Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

With the Shiver City mystery done and dusted, Mario and pals can head out to search for the final Star Spirit. Finding the location itself is daunting enough, but plenty of foes lie in wait. Some of them much, much louder than the others.

Uptown was a bust, but maybe someone Downtown knows about the recent kidnapping. But if Misako and Kyoko want answers, they’ll have to dig through a mountain of trash first. And then they’ll have to dig through a mountain of a man once that’s done.

With little to go off of other than Mia’s vague memory, Rhododendron and crew wind up in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Hope you’re ready for a maze of fancy ivory!

We finish up the Crystal Palace, and take on its ruler: the Crystal King. We’ve heard about him a few times, and objectively we can say he’s here and that he exists. Information on him other than that is a bit dry. But with him done, it’s time to move on to the final intermission before the end.

Abobo proves to be a cunning opponent, but nothing we can’t take down. But if he’s got nothing to do with the boyfriend kidnapping, then just where are Misako and Kyoko supposed to go next?

Bowser’s Castle is upon us, so we’d best get everything in order before we take on the King of Koopas himself.

This one’s just attempts at fighting Noize. Emphasis on the word “attempts.”

Here’s the test stream for the new computer I got. As it turns out, video games can actually run well when being streamed. Who knew.

Been a while since the demo came out, huh? Slay the Princess is out, which means we can see the follow-through of what goes on after everything goes dark and we die. But in case you didn’t watch and/or play the demo, here’s a summary of what to expect: You’re the hero, and you have to slay the princess to stop the world from ending. Simple enough, right? Well, things get a little more complicated if you want to talk to her first, and even more so if you drop your knife…

Whoops, forgot to post the previous update, so we’re doubling up here. So in this double feature, we take on the entirety of Bowser’s Castle! It’s a long dungeon, and the enemies are pretty tough, but Mario and his friends will persevere as they make their way forward. As usual, Parakarry will only se the light of day if we need to fly over slightly-too-large gaps.

As it turns out, having a functional computer makes things go a lot smoother. As in, not only are we beating Noize in this session, but we’re also finishing the main game. It comes a little bit out of nowhere because this game has never really escalated anything at any point, but the good news is that the final boss is cool as hell.

We continue exploring the various ways our conversation with the Princess can go. So far, not so good on getting an outcome where everyone’s happy. But at least we can appease the fight slut in our head for a little while.

Bowser’s castle has been conquered, but the King of the Koopas still waits atop Peach’s to take down Mario once and for all. We return to the room this journey started, ready for the final battle of Paper Mario.

We’ve seen and defeated Sabuko, but that didn’t lead to a satisfactory end to our quest. So, if we wanna find something that seems a little more final, our only option is to recover two halves of a charm, then take those to the end. And from there, Kyoko and Misako can prove themselves to be the definitive girlfriends after all. Just, like, in general. There’s gonna be a tier list and they’ll be on top of it.

Today, we actually go in intending to slay the Princess. How well that will actually work for us, though, is difficult to say. And whether it’s an abundance of caution or pity, lingering when the choice is made could be a mistake…

We’re back to Code Vein, which means we can finally finish up that optional ambush fight. But with a better framerate, that might just be doable!

… It’s still not a gimme, though.

We’ve reached the end of Slay the Princess, but do we really want to slay the Princess?