It happened. It finally fucking happened - and this time it’s not a dumbass gimmick I did to make Persona 5 suck less.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is the other half of the Persona 2 duology, along with Persona 2: Innocent Sin, which I LPed years ago. It was originally released in 2000, a year after Innocent Sin. It was the last Persona game written by Satomi Tadashi, who was put under strict controls and forbidden from being horny for idols. As far as I’m concerned, this is the last great Persona game, not counting Persona 4.

The game was re-released on the PSP shortly after the re-release of Innocent Sin, but for unknown reasons, Atlus chose not to localize it. This is why I held off on doing this game immediately after the Innocent Sin LP. On that end, I have some good news and some bad news.

Now I need to talk about the downsides. The hack I was waiting for was being spearheaded by CJ Iwakura, and aimed to re-translate the entire game from scratch. When I first saw the Twitter post, I assumed it was his hack. It is not.

This hack is essentially a clean-up of the PS1 script, combined with a reproduction of a translation of the Tatsuya scenario done by an unrelated blogger. It still has a couple of rough edges left in from the PS1 version. However, it fixes a lot of the problems the PS1 script had and is good enough for me to LP it, especially given that the alternative is a potentially indefinite wait for a translation that may never come. There’s also a few annoying limitations:

The Save Transfer

The save transfer feature works, and can import my data from the Innocent Sin LP. The bad news… is that while the game DOES remember who Tatsuya declared his love for in Taurus Temple, it doesn’t have any bonus content… unless you picked Lisa. From what I understand, there is content from the PS1 version that supports a Jun route, and we’ll simply be put on it when I load the data.

In case there isn’t, I have Salty Vanilla on call. People voted overwhelmingly in the IS LP for Tatsuya to be gay, and I’m sticking with that for EP. I’ve also reached out to Eligap, just in case.

Tatsuya’s Scenario

As you can tell from the box art, we have a choice of party member - that being between Nanjo and Elly, both returning from Persona 1. Unfortunately, while Tatsuya’s scenario is translated and playable, you can only see the full thing if you pick Nanjo. This is a limitation from the original release.

And now for some questions.

Will this be a 100% LP?

No. I will be finishing the game and will do all reasonable sidequests as well as Tatsuya’s scenario, but unfortunately I don’t know that a copy of the script exists to allow me to get Elly’s dialog. If I feel like it, I may do a second playthrough for Elly.

Will you still be doing this on real hardware?

Provided my PSP hasn’t mysteriously died in the last couple of years since I did the IS LP, yes.

Is The Silver Case LP dead?

No. I will still be working on it when I have time.

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newmascotresized: Before we get into Eternal Punishment, I’d like to show you the ideal way to transfer your save file from Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: The people behind the hack added a new option to the “config” menu, available from the title screen. You want to set this to match the region of the copy of IS you played.

newmascotresized: I played through Innocent Sin’s ending a second time to be absolutely sure, and I was correct in that Innocent Sin does not save a “clear file” after you finish it.

newmascotresized: Instead, it’ll give you a list of every single save file you made for Innocent Sin. This is kinda counterintuitive.

newmascotresized: From what I understand, the game has a hidden “system data” file that is saved to when you complete certain events, so what happens is that Eternal Punishment reads the most recent version of that.

newmascotresized: In theory, picking your last save file from before the final boss is what you want. Let’s now talk about what carries over.




newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, the Abandoned Factory in Innocent Sin had a locker with an Alice in it. Defeating that Alice gets you a Karma Ring - this transfers over to Eternal Punishment.

newmascotresized: The Karma Ring will be available from the start of the game, and if it’s anything like it was in Innocent Sin will be disgustingly overpowered.

newmascotresized: There’s a couple other things you can do that will transfer over to EP:

  • Tatsuya’s level and stats, but ONLY if he was level 55 or higher in IS.
  • Apollo’s level and stats, if you bothered to use him in IS.
  • Tatsuya’s last name, if you changed it from the default.
  • Any spare tarot cards you were carrying will carry over to EP.
  • Any money you put into the lucky cat at Kuzunoha’s carries over.

newmascotresized: That last one’s kind of important, but I think we put enough in during the Innocent Sin LP to make it work. In any case, I don’t feel like backtracking out of Xibalba and spending an hour mashing X in front of it.

newmascotresized: Anyway, that’s how to save transfer. With that, we’re off to Eternal Punishment.


newmascotresized: When I saw this game had finally been hacked, I was fucking shocked. I thought I’d have time to finish The Silver Case and probably The 25th Ward before I ever played this in English.

newmascotresized: If you haven’t read the Innocent Sin LP, go read it! Go no further!

newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, this is the cutscene from the end of Innocent Sin - where the party runs into each other at a train station and then Maya bumps right into Tatsuya.

newmascotresized: This was Maya’s last line from Innocent Sin, shortly before she died to teleporting jetpack Hitler-dad. Man, Innocent Sin went places.

newmascotresized: Here we have the Alaya Shrine, where Tatsuya and Maya were locked in and nearly burned to death by Tatsuya Sudou in the Innocent Sin timeline.

newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, the end of Innocent Sin involved the entire party giving up their memories in order to make a new world where Nyarlathotep didn’t kill absolutely everyone.

newmascotresized: For some reason, Philemon was okay with it in 1999, but not in 2017 when Maruki did it. I’m betting that was because Maruki sucks.

newmascotresized: He lost his boyfriend! Of course he’s fucking depressed!

newmascotresized: There’s no way this old lady isn’t Nyarlathotep.

newmascotresized: Unfortunately, the Megami Tensei wiki does not have a high-quality portrait of this guy.

Tatsuzou: “Well then, Gozen, please proceed.”

newmascotresized: They bow and then clap twice. I don’t remember from the P5R LP if this is correct shinto prayer or not, but I think it is.

newmascotresized: Oh look, it’s Yukino! …And Fujii. I see he apparently survived being murdered by nazi cyborgs.

newmascotresized: Maya got a promotion in Eternal Punishment’s timeline - in Innocent Sin, she was a reporter. Unfortunately, she’s no longer partnered with Yukino in this game.

newmascotresized: Somewhere in Tokyo, Ryuji has just tossed the calling card into a random time hole in the middle of the road. Joker asks if he delivered it and he replies “Uh, yeah… I guess?”

Maya: “…?”

newmascotresized: She doesn’t say it, but you know Maya is going “Let’s positive thinking!”

newmascotresized: Mizuno’s such a minor character that she doesn’t even have a page on the wiki, let alone a portrait.

newmascotresized: After reading Mizuno’s lines, I think the part about Maya being an editor is probably a plot fuckup. Apparently, Hashino’s not the only one who can do those.

newmascotresized: I don’t know if you could do this in the PS1 version (I didn’t try back when I did the recording for P5R) but at least we know why Mizuno is so pissed.

newmascotresized: Here’s my question: if the party was going to make a new world anyway, why didn’t they make one in which Maya is less miserable?

newmascotresized: Oh, right. I should mention that one of the things that carries over from Innocent Sin is what happened to Yukino.

Yukino: “Wait, you’re going to a party, huh? To hell with the weekends… sometimes you just gotta have a good time.”

newmascotresized: I hope the rumors that Atlus is remaking Persona 1 are true, and that if they do remake it you get to play Yukino’s version of Snow Queen. I want a game with her as the protagonist.

Angry: “It’s bad enough that she split us up… now, you can’t take some time off! Don’t give into her, Maya-san!”

newmascotresized: The honorifics were added back in by the translator for the romhack. I will be leaving them as-is due to Innocent Sin doing the same thing.

Yukino: “If you’re going over to Sevens, let me call up one of my old teachers. She’ll be able to help you out…”

newmascotresized: They fixed the whole “Mackey” thing, and I am incredibly grateful. Anyway, we have to talk to everyone in the room to leave.

newmascotresized: At least they’re not talking about Kamui.

newmascotresized: There are 12 dragons inside you. The first eleven are gay. The twelfth is also gay.

newmascotresized: “Chi-Myaku” is a leftover from the PS1 script. As far as I can tell, it’s something Atlus made up.

newmascotresized: Another Innocent Sin reference. Fuck Xibalba and its bullshit encounter rate.

newmascotresized: This guy clearly doesn’t know that Maya is an anime gremlin who survives on canned crab and French takeout.

newmascotresized: This is the asshole who wants to send Maya alone against Joker.

newmascotresized: Clearly, the party also didn’t bother to fix Maya Okamura running around telling everyone that Hitler was coming.

newmascotresized: Now that we’ve talked to everyone, we can go downstairs and talk to Ulala.

newmascotresized: This is a spot that definitely helped assuage my fears about the quality of the translation. In the original PS1 script, they describe Ulala as “a ceramic girl”, which makes no sense in any language.

SlightlyPissed: “WHAT!? What do you mean you have to work!? Don’t give me that… you weren’t planning on going anyway, huh?”

Leaning: “Oh, I know what it is. You’re still thinking about your “Deja Vu Boy”, huh? Ka-----! I told you to just forget about him!”

Leaning: “Besides, how close can you be to a boy that you bumped into once at a train station? Even if you felt you’ve met him before…”

Leaning: “What? You’re not kidding about this work thing?”

newmascotresized: I saved here, just to make a hundred percent sure the transfer worked.

newmascotresized: You see that star next to Maya’s level? That indicates a save with the transfer on.

newmascotresized: There’s some awkward translation bits coming up.

katsuya: “No normal person could have done something like that…”

newmascotresized: It is very, very weird that the translator would opt to use honorifics everywhere, but doesn’t do so here. I am willing to bet that the officer addresses her with one in the original script.

newmascotresized: I’m serious here. If you can prove to me that the original Japanese script doesn’t have an honorific there, I will buy you a game on Steam.

newmascotresized: He’s hiding from Katsuya and all the weird cakes he keeps making, presumably to stop him from attempting to bake the wedding cake for his wedding with Jun.

katsuya: “I’m sorry that he’s worry you, too. Please excuse me, but I must be going.”

newmascotresized: I kind of wanted to put an issue on the Github for the hack telling them to re-translate this. Seriously, this is the most obviously awkward goddamn bullshit.

Ulala: “It won’t take long, but… are you sure it’s alright?”

Saeko: “I think it’s fine, but… please be careful… some of the students are still a little shaken after the murders.”

Ulala: “You mean… something happened?”

Saeko: “The man who ran over a student died, and it’s somehow related to the bizarre murders… I hope they’re wrong…”

newmascotresized: It’s kinda bullshit that Jun got his father back, but Maya didn’t. Anyway, there’s some optional dialog with Ms. Saeko. I’m going to edit it just a bit.

Saeko: “The rumors about the Joker? The Joker is the only thing the students talk about anymore. Supposedly, the Joker kills a person you don’t like by calling your own cellphone.”

newmascotresized: I did this in the Innocent Sin LP and got my voicemail. Turns out that yep, even on my new phone I still get my voicemail.

Saeko: “I don’t know who started it, but it’s creepy. It was a lot cuter when they were just playing ‘fortune teller’…”

newmascotresized: There’s a pair of trash cans near the stairs with some items in them. Honestly, given how they taste, energy drinks may as well be juiced trash.

newmascotresized: There’s also a little optional dialogue if we bum around the classrooms, but we’ll do that in the next update, since I want to get something out but also have to go to work tomorrow.


newmascotresized: If we wander around the school at this point, we can get some backstory on what’s changed since Innocent Sin. We already knew about Lisa forming her idol group again from IS’s ending.

Ulala: “Ma-ya, did you hear? Some girls from this class are making their debut… do you believe it? A debut!!”

newmascotresized: Have I mentioned that this is the only Persona game where the entire party are adults? It is, and this is something they need to do for Persona 6.

newmascotresized: No, you just become a stupid boss fight that does nothing except make getting to the final boss take longer.

newmascotresized: We can also find Katsuya on one of the upper floors.

katsuya: “…I see. I got it. Thank you. By the way, is there a Tatsuya here? What has his activity been lately?”

newmascotresized: To progress, we need to go to the courtyard.

newmascotresized: Speaking of shit that sucks, I found out that the other translation group has dropped the project. This is incredibly disappointing.

Hanya: “It’s because of you the police are here! We know you did it! You wanted revenge for being hit, huh!?”

newmascotresized: Anna is now almost a totally different person from who she was in Innocent Sin, where she was one of the Masked Circle (and also very gay for Yukino).

newmascotresized: You might not remember it, but Noriko was in Innocent Sin for exactly one scene - she’s in Club Zodiac when you first meet Anna, and then never shows up again.

Hanya: “How do we know that? I let you slip because you were an all-star, but you’re useless if you can’t run!! I’m waiting for you to quit school. You can quit along with your friend Suou!”

newmascotresized: Gee, it’s almost like the writers for Persona 5 Royal turned this one dialog line into an entire character plot - because what Satomi Tadashi creates, Hashino steals.

SlightlyPissed: “Hey, you! Aren’t you gonna say anything!?”

Anna: “Who… are you…? From a magazine…? I see… You guys probably think I killed him… Do whatever you want…”

newmascotresized: You know, I just thought about something. If Maya died in the other world, and this is a new world… does that make Eternal Punishment an isekai plot?

newmascotresized: You might ask what the hell she’s talking about, and the answer to that is on a nearby NPC.

newmascotresized: With a name like that, there’s almost no way that Wang Long isn’t a Nyarlathotep plot.

newmascotresized: Our next destination is the principal’s office on the third floor.

newmascotresized: What an unfortunate accident. As Tetsugoro Kusabi would say, “I bet Kamui did this.”

confused: “This is…!?”

newmascotresized: Ace Attorney hadn’t released when Eternal Punishment came out, but damned if Katsuya doesn’t look like he’d fit right into that game.

confused: “Are you the first one on-scene? Did you see anyone suspicious!? Anything suspicious when you got here? When did you get here?”

SlightlyPissed: “I don’t know!! Stop asking me things all at once!!”

Leaning: “Y-You’re… you don’t think…!”

Anna: “I, It’s not me… I didn’t do anything!!”

newmascotresized: The party immediately runs into a demon, because of course they do.

newmascotresized: Damn, Joker’s been working out since Persona 5.

Surprised: “…!!”

JOKER: “I took a request. So I’m here to kill you. That’s what the rumors say.”

newmascotresized: For some reason, the wiki is missing certain portraits for each character, and I hate it.

Leaning: “Wha…!?”

JOKER: “Maya Amano… I know you so ve—ry well… even what you did on the ‘other side’.”

newmascotresized: He’s talking about Persona 5, where Ohya is actually Maya in disguise.

newmascotresized: Oh, yeah. We have two gun users in the party right now - both Katsuya and Maya use guns, and they can equip each other’s weapons.

newmascotresized: This is kind of annoying, because there’s only one of the best gun in the game.

newmascotresized: There’s two things I love about this line. First, that summoning demons in a school zone is somehow not a crime in a world where SMT If was a thing.

newmascotresized: Second, Katsuya is trying to arrest the guy with the giant fuckoff demon in front of him because he knows this is a JRPG and not The Silver Case. Bullets do fuck all.

JOKER: " ‘Persona, Persona!!’ Call out your Persona!!"

newmascotresized: Katsuya promptly gets owned.

confused: “What is… this feeling!?”


Origin: Ancient Greece

First Appearance: Majin Tensei II (SNES)


newmascotresized: I’d like to show you Helios’s concept art, because it looks like what would happen if Morgana found a monkey paw and wished to be a real boy.



Origin: Ancient Greece

Eternal Punishment Original

Nymph who was the best friend of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Had a child with Zeus (unwillingly) and was cast out when Artemis discovered she was pregnant.

Later turned into a bear by Hera, and slain by Artemis.


newmascotresized: I also want to post Callisto’s concept art, because they re-used a lot of the elements from it for Ann’s Personas in Persona 5.

newmascotresized: I logged Maia back in the Innocent Sin LP.

newmascotresized: Maia casts Hama and insta-kills the demon.

JOKER: “But I’m not gonna kill you now… I’ll have the demons kill you slowly.”

newmascotresized: You’d think that if this guy knows about Innocent Sin, he’d remember that Jun tried the same thing and it didn’t work.

newmascotresized: Joker casts a plot spell, which… why don’t we get access to that? I want to hurl plot at random demons.

newmascotresized: Wow, that spell hit Maya so hard she went vaporwave.

newmascotresized: Wait a second. Wasn’t it revealed at the end of Innocent Sin that Philemon’s space dildo was actually the Heart of Xibalba? I thought the whole point was it couldn’t exist in this timeline.

newmascotresized: Philemon is still weakened from having the shit beaten out of him by Tatsuya at the end of Innocent Sin. I’m also not sure why he’s still Tatsuya when Tatsuya isn’t here.

Phil: “My name… is Philemon… I… exist between consciousness and death. The one… who has granted you… the Personas…”

katsuya: “#501 said the same thing… I ask this as I am in a dream, what is a ‘Persona’?”

newmascotresized: Katsuya clearly did not read my LP of Persona 1, where I explained what a Persona is.

Phil: “Your powers… are hidden deep within your heart… like a god or devil, it is ‘another self’… LIke a god… filled with love… like a demon… merciless… humans… go through life with many faces…”

newmascotresized: Says the guy too lazy to change his face between games.

Phil: “Your current appearance is just another face. And so is your Persona… one of many…”

katsuya: “Another you, with physical conflict… like our original forms…? What is your purpose in giving us these?”

Phil: “I… have something… to ask of you… I… underestimated… the… their… string of misfortune was too… deep.”

newmascotresized: I like to think that after Innocent Sin, Philemon took all the crystal skulls and locked them in a cabinet then went “My work is done” shortly before finding out about these tears of blood.

katsuya: “What’s wrong? I can’t understand you.”

Ulala: “Uh… Ma-aya… you okay…?”

Ulala: “Y,Yeah… I’m fine…”

katsuya: “Backup is on the way. I’ll go after that girl, you two stay… with me. You’re also in danger.”

Leaning: “Why her? The suspect is that ‘bag head’ ?”

katsuya: “If it’s just like he said, it’s a contract killing. I can’t exclude her possible involvement.”

Ulala: “Well, she did say that she would kill him… is this related to the dream? ‘Rumors become reality’ is what he said… the Joker rumor IS true, then…?”

katsuya: " ‘It can’t be’ is what I’d like to say, but I can’t… not after seeing all this. I accept the fact that he borrowed our consciousness to give us clues. We have to pursue whatever he gives us."

Leaning: “So that’s why you were so calm…”

katsuya: “Come with me. I can’t leave you alone.”

Ulala: “I, I’m going, too… I’m her friend…I couldn’t stand it if you left me here.”

katsuya: “Fine… this is an extreme circumstance. I’ll let you have the guns he left behind. Use it only to protect yourself.”

newmascotresized: Ulala is this game’s mandatory martial artist, much like Lisa before her and that one guy in Persona 3 after her. I never played Persona 3.

katsuya: “The principal has been murdered. Backup will be here soon, so don’t worry. Tell the students to stay in their classrooms.”

newmascotresized: I like to think that inside, Ms. Saeko is just going “Is this the thing with the demons again?” for the third time in her life.

newmascotresized: Just like in Innocent Sin, our first dungeon is Seven Sisters High School. Let’s go take a look at that Karma Ring - if it’s anything like Innocent Sin, we’ll want to use it.

newmascotresized: On paper, the Karma Ring seems like it sucks - Strength is only really used for physical attacks, and this is a game about magic. However… it’s also used for certain physical skills.

newmascotresized: We want to put this on Katsuya, because he’s the only one in the party who can learn a physical skill right now.

newmascotresized: By the way, here’s Ulala and Katsuya’s stats. Katsuya is slow and built for physical skills, while Ulala is generally balanced between speed and magic damage.

newmascotresized: A couple of steps from our starting position, we run into the Persona 2 Tutorial Slime. The dialog here is exactly the same as the one at the start of Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: Past that, we run into our first real encounter with a Slime and a Ghost. Negotiation works exactly like it did in Innocent Sin or Persona 1 - get demon to Eager, get cards.

newmascotresized: One other thing I should show off - if you have your Innocent Sin data imported, all of the fusion spells that were in Innocent Sin start unlocked in the fusion spell menu.

newmascotresized: For reference, normally you have to pull off a spell at least once before it shows up here, but the only “lock” on them is having the component spells available.

newmascotresized: Combat in Eternal Punishment is a bit different than Innocent Sin - in Eternal Punishment, the only way to fight is auto-battle.

newmascotresized: You go into the action editor and set up each character’s default action, and then turn auto-battle on. This also works for fusion spells.

newmascotresized: Right now, Maya only has Hama - meaning she has no way of doing damage.

newmascotresized: I did not realize the fat things are Xaphan - those were in Innocent Sin, but their design was completely different.

newmascotresized: The Rank system is back and as far as I know works exactly like it did in Innocent Sin, where Personas rank up based on how many times you’ve used them.

newmascotresized: Also returning is the full heal and SP heal when leveling up.

newmascotresized: Like all older SMT games, Maya’s stats are customizable. The best build is typically to put everything into dexterity for magic damage, followed by agility and vitality.

newmascotresized: On the way to our next destination, we run into Ratatotskr, who I believe was also in the school in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: Our destination is here, on the second floor. There’s some optional dialogue in here. You might also notice that the party’s SP is full despite me getting into combat and using spells.

newmascotresized: Just like Persona 1 and Innocent Sin, you regenerate SP just by walking. It seems like the regeneration rate in Eternal Punishment is WAY higher than it was in Innocent Sin - I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to run out of SP here because of how fast it goes.

Saeko: “Anyway, I told them to stay in their classrooms. I hope some backup arrives soon…”

newmascotresized: They absolutely should’ve given Morgana an evolved Persona that looks like Katsuya.

newmascotresized: Someone should probably throw him off the clock tower again before he summons Sunglasses Jetpack Hitler. Speaking of which…

newmascotresized: You might ask how we’re supposed to know we need the clock tower key. If you go into the janitor’s office (on the first floor) he’ll tell you that he saw Anna go in there.

newmascotresized: Of course, I’m not sure how much sense that makes, since the door is locked and this guy presumably has the only key.

newmascotresized: Just like Innocent Sin, we get warnings as we get close to a boss fight. At this point, you definitely want to level up some.

newmascotresized: I should mention that there’s two theories in this game when it comes to leveling up. The first is to simply do it as much and as often as possible - this will get you through the game just fine.

newmascotresized: However, if you really want to min-max, there are certain Personas that can be returned to the Velvet Room for “source” accessories that boost a certain stat by 1 every level.

newmascotresized: This can be useful for, say, making Katsuya not the slowest person on Earth or giving him actual spellcasting ability.

newmascotresized: On the way to the clock tower, we run into a Zombie Schoolgirl. These things will fuck you up at early levels.

newmascotresized: Case in point, the zombie critting Ulala for more than her max HP at this point.

newmascotresized: At Rank 2, Helios learns Single Shot. Single Shot is a gun-type skill that scales with Strength. This is the point at which the Karma Ring completely changes your strategy.

newmascotresized: At Rank 3, Maia learns Aqua and allows us to to our first fusion spell, Stone Rise.

newmascotresized: This does somewhere between 40 and 45 damage on average, and requires our entire party to cast. If you don’t have the Karma Ring, this is what you want to use.

newmascotresized: However, with the Karma Ring, Katsuya can easily hit 40s using Single Shot on anything that isn’t strong against Gun.

newmascotresized: I happen to get lucky and get a mutation on the first fusion spell. Just like Innocent Sin, mutations mostly boost your stats or teach you a new skill.

newmascotresized: I get Callisto ranked up enough to learn Zan, which in Eternal Punishment is an Almighty spell.

newmascotresized: The clock tower looks exactly the same as it did in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, that platform with no apparent entrances or exits is the same one Jun appeared on in his Joker form back in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: In case you haven’t read the Innocent Sin LP, Anna was a member of the Masked Circle who went by “Lady Scorpio”… so there’s really only one person Joker can be.

Anna: “I don’t even know you… I never did the Joker curse…”

JOKER: “No need to worry. You’ll understand me and the ‘Other Side’. If you do, you’ll realize that ‘This Side’ is the evil side. I won’t hurt you, let’s go.”

newmascotresized: This side is the evil side because it leads to Persona 5.

newmascotresized: And here’s our first boss fight. We’re up against an Empusa and two Apeps. This is the last time Apep shows up in any Atlus game - they were a plot point in the original Megami Tensei novels.

newmascotresized: I got one thing wrong with how I did the strategy for this fight, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Empusa is weak to Earth and has no resistances, while Apep is extremely Water resistant and weak to Fire.

newmascotresized: The reason it doesn’t matter is that Katsuya does a 40-damage Single Shot to Empusa and instakills her.

newmascotresized: The Apeps hit pretty hard, and since Maya can’t really hurt them it’s probably best for her to be on healing duty. Her Persona still gains ranks that way.

newmascotresized: Meanwhile, Katsuya does what he does best: he casts Gun and everything dies.

newmascotresized: You can hear swords clashing in the background.

newmascotresized: Oh, it’s Tatsuya! I wonder where his boyfriend is.

newmascotresized: And now, I’d like you to witness the power of Tatsuya when he’s not a silent protagonist.

Normal: “Go to a detective’s office called ‘Kuzunoha’. It’s in Aoba…”

newmascotresized: Tatsuya just figured out a way around the entire plot of Innocent Sin within the first thirty seconds of appearing on camera.

Sad: “And lastly, do not involve yourself in this. Forget… everything…”

newmascotresized: For reference, even though he’s not in Innocent Sin, Shimazu was presumably involved in having Katsuya’s father imprisoned to cover up Tatsuya Sudou burning down the Alaya Shrine.

katsuya: “I sent her to the police hospital. The ‘Old Maid’ is after the witness. Put some guards on her.”

newmascotresized: They do a short scene where Katsuya kinda waves his arms around in lieu of telling the entire story again, and this is why Satomi Tadashi is ten times the writer Hashino will ever be.

newmascotresized: I don’t know that we ever find out what happened to Tatsuya and Katsuya’s father in the Eternal Punishment timeline.

newmascotresized: I am very surprised that Tatsuya hasn’t shown up with an entire box of incriminating evidence proving the cover-up.

Leaning: “That’s why I tried to stop you… so, what are you gonna do? You’re not really going on vacation, are you?”

katsuya: “Don’t be absurd… the only officer to see him was me. I WILL be the one to arrest him.”

Leaning: “Well then… how about spreading that ‘anti-Joker’ rumor the Deja Vu Boy was talking about?”

katsuya: “That’s absurd… it’s not logical. There are times when rumors do come true, but that’s only…”

newmascotresized: I like to think that Kamui Uehara is standing in the background waving and no one sees him.

SlightlyPissed: “Would you stop calling me absurd? Can everything that happened up to now be explained!? You rock-head with sideburns!”

alsoconfused: “Sideburns… fine… whatever. There’s the matter of the boy who saved us. Let’s hear what that detective has to say.”

newmascotresized: Wait, did Katsuya not recognize his own brother? Anyway, let’s do some optional dialog and call it an update.

newmascotresized: And with that, we’re on the map. Next time, we’ll be doing a dungeon we didn’t see in Innocent Sin and get a glimpse of how the world has changed since Philemon re-made it.

It’s true, I keep giant robots deep in my heart.

I wonder what having your stand Persona sense a boss fight feels like, since Katsuya’s figuring it out like 20 minutes after getting his Persona. I guess it’s like having your phone on vibrate… But for your brain?

There’s a scene in the next update where someone straight-up senses that the entire party are Persona users, so my guess is that it’s like submarine sonar where you hear a “ping!” and then you just know there’s a boss nearby.