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It’s time for Star Ocean 2! Last time we got a Psynard and became swole as fuck thanks to the power of crafting endgame equipment. We finished two fields last time, as the game enters a strange bell curve of almost being the same as Earth difficulty thanks to our equipment.

Slightly shorter stream due to technical issues, we still made it to the final, I mean Phynal dungeon though. Tomorrow though, I’ll likely stream this again barring Outside Intervention.


I said I wasn’t gonna do it but haha i’m doin’ it anyway.
more Dragon Quest 1 on Famicom.


That’s right it’s more Star Ocean 2! We’re at the endgame for the story and are about to climb the Phynal tower dungeon. But it’s definitely not almost over as we’ll be going all the way back once we hit the final save point.

That’s the Maze of Tribulations and Gabriella down, next time will be a shorter stream with the Iseria Queen, and the final boss, Gabriel.


its time for our FINAL character in this run of KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP! we saved the best for last, or whatever. the smartest at any rate. god those guys are so fucking dumb. anyways catch it here in 15 minutes!


The final stream of Star Ocean 2 on Universe difficulty, it’s been a long road but it’s nearly over with just one final obstacle from the final boss. Easy, right?

I gave into the temptation of Blood Armor, but Universe Difficulty has been vanquished and it only took some of my pride with it!

A dab of Dragon Quest before we move over to Vesperia Co-Op at


Goodguy and me are doing some more Vesperia coop, last time we started the game and now we’re in Halure chasing Flynn, the protagonist of this video game.

Shorter stream today and probably nothing for this weekend, but next week we will resume with things!


Continuing Yakuza Kiwami get in here or Majima will find you


Going live and starting OHPW, our wrestling federation, in about 15 minutes
You can still submit characters here

Here’s today’s matches:
#1 IGgy IGsen vs. Palpatine for the Jabroni Royale
#2 Firestar vs. Harmony Gray
#3 Grace Thoruson vs. Angus McMutton
#4 Fallout Boys vs. Lemuel Post & Inspector Jane
#5 Anna May vs. Canada “Rosette” Alderman for the Bunny Title :3
#6 Weeb Weaver vs. Fomore
#7 Hellranger Flamander vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
#8 Super Samio vs. The Cocademon for the Darkweight Title


Dragon Quest 1 Japanese Language Practice!
Well I technically beat the dragon lord. .sorta. .


Kingdom Hearts 3, the eighth/eleventh/tenth Kingdom Hearts game. Goodguy and me are gonna laugh at this monstrosity as Squarenix tries to wrap up this hot mess. Come join the fun, also I’m playing on proud mode.

It’s Kingdom Hearts, and it plays ok and is just as stupid as hoped for.


put down that brand new gaming product, friend, it’s time for some more KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP. join us and enjoy the snazzy new waiting music for 15 mins!


Gonna dip into Dragon Quest 1 a little bit before Ardryn comes online and we do Kingdom Hearts 3.

Fuckin’ Dragonlord. . .


We’re going to Kamurocho mother fudgers

Yakuza Kiwami


surprise! it’s a bonus stream to bust out the FINAL CHAPTER of KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP! join us for conclusion in about 15 minutes!


The continuation of Kingdom Hearts 3! Last time Disney finally completed Hercules after 17 years, this time we’ll decide which world we go to next!

Tangled was all right, but Toy Story is pushing that nostalgia button pretty effectively, next time we’ll finish it up and see what the game has in store next.


its time to take a dive into the DIGITAL REALM with our latest non interactive installment: KINGDOM HEARTS: RE: CODED. join us, as always, in 15 minutes


Gonna start with this old Famicom RPG “Glory of Heracles”, then move on to Dragon Quest XI Postgame.

why does this 32 year old famicom jrpg have equipment durability


Going live and starting OHPW, our wrestling federation, in about 15 minutes
You can still submit characters here

Here’s today’s matches:
#1 DCB © vs. Great Maharaja for the Jabroni Royale
#2 Hobo vs. Harley vs. Manic vs. Weeb vs. Ego vs. Samio vs. Kelsey vs. Undeddie © for 7 Deadly Pins
#3 Firestar vs. Angus McMutton
#4 Dash Rendar vs. Suzan Blade
#5 Fomore vs. Flamander
#6 Undeddie Guerrero vs. Black
#7 The Fun Gang vs. Pineapple Pizza © for the Legion Titles
#8 Winner of 3 vs. Winner of 5
#9 Winner of 4 vs. Winner of 6
#10 N-T Punk vs. Mr. Shakedown © for the Bunny Title :3
#11 Pantha vs. Cocademon © for the Darkweight Title
#12 Winner of 8 vs. Winner of 9 for the Hellweight Title


More Vesperia co-op with Goodguy, last time goodguy trounced a password puzzle, this time we’ll head over to Dahngrest or something.

Aside from controller fuckery things went well, Flynn’s in jail and next time Yuri will exercise visiting rights.