Streaming in the Game Of - Variety Streaming to Completion (Probably)

Well, I guess we’re almost caught up on parallel quests. But uh… Tien still remains unaccounted for, and Vegeta remains quite good at punching my face in.

Valkyrie continues her way through the Palace of the Dragon. The dungeon has yet to show its most difficult puzzles, but on the bright side, completing this means completing Chapter 8! And we’re ushering in the end of the game by… recruiting some old dude nobody likes. Okay???

You know, that Dalles fellow is actually pretty polite. Other than the fact that he’s plaguing the world with demons, seems to want to take down the Goddesses, and turned our friends to stone. Outside of that, I think you’ll find he’s very well-mannered.

Valkyrie has overcome the Palace of the Dragon, but the Dragon Orb still eludes her. Even stranger still, something weighs heavily on her mind. A familiar field of flowers calls to her once again, but just what could be waiting for her where a life both ended and began?

Yunica continues her battle against a giant demon mantis. And surely when she’s done with that, surely she’ll be one step away from saving the goddesses, right?

Okay, this time Yora manages to take out the Z Fighters. But taking care of that business has run everyone out of time, and now Demigra himself emerges from his prison. What’s the first thing he does after escaping? Eat an owl. The second? He’s planning on blowing up the entire timeline.

With Loki’s guards out of the way, Valkyrie only needs to defeat the trickster god himself. But can she succeed where even Odin failed?

Yunica continues her way up the tower’s final floors. Of course, Zava isn’t going to just let her waltz up to Dalles and stop the ritual, but who knows what traps she may have laid ahead of time.

Whoops! Forgot to post the previous VoD! Here’s today’s double feature of VoDs! There’s a large amount of character creation across these two, because despite the CaC’s simplicity, I’m apparently just really excited about the concept of making a bunch of weirdos who could fight alongside Yora if they weren’t all 60 levels beneath her.

It’s time for Yunica’s finale! She gets her personal vengeance taken care of before moving on to stopping Dalles’s plan once and for all.

Going after mysterious time crystals may lead us to difficult waters. It’s a good thing Tien’s here to give us an edge over anyone using Kamehamehas!

We got Tien’s very fancy Z-Soul last time. It, uh, came in useful. Big time.

Seriously, how did they expect you to deal with that quest without the DLC?

It’s been some time since I played the first four cases of Phoenix Wright, (the LP of which can be found here) and now it’s finally time to move on to the DS-exclusive 5th case: Rise From the Ashes. It’s been two months (and definitely only two months) since Maya left, and two months since Phoenix has taken a case. Just what plight could be enough to bring everyone’s favorite attorney back into the courtroom?

Movin’ on through the postgame (???) of Xenoverse, it’s about time we finish up training with Mr. Satan. And of course, once we finish that grueling task, it might also be a good idea to look into getting that last time crystal.

We continue the first day of investigation! Will Phoenix get enough evidence to have a certain victory for this case? Obviously not! But hopefully we can at least get enough to scrape by, as per the norm.

Hugo continues his ascent, and we finally find out the source of his perpetual stick-up-the-ass: brother disdain.

We continue on through the postgame of Xenoverse! First, it’s time to get to the bottom of Bardock’s disappearance. And when we’re done with that, it’s time for- Dragon Ball GT?! But I thought I left you in a ditch in Ohio!

We’ve started the trial. Phoenix has just about nothing to work with, though, so it seems like this guilty plea may go as smoothly as we’d feared. Then again, testimony-prodding has worked wonders before, and Ms. Starr may not have a story as composed as her attitude.

Surprise! Sega’s April Fools’ Day joke is that they just released an actual visual novel about Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends attending a murder mystery! So no actual joke, just a very silly concept that’s executed with genuine care and passion.

Anyway, I named the player character Chuck Train, and now the Sonic cast has to deal with an attendant named Chuck Train for this entire event.

The mystery has been solved, but the day isn’t saved just yet! And, perhaps, Chuck Train may not be the best person for the job. Thankfully, they’re amongst people who are used to danger.