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All done for now. No stream tomorrow, have a birthday party to get to.


Continuing Celeste in a bit less than 10 minutes

Dragon Quest 11 until I make sufficient progress or my power goes out from the snow???

At least we ended on a high note. . .

Snowed in, so let’s pick up where we left off yesterday with more Dragon Quest!

What’s with this mural?


Going live with Moonlighter!

Even more Dragon Quest?! WOW

That’s two of the more infamous bosses down.


better late than terra! it’s time for more KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP with all your favorite numbskulls! take a break from smash and join us in 15 minutes!


Starting Metro: Last Light for about 2 hours:



Streaming some .Hack GU Last Recode


Back with more Hollow Knight


I’m back, finally, so it’s time to celebrate by punishing myself, Goodguy and me are gonna play Star Ocean 2 on Universe Mode. This is gonna be a long one and I’ve never actually beaten the game on anything except Earth difficulty! So come over if you like action JRPGs with aboveish-mediocre acting, fun combat and campy plots. Also crafting, lots of crafting.

Gonna dick around in VR for a bit while I wait for Ardryn, then Dragon Quest continues

Things have gotten. .well


Streaming some Deep Rock Galactic with some friends, we will drill and dig to the center of the planet!


Back to Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, last time we got a tank! This time we’ll get more crew for the tank!


Decided that I wanted to finish my Sunday off right with a bit of Dark Souls. Come on by and watch me die!

Edit: God bless you if you showed up to that disaster of a stream. Choppy and ugly. The problem has been resolved for next time, so thanks to all who showed up anyways!

Things happened in Dragon Quest last time. More things are expected to happen this time. What things ? Let’s find out!

Things did, in fact, happen. . .


Last time we got started on Star Ocean 2 Universe difficulty and I promptly started grinding for probably longer than needed. This time we’ll continue grinding, but maybe also advance the plot!


Coming back for more Hollow Knight tonight! Let’s see how the newly upgraded nail fares as we go deeper into Deep Nest…


no amount of throat sickness will fucking stop us! well, most of us. KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP continues in about 15 minutes!

We brought back the light. We’re not done.

We finally got our clown.