finishes up resolving local crises, but what comes next? Someone needs to figure out where to find StarMan and how to deal with the Zero Virus, and we won’t make much progress sitting around doing nothing! That being said, we also don’t accomplish much by taking action without any leads, but we get two more levels out of the ordeal so at least we won’t be bored.

Lan and MegaMan are on the hunt for the Zero Account. They have only one lead in the form of a security key, but surely that will be enough to put them on the right path. And if there are automated Navis in there way, that’s gotta be a sign they’re correct.

You know the drill: it’s time to reminisce on things I played in 2023 while Hyper Sonic covers up the game’s extremely good soundtrack.

We finally reach some kind of destination in the cathedral, and with that, we also get a more tangible goal. We also meet an old face who we now know is a nemesis, but that’s little more than a chance encounter.

Court reconvenes as Phoenix must figure out to explain that Maya wasn’t possessed during this locked-room mystery. And it seems Manfred Von Karma wasn’t the only member of his family willing to do crimes to prove criminals guilty. How Franziska will keep her badge after this is one mystery I don’t think we’ll ever solve.

We finally reach the Zero Account. But despite being the one distributing the fake vaccines, StarMan doesn’t seem to be the true mastermind behind anything, just the guy in charge of sales. So just who is it who’s been growing the Zero Virus and hacking Navis?

We continue on through the snowy mountains in our search for Nicola. The location of his lost memories is a bit of a mystery, but that’s nothing a little searching (and looking up a map) won’t help.

Time’s running out on Phoenix’s investigation, and he has three whole people he needs to use the Magatama onif he wants all the info he can get. Today we solve the mysteries of Pearl’s alibi, Mia’s secret, and the unfortunately-obtained medical record of Ini Miney.

We’ve (mostly) reached the end of Network Transmission. The Professor has almost prepared the Life Virus, and the only thing keeping MegaMan from reaching him is the fact that the link he has to the darkweb redirects to Chaud’s computer. So let’s figure out how to get past that, and then we can save the world.

The main game’s done, but if you know your Battle Network, then you can probably assume that there’s a secret boss wandering around the internet. And you would be right, because there is. You’ll need all of the Navi chips in the game if you want to see him, though. Thankfully, due to the actual internet, I didn’t need to do most of the legwork for that.

So as it turns out, the 'ol Blood Cathedral may not be as open as it seemed. Once branch path leads to a dead end, so what are we going to do about that? Well, we have to go home for a story event! It seems our enemies acquaintances have found some trouble, the name of which strikes a chord with Yakumo. And now that he has a reason to the the companion spot, it seems like the perfect time for Io to finally step up!

Ini Miney has more or less challenged us for getting too close to the truth… whatever that might actually be. Worse off, Morgan has decided to throw in a new testimony as well, and considering we’ve overheard her muttering about vengeance, chances are this isn’t going to help Maya.

We begin Persona 5 Royal, though this stream has a bit of a twist. Regardless, the game starts in medias res with a heist already in progress. Aaaaaaand then the heist fails. Just how did our hero Mitsuki wind up here? Well, it all started with an arrest record that completely ruined her life…

Today’s Ashen Cavern day, in which we get most of the way through Ashen Cavern. This one involves learning more about Mia, this time through the story of the woman who took in her and her brother.

There’s trouble at the circus, and that was true before the Ringmaster’s murder. At the behest of Maya, noted fan of the accused Maximilian Galactica, Phoenix will be defending a man with no respect for his coworkers or any understanding that he’s even in trouble. And the worst part is, he’s not even a shoe-in for the worst person in this circus.