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last stream was kinda rough, but that was last year! what? it was the first stream of 2019? ah…well. please just watch this edition of KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP in about 15 minutes.


Gonna make some progress in Dragon Quest

Next time. . .


Coming in with a new MTG: Arena draft. Hoping for a bit more luck to carry me through!

Continuing Dragon Quest 11!

Whew, that boss fight was a real bitch.


More MTG:Arena! With a few new extensions and lighting!


Tales of Vesperia is on the PC now! Unfortunately it doesn’t have online co-op, but being on PC means Parsec and that means Goodguy and I can play it together! So come watch as we probably turn this into a full play-through eventually.

Started on a save that was a few hours in so Goodguy could right into the action, but next Sunday when we continue this we’ll start at the beginning so we can get the full story!


Going to start doing more drafts in MTG:Arena in a few. Lets see if I can get another win!

Knights of the Round w/@ArdrynSA


gonna kick off another edition of KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP nice and early this time. come on in! party starts in 15 minutes


Trying out GTAV story mode for the first time.


Goodguy and me are gonna run through this game he found called Blazing Star, it’s a shmup and that’s all I know. After that, the continuance of Hypermode on Metroid Prime 2, last time we got the super missiles, this time we’ll do yet more bog traversing.

Fuck (hypermode) boost guardian, that is all.


More MTG:Arena drafts. Maybe some constructed later…

Gonna continue my little Japanese Language exercise of playing through Dragon Quest 1 in Japanese.

Fuckin’ werewolves.


Alright, back to Star Ocean 2 on universe difficulty! Last time Claude and co. helped finish a giant anime cannon which promptly failed to do its job on the second firing. So, we’re gonna climb a tower and just stab everything instead. or you can use this handy multitwitch to watch me and Goodguy at the same time as we struggle in our respective games for completely different reasons!


I have not streamed in quite some time so it is time to get back into it with Yakuza Kiwami

I hear that majima could be anywhere


Gonna start with Dragon Quest 1 Japanese practice, then move on to DQXI once Ardryn comes on.


Going live with OHPW my new Wrestling E-Fed, show starts in 15 minutes.
You can also submit characters for me to make (or that you made yourself) here:

#1 Dash Rendar vs. IGgy (Jabroni Royale Deathmatch)
#2 Princess Slaughter vs. Vacation Skeleton vs. The Ego
#3 Lemuel Post vs. Fomore (Landmine Deathmatch)
#4 King Skeleton vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
#5 Palpatine vs. Rosette (for the Bunny Title :3)
#6 PineAppel Pietzza vs. Fallout Boys
#7 Suzan Blades vs. Boob Marley vs. Grace Thoruson vs. Undeddie Guerrero vs. The Great Maharaja vs. N-T Punk vs. Harmony Gray vs. Mr. Shakedown (for the Seven Deadly Pins Title)

Dragon Quest 1 (Learning Japanese) until ~2:00 PM EST, then Tales of Vesperia Co-Op at


It’s time for some Tales of Vesperia coop with Goodguy! Last time we just sorta jumped into it so he could get a feel for it, but now we’re actually going to start the game from the beginning!


Gonna continue my Japanese Language exercise by playing Dragon Quest 1 in Japanese.

Progress, finally!