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With the double-jump available to me I think we’re really getting into the endgame here with Hollow Knight. Join me for some more exploration!


surprise! we’re killing xehanort. join us in a couple minutes


We got through the arena with only a mild reload before Claude won his match, now we advance again and await the toll Universe decides to extract for this small mercy.


Streaming more .Hack GU Last Recode, just started disc 2.


Let try some more Dark Souls tonight!

Last time we got our clown back. We’re not done.

We got our old man back


Going live with Armello!


It’s just me today, gonna relax a bit and play some Metroid Prime to make sure my new graphics card doesn’t make my computer melt somehow when I stream. If I somehow finish/get bored of Prime then I have other things lined up too!


More Armello today! I really like this game and want to get in a few more games.


OK, last time we got our old man back. What no we’re not done!

We got our Kicking Girl back, and won a jackpot to boot!


Time for some Dragon Quest Rocket Slime with Goodguy, last time we got a krak pot, this time we’re going after the Plob’s excavation operation.

And that’s the main game! Next sunday will be something different, maybe a return to TWEWY, but at some point during the week I’ll probably stream the arena.

Gonna try Deep Rock Galactic again! Come watch two(+?) space dwarves try to mine a deathworld!


Alright, it’s just me today so that means it’s time for some more Metroid, last time we got the wave beam and thermal visor, this time we do the other things.

Got the Phazon Suit, next time artifacts, probably finish Prime 1, again, and maybe do veteran Prime 2.


It’s a new year and it’s a new me baby!!! Okay I’m still exactly the same but we’re gonna play a sa new character in tonights KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP stream! Join us in 15 minutes, why don’t you?


~~So, it’s a new year and that means it’s back to Star Ocean on universe difficulty. Last time, Claude got his shit wrecked by one of the hardest bosses in the first half of the game. This time I have a plan that will hopefully overcome this 72,000 HP roadblock.

Substantial progress was made thanks to timely aid from chat! Tomorrow will be some manner of thing with Goodguy, so tune in for that!


Alright. Time to go for the gold in Dragon Quest XI.


Getting in some MTG: Arena over on Twitch. I want to get some drafts in!


Ardyn and I will be doing a shortish stream today; we’re gonna progress race Actraiser!

Aw man, now the score’s 0 - 1 !


Streaming some Breach, new game in alpha that’s some action RPG thing.


Starsector! With Goodguy who has never really seen it before!