It happened. It finally fucking happened - and this time it’s not a dumbass gimmick I did to make Persona 5 suck less.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is the other half of the Persona 2 duology, along with Persona 2: Innocent Sin, which I LPed years ago. It was originally released in 2000, a year after Innocent Sin. It was the last Persona game written by Satomi Tadashi, who was put under strict controls and forbidden from being horny for idols. As far as I’m concerned, this is the last great Persona game, not counting Persona 4.

The game was re-released on the PSP shortly after the re-release of Innocent Sin, but for unknown reasons, Atlus chose not to localize it. This is why I held off on doing this game immediately after the Innocent Sin LP. On that end, I have some good news and some bad news.

Now I need to talk about the downsides. The hack I was waiting for was being spearheaded by CJ Iwakura, and aimed to re-translate the entire game from scratch. When I first saw the Twitter post, I assumed it was his hack. It is not.

This hack is essentially a clean-up of the PS1 script, combined with a reproduction of a translation of the Tatsuya scenario done by an unrelated blogger. It still has a couple of rough edges left in from the PS1 version. However, it fixes a lot of the problems the PS1 script had and is good enough for me to LP it, especially given that the alternative is a potentially indefinite wait for a translation that may never come. There’s also a few annoying limitations:

The Save Transfer

The save transfer feature works, and can import my data from the Innocent Sin LP. The bad news… is that while the game DOES remember who Tatsuya declared his love for in Taurus Temple, it doesn’t have any bonus content… unless you picked Lisa. From what I understand, there is content from the PS1 version that supports a Jun route, and we’ll simply be put on it when I load the data.

In case there isn’t, I have Salty Vanilla on call. People voted overwhelmingly in the IS LP for Tatsuya to be gay, and I’m sticking with that for EP. I’ve also reached out to Eligap, just in case.

Tatsuya’s Scenario

As you can tell from the box art, we have a choice of party member - that being between Nanjo and Elly, both returning from Persona 1. Unfortunately, while Tatsuya’s scenario is translated and playable, you can only see the full thing if you pick Nanjo. This is a limitation from the original release.

And now for some questions.

Will this be a 100% LP?

No. I will be finishing the game and will do all reasonable sidequests as well as Tatsuya’s scenario, but unfortunately I don’t know that a copy of the script exists to allow me to get Elly’s dialog. If I feel like it, I may do a second playthrough for Elly.

Will you still be doing this on real hardware?

Provided my PSP hasn’t mysteriously died in the last couple of years since I did the IS LP, yes.

Is The Silver Case LP dead?

No. I will still be working on it when I have time.

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newmascotresized: Before we get into Eternal Punishment, I’d like to show you the ideal way to transfer your save file from Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: The people behind the hack added a new option to the “config” menu, available from the title screen. You want to set this to match the region of the copy of IS you played.

newmascotresized: I played through Innocent Sin’s ending a second time to be absolutely sure, and I was correct in that Innocent Sin does not save a “clear file” after you finish it.

newmascotresized: Instead, it’ll give you a list of every single save file you made for Innocent Sin. This is kinda counterintuitive.

newmascotresized: From what I understand, the game has a hidden “system data” file that is saved to when you complete certain events, so what happens is that Eternal Punishment reads the most recent version of that.

newmascotresized: In theory, picking your last save file from before the final boss is what you want. Let’s now talk about what carries over.




newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, the Abandoned Factory in Innocent Sin had a locker with an Alice in it. Defeating that Alice gets you a Karma Ring - this transfers over to Eternal Punishment.

newmascotresized: The Karma Ring will be available from the start of the game, and if it’s anything like it was in Innocent Sin will be disgustingly overpowered.

newmascotresized: There’s a couple other things you can do that will transfer over to EP:

  • Tatsuya’s level and stats, but ONLY if he was level 55 or higher in IS.
  • Apollo’s level and stats, if you bothered to use him in IS.
  • Tatsuya’s last name, if you changed it from the default.
  • Any spare tarot cards you were carrying will carry over to EP.
  • Any money you put into the lucky cat at Kuzunoha’s carries over.

newmascotresized: That last one’s kind of important, but I think we put enough in during the Innocent Sin LP to make it work. In any case, I don’t feel like backtracking out of Xibalba and spending an hour mashing X in front of it.

newmascotresized: Anyway, that’s how to save transfer. With that, we’re off to Eternal Punishment.


newmascotresized: When I saw this game had finally been hacked, I was fucking shocked. I thought I’d have time to finish The Silver Case and probably The 25th Ward before I ever played this in English.

newmascotresized: If you haven’t read the Innocent Sin LP, go read it! Go no further!

newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, this is the cutscene from the end of Innocent Sin - where the party runs into each other at a train station and then Maya bumps right into Tatsuya.

newmascotresized: This was Maya’s last line from Innocent Sin, shortly before she died to teleporting jetpack Hitler-dad. Man, Innocent Sin went places.

newmascotresized: Here we have the Alaya Shrine, where Tatsuya and Maya were locked in and nearly burned to death by Tatsuya Sudou in the Innocent Sin timeline.

newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, the end of Innocent Sin involved the entire party giving up their memories in order to make a new world where Nyarlathotep didn’t kill absolutely everyone.

newmascotresized: For some reason, Philemon was okay with it in 1999, but not in 2017 when Maruki did it. I’m betting that was because Maruki sucks.

newmascotresized: He lost his boyfriend! Of course he’s fucking depressed!

newmascotresized: There’s no way this old lady isn’t Nyarlathotep.

newmascotresized: Unfortunately, the Megami Tensei wiki does not have a high-quality portrait of this guy.

Tatsuzou: “Well then, Gozen, please proceed.”

newmascotresized: They bow and then clap twice. I don’t remember from the P5R LP if this is correct shinto prayer or not, but I think it is.

newmascotresized: Oh look, it’s Yukino! …And Fujii. I see he apparently survived being murdered by nazi cyborgs.

newmascotresized: Maya got a promotion in Eternal Punishment’s timeline - in Innocent Sin, she was a reporter. Unfortunately, she’s no longer partnered with Yukino in this game.

newmascotresized: Somewhere in Tokyo, Ryuji has just tossed the calling card into a random time hole in the middle of the road. Joker asks if he delivered it and he replies “Uh, yeah… I guess?”

Maya: “…?”

newmascotresized: She doesn’t say it, but you know Maya is going “Let’s positive thinking!”

newmascotresized: Mizuno’s such a minor character that she doesn’t even have a page on the wiki, let alone a portrait.

newmascotresized: After reading Mizuno’s lines, I think the part about Maya being an editor is probably a plot fuckup. Apparently, Hashino’s not the only one who can do those.

newmascotresized: I don’t know if you could do this in the PS1 version (I didn’t try back when I did the recording for P5R) but at least we know why Mizuno is so pissed.

newmascotresized: Here’s my question: if the party was going to make a new world anyway, why didn’t they make one in which Maya is less miserable?

newmascotresized: Oh, right. I should mention that one of the things that carries over from Innocent Sin is what happened to Yukino.

Yukino: “Wait, you’re going to a party, huh? To hell with the weekends… sometimes you just gotta have a good time.”

newmascotresized: I hope the rumors that Atlus is remaking Persona 1 are true, and that if they do remake it you get to play Yukino’s version of Snow Queen. I want a game with her as the protagonist.

Angry: “It’s bad enough that she split us up… now, you can’t take some time off! Don’t give into her, Maya-san!”

newmascotresized: The honorifics were added back in by the translator for the romhack. I will be leaving them as-is due to Innocent Sin doing the same thing.

Yukino: “If you’re going over to Sevens, let me call up one of my old teachers. She’ll be able to help you out…”

newmascotresized: They fixed the whole “Mackey” thing, and I am incredibly grateful. Anyway, we have to talk to everyone in the room to leave.

newmascotresized: At least they’re not talking about Kamui.

newmascotresized: There are 12 dragons inside you. The first eleven are gay. The twelfth is also gay.

newmascotresized: “Chi-Myaku” is a leftover from the PS1 script. As far as I can tell, it’s something Atlus made up.

newmascotresized: Another Innocent Sin reference. Fuck Xibalba and its bullshit encounter rate.

newmascotresized: This guy clearly doesn’t know that Maya is an anime gremlin who survives on canned crab and French takeout.

newmascotresized: This is the asshole who wants to send Maya alone against Joker.

newmascotresized: Clearly, the party also didn’t bother to fix Maya Okamura running around telling everyone that Hitler was coming.

newmascotresized: Now that we’ve talked to everyone, we can go downstairs and talk to Ulala.

newmascotresized: This is a spot that definitely helped assuage my fears about the quality of the translation. In the original PS1 script, they describe Ulala as “a ceramic girl”, which makes no sense in any language.

SlightlyPissed: “WHAT!? What do you mean you have to work!? Don’t give me that… you weren’t planning on going anyway, huh?”

Leaning: “Oh, I know what it is. You’re still thinking about your “Deja Vu Boy”, huh? Ka-----! I told you to just forget about him!”

Leaning: “Besides, how close can you be to a boy that you bumped into once at a train station? Even if you felt you’ve met him before…”

Leaning: “What? You’re not kidding about this work thing?”

newmascotresized: I saved here, just to make a hundred percent sure the transfer worked.

newmascotresized: You see that star next to Maya’s level? That indicates a save with the transfer on.

newmascotresized: There’s some awkward translation bits coming up.

katsuya: “No normal person could have done something like that…”

newmascotresized: It is very, very weird that the translator would opt to use honorifics everywhere, but doesn’t do so here. I am willing to bet that the officer addresses her with one in the original script.

newmascotresized: I’m serious here. If you can prove to me that the original Japanese script doesn’t have an honorific there, I will buy you a game on Steam.

newmascotresized: He’s hiding from Katsuya and all the weird cakes he keeps making, presumably to stop him from attempting to bake the wedding cake for his wedding with Jun.

katsuya: “I’m sorry that he’s worry you, too. Please excuse me, but I must be going.”

newmascotresized: I kind of wanted to put an issue on the Github for the hack telling them to re-translate this. Seriously, this is the most obviously awkward goddamn bullshit.

Ulala: “It won’t take long, but… are you sure it’s alright?”

Saeko: “I think it’s fine, but… please be careful… some of the students are still a little shaken after the murders.”

Ulala: “You mean… something happened?”

Saeko: “The man who ran over a student died, and it’s somehow related to the bizarre murders… I hope they’re wrong…”

newmascotresized: It’s kinda bullshit that Jun got his father back, but Maya didn’t. Anyway, there’s some optional dialog with Ms. Saeko. I’m going to edit it just a bit.

Saeko: “The rumors about the Joker? The Joker is the only thing the students talk about anymore. Supposedly, the Joker kills a person you don’t like by calling your own cellphone.”

newmascotresized: I did this in the Innocent Sin LP and got my voicemail. Turns out that yep, even on my new phone I still get my voicemail.

Saeko: “I don’t know who started it, but it’s creepy. It was a lot cuter when they were just playing ‘fortune teller’…”

newmascotresized: There’s a pair of trash cans near the stairs with some items in them. Honestly, given how they taste, energy drinks may as well be juiced trash.

newmascotresized: There’s also a little optional dialogue if we bum around the classrooms, but we’ll do that in the next update, since I want to get something out but also have to go to work tomorrow.


newmascotresized: If we wander around the school at this point, we can get some backstory on what’s changed since Innocent Sin. We already knew about Lisa forming her idol group again from IS’s ending.

Ulala: “Ma-ya, did you hear? Some girls from this class are making their debut… do you believe it? A debut!!”

newmascotresized: Have I mentioned that this is the only Persona game where the entire party are adults? It is, and this is something they need to do for Persona 6.

newmascotresized: No, you just become a stupid boss fight that does nothing except make getting to the final boss take longer.

newmascotresized: We can also find Katsuya on one of the upper floors.

katsuya: “…I see. I got it. Thank you. By the way, is there a Tatsuya here? What has his activity been lately?”

newmascotresized: To progress, we need to go to the courtyard.

newmascotresized: Speaking of shit that sucks, I found out that the other translation group has dropped the project. This is incredibly disappointing.

Hanya: “It’s because of you the police are here! We know you did it! You wanted revenge for being hit, huh!?”

newmascotresized: Anna is now almost a totally different person from who she was in Innocent Sin, where she was one of the Masked Circle (and also very gay for Yukino).

newmascotresized: You might not remember it, but Noriko was in Innocent Sin for exactly one scene - she’s in Club Zodiac when you first meet Anna, and then never shows up again.

Hanya: “How do we know that? I let you slip because you were an all-star, but you’re useless if you can’t run!! I’m waiting for you to quit school. You can quit along with your friend Suou!”

newmascotresized: Gee, it’s almost like the writers for Persona 5 Royal turned this one dialog line into an entire character plot - because what Satomi Tadashi creates, Hashino steals.

SlightlyPissed: “Hey, you! Aren’t you gonna say anything!?”

Anna: “Who… are you…? From a magazine…? I see… You guys probably think I killed him… Do whatever you want…”

newmascotresized: You know, I just thought about something. If Maya died in the other world, and this is a new world… does that make Eternal Punishment an isekai plot?

newmascotresized: You might ask what the hell she’s talking about, and the answer to that is on a nearby NPC.

newmascotresized: With a name like that, there’s almost no way that Wang Long isn’t a Nyarlathotep plot.

newmascotresized: Our next destination is the principal’s office on the third floor.

newmascotresized: What an unfortunate accident. As Tetsugoro Kusabi would say, “I bet Kamui did this.”

confused: “This is…!?”

newmascotresized: Ace Attorney hadn’t released when Eternal Punishment came out, but damned if Katsuya doesn’t look like he’d fit right into that game.

confused: “Are you the first one on-scene? Did you see anyone suspicious!? Anything suspicious when you got here? When did you get here?”

SlightlyPissed: “I don’t know!! Stop asking me things all at once!!”

Leaning: “Y-You’re… you don’t think…!”

Anna: “I, It’s not me… I didn’t do anything!!”

newmascotresized: The party immediately runs into a demon, because of course they do.

newmascotresized: Damn, Joker’s been working out since Persona 5.

Surprised: “…!!”

JOKER: “I took a request. So I’m here to kill you. That’s what the rumors say.”

newmascotresized: For some reason, the wiki is missing certain portraits for each character, and I hate it.

Leaning: “Wha…!?”

JOKER: “Maya Amano… I know you so ve—ry well… even what you did on the ‘other side’.”

newmascotresized: He’s talking about Persona 5, where Ohya is actually Maya in disguise.

newmascotresized: Oh, yeah. We have two gun users in the party right now - both Katsuya and Maya use guns, and they can equip each other’s weapons.

newmascotresized: This is kind of annoying, because there’s only one of the best gun in the game.

newmascotresized: There’s two things I love about this line. First, that summoning demons in a school zone is somehow not a crime in a world where SMT If was a thing.

newmascotresized: Second, Katsuya is trying to arrest the guy with the giant fuckoff demon in front of him because he knows this is a JRPG and not The Silver Case. Bullets do fuck all.

JOKER: " ‘Persona, Persona!!’ Call out your Persona!!"

newmascotresized: Katsuya promptly gets owned.

confused: “What is… this feeling!?”


Origin: Ancient Greece

First Appearance: Majin Tensei II (SNES)


newmascotresized: I’d like to show you Helios’s concept art, because it looks like what would happen if Morgana found a monkey paw and wished to be a real boy.



Origin: Ancient Greece

Eternal Punishment Original

Nymph who was the best friend of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Had a child with Zeus (unwillingly) and was cast out when Artemis discovered she was pregnant.

Later turned into a bear by Hera, and slain by Artemis.


newmascotresized: I also want to post Callisto’s concept art, because they re-used a lot of the elements from it for Ann’s Personas in Persona 5.

newmascotresized: I logged Maia back in the Innocent Sin LP.

newmascotresized: Maia casts Hama and insta-kills the demon.

JOKER: “But I’m not gonna kill you now… I’ll have the demons kill you slowly.”

newmascotresized: You’d think that if this guy knows about Innocent Sin, he’d remember that Jun tried the same thing and it didn’t work.

newmascotresized: Joker casts a plot spell, which… why don’t we get access to that? I want to hurl plot at random demons.

newmascotresized: Wow, that spell hit Maya so hard she went vaporwave.

newmascotresized: Wait a second. Wasn’t it revealed at the end of Innocent Sin that Philemon’s space dildo was actually the Heart of Xibalba? I thought the whole point was it couldn’t exist in this timeline.

newmascotresized: Philemon is still weakened from having the shit beaten out of him by Tatsuya at the end of Innocent Sin. I’m also not sure why he’s still Tatsuya when Tatsuya isn’t here.

Phil: “My name… is Philemon… I… exist between consciousness and death. The one… who has granted you… the Personas…”

katsuya: “#501 said the same thing… I ask this as I am in a dream, what is a ‘Persona’?”

newmascotresized: Katsuya clearly did not read my LP of Persona 1, where I explained what a Persona is.

Phil: “Your powers… are hidden deep within your heart… like a god or devil, it is ‘another self’… LIke a god… filled with love… like a demon… merciless… humans… go through life with many faces…”

newmascotresized: Says the guy too lazy to change his face between games.

Phil: “Your current appearance is just another face. And so is your Persona… one of many…”

katsuya: “Another you, with physical conflict… like our original forms…? What is your purpose in giving us these?”

Phil: “I… have something… to ask of you… I… underestimated… the… their… string of misfortune was too… deep.”

newmascotresized: I like to think that after Innocent Sin, Philemon took all the crystal skulls and locked them in a cabinet then went “My work is done” shortly before finding out about these tears of blood.

katsuya: “What’s wrong? I can’t understand you.”

Ulala: “Uh… Ma-aya… you okay…?”

Ulala: “Y,Yeah… I’m fine…”

katsuya: “Backup is on the way. I’ll go after that girl, you two stay… with me. You’re also in danger.”

Leaning: “Why her? The suspect is that ‘bag head’ ?”

katsuya: “If it’s just like he said, it’s a contract killing. I can’t exclude her possible involvement.”

Ulala: “Well, she did say that she would kill him… is this related to the dream? ‘Rumors become reality’ is what he said… the Joker rumor IS true, then…?”

katsuya: " ‘It can’t be’ is what I’d like to say, but I can’t… not after seeing all this. I accept the fact that he borrowed our consciousness to give us clues. We have to pursue whatever he gives us."

Leaning: “So that’s why you were so calm…”

katsuya: “Come with me. I can’t leave you alone.”

Ulala: “I, I’m going, too… I’m her friend…I couldn’t stand it if you left me here.”

katsuya: “Fine… this is an extreme circumstance. I’ll let you have the guns he left behind. Use it only to protect yourself.”

newmascotresized: Ulala is this game’s mandatory martial artist, much like Lisa before her and that one guy in Persona 3 after her. I never played Persona 3.

katsuya: “The principal has been murdered. Backup will be here soon, so don’t worry. Tell the students to stay in their classrooms.”

newmascotresized: I like to think that inside, Ms. Saeko is just going “Is this the thing with the demons again?” for the third time in her life.

newmascotresized: Just like in Innocent Sin, our first dungeon is Seven Sisters High School. Let’s go take a look at that Karma Ring - if it’s anything like Innocent Sin, we’ll want to use it.

newmascotresized: On paper, the Karma Ring seems like it sucks - Strength is only really used for physical attacks, and this is a game about magic. However… it’s also used for certain physical skills.

newmascotresized: We want to put this on Katsuya, because he’s the only one in the party who can learn a physical skill right now.

newmascotresized: By the way, here’s Ulala and Katsuya’s stats. Katsuya is slow and built for physical skills, while Ulala is generally balanced between speed and magic damage.

newmascotresized: A couple of steps from our starting position, we run into the Persona 2 Tutorial Slime. The dialog here is exactly the same as the one at the start of Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: Past that, we run into our first real encounter with a Slime and a Ghost. Negotiation works exactly like it did in Innocent Sin or Persona 1 - get demon to Eager, get cards.

newmascotresized: One other thing I should show off - if you have your Innocent Sin data imported, all of the fusion spells that were in Innocent Sin start unlocked in the fusion spell menu.

newmascotresized: For reference, normally you have to pull off a spell at least once before it shows up here, but the only “lock” on them is having the component spells available.

newmascotresized: Combat in Eternal Punishment is a bit different than Innocent Sin - in Eternal Punishment, the only way to fight is auto-battle.

newmascotresized: You go into the action editor and set up each character’s default action, and then turn auto-battle on. This also works for fusion spells.

newmascotresized: Right now, Maya only has Hama - meaning she has no way of doing damage.

newmascotresized: I did not realize the fat things are Xaphan - those were in Innocent Sin, but their design was completely different.

newmascotresized: The Rank system is back and as far as I know works exactly like it did in Innocent Sin, where Personas rank up based on how many times you’ve used them.

newmascotresized: Also returning is the full heal and SP heal when leveling up.

newmascotresized: Like all older SMT games, Maya’s stats are customizable. The best build is typically to put everything into dexterity for magic damage, followed by agility and vitality.

newmascotresized: On the way to our next destination, we run into Ratatotskr, who I believe was also in the school in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: Our destination is here, on the second floor. There’s some optional dialogue in here. You might also notice that the party’s SP is full despite me getting into combat and using spells.

newmascotresized: Just like Persona 1 and Innocent Sin, you regenerate SP just by walking. It seems like the regeneration rate in Eternal Punishment is WAY higher than it was in Innocent Sin - I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to run out of SP here because of how fast it goes.

Saeko: “Anyway, I told them to stay in their classrooms. I hope some backup arrives soon…”

newmascotresized: They absolutely should’ve given Morgana an evolved Persona that looks like Katsuya.

newmascotresized: Someone should probably throw him off the clock tower again before he summons Sunglasses Jetpack Hitler. Speaking of which…

newmascotresized: You might ask how we’re supposed to know we need the clock tower key. If you go into the janitor’s office (on the first floor) he’ll tell you that he saw Anna go in there.

newmascotresized: Of course, I’m not sure how much sense that makes, since the door is locked and this guy presumably has the only key.

newmascotresized: Just like Innocent Sin, we get warnings as we get close to a boss fight. At this point, you definitely want to level up some.

newmascotresized: I should mention that there’s two theories in this game when it comes to leveling up. The first is to simply do it as much and as often as possible - this will get you through the game just fine.

newmascotresized: However, if you really want to min-max, there are certain Personas that can be returned to the Velvet Room for “source” accessories that boost a certain stat by 1 every level.

newmascotresized: This can be useful for, say, making Katsuya not the slowest person on Earth or giving him actual spellcasting ability.

newmascotresized: On the way to the clock tower, we run into a Zombie Schoolgirl. These things will fuck you up at early levels.

newmascotresized: Case in point, the zombie critting Ulala for more than her max HP at this point.

newmascotresized: At Rank 2, Helios learns Single Shot. Single Shot is a gun-type skill that scales with Strength. This is the point at which the Karma Ring completely changes your strategy.

newmascotresized: At Rank 3, Maia learns Aqua and allows us to to our first fusion spell, Stone Rise.

newmascotresized: This does somewhere between 40 and 45 damage on average, and requires our entire party to cast. If you don’t have the Karma Ring, this is what you want to use.

newmascotresized: However, with the Karma Ring, Katsuya can easily hit 40s using Single Shot on anything that isn’t strong against Gun.

newmascotresized: I happen to get lucky and get a mutation on the first fusion spell. Just like Innocent Sin, mutations mostly boost your stats or teach you a new skill.

newmascotresized: I get Callisto ranked up enough to learn Zan, which in Eternal Punishment is an Almighty spell.

newmascotresized: The clock tower looks exactly the same as it did in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: If you’ll recall, that platform with no apparent entrances or exits is the same one Jun appeared on in his Joker form back in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: In case you haven’t read the Innocent Sin LP, Anna was a member of the Masked Circle who went by “Lady Scorpio”… so there’s really only one person Joker can be.

Anna: “I don’t even know you… I never did the Joker curse…”

JOKER: “No need to worry. You’ll understand me and the ‘Other Side’. If you do, you’ll realize that ‘This Side’ is the evil side. I won’t hurt you, let’s go.”

newmascotresized: This side is the evil side because it leads to Persona 5.

newmascotresized: And here’s our first boss fight. We’re up against an Empusa and two Apeps. This is the last time Apep shows up in any Atlus game - they were a plot point in the original Megami Tensei novels.

newmascotresized: I got one thing wrong with how I did the strategy for this fight, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Empusa is weak to Earth and has no resistances, while Apep is extremely Water resistant and weak to Fire.

newmascotresized: The reason it doesn’t matter is that Katsuya does a 40-damage Single Shot to Empusa and instakills her.

newmascotresized: The Apeps hit pretty hard, and since Maya can’t really hurt them it’s probably best for her to be on healing duty. Her Persona still gains ranks that way.

newmascotresized: Meanwhile, Katsuya does what he does best: he casts Gun and everything dies.

newmascotresized: You can hear swords clashing in the background.

newmascotresized: Oh, it’s Tatsuya! I wonder where his boyfriend is.

newmascotresized: And now, I’d like you to witness the power of Tatsuya when he’s not a silent protagonist.

Normal: “Go to a detective’s office called ‘Kuzunoha’. It’s in Aoba…”

newmascotresized: Tatsuya just figured out a way around the entire plot of Innocent Sin within the first thirty seconds of appearing on camera.

Sad: “And lastly, do not involve yourself in this. Forget… everything…”

newmascotresized: For reference, even though he’s not in Innocent Sin, Shimazu was presumably involved in having Katsuya’s father imprisoned to cover up Tatsuya Sudou burning down the Alaya Shrine.

katsuya: “I sent her to the police hospital. The ‘Old Maid’ is after the witness. Put some guards on her.”

newmascotresized: They do a short scene where Katsuya kinda waves his arms around in lieu of telling the entire story again, and this is why Satomi Tadashi is ten times the writer Hashino will ever be.

newmascotresized: I don’t know that we ever find out what happened to Tatsuya and Katsuya’s father in the Eternal Punishment timeline.

newmascotresized: I am very surprised that Tatsuya hasn’t shown up with an entire box of incriminating evidence proving the cover-up.

Leaning: “That’s why I tried to stop you… so, what are you gonna do? You’re not really going on vacation, are you?”

katsuya: “Don’t be absurd… the only officer to see him was me. I WILL be the one to arrest him.”

Leaning: “Well then… how about spreading that ‘anti-Joker’ rumor the Deja Vu Boy was talking about?”

katsuya: “That’s absurd… it’s not logical. There are times when rumors do come true, but that’s only…”

newmascotresized: I like to think that Kamui Uehara is standing in the background waving and no one sees him.

SlightlyPissed: “Would you stop calling me absurd? Can everything that happened up to now be explained!? You rock-head with sideburns!”

alsoconfused: “Sideburns… fine… whatever. There’s the matter of the boy who saved us. Let’s hear what that detective has to say.”

newmascotresized: Wait, did Katsuya not recognize his own brother? Anyway, let’s do some optional dialog and call it an update.

newmascotresized: And with that, we’re on the map. Next time, we’ll be doing a dungeon we didn’t see in Innocent Sin and get a glimpse of how the world has changed since Philemon re-made it.

It’s true, I keep giant robots deep in my heart.

I wonder what having your stand Persona sense a boss fight feels like, since Katsuya’s figuring it out like 20 minutes after getting his Persona. I guess it’s like having your phone on vibrate… But for your brain?

There’s a scene in the next update where someone straight-up senses that the entire party are Persona users, so my guess is that it’s like submarine sonar where you hear a “ping!” and then you just know there’s a boss nearby.


newmascotresized: We now have access to Aoba.

newmascotresized: The available areas are all the same ones that were in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: We’ve been to most of the stores here in Innocent Sin. The one change here from IS is that Clair de Lune (Maya’s favorite French restaurant that also sells legendary guns) is no longer here.

newmascotresized: Kuzunoha has moved here from Hirasaka, and Parabellum took over for Clair de Lune.

newmascotresized: And there’s that fucking cat. Unfortunately, I didn’t put in enough money in Innocent Sin - mostly because I didn’t feel like spending forever doing it.

newmascotresized: People who played this on the PS1 must’ve been super fucking confused by this. By the way, note that Tadashi is nowhere to be seen - like I said, Satomi Tadashi was kept on a short leash.

katsuya: “Well, no. I want to ask something…”

newmascotresized: I looked, and this is more or less a worse localization of his introduction in Innocent Sin. In case you don’t recall, Todoroki is actually the protagonist of Devil Summoner possessing the real Todoroki.

newmascotresized: Speaking of Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers 2 is coming out soon and it looks like the same kind of garbage as Persona 5. As far as I can tell, it has zero connection to the original or to Devil Summoner.

newmascotresized: I might buy it when it goes on deep discount and dunk on it privately, but I have no plans to LP it. The original Soul Hackers, on the other hand…

katsuya: “What kind of person was he?”

newmascotresized: There’s pauses in between a lot of this dialog where the party gesticulates wildly, so if it sounds weird, there was probably a pause. The PSP has serious blur issues in video output mode.

Leaning: “That’s the Deja Vu Boy. Ma-ya says so, too.”

Todoroki: “Tell me a little more. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Todoroki: “I see… very interesting. The bizarre serial murders, the rumors of the Joker, the sighting of demons… it all makes sense if the rumors are true.”

Todoroki: “I’ll accept the request to spread that anti-Joker rumor. It’s a good chance to see if a rumor can become reality.”

Leaning: “You seem to have accepted that quickly. You’re not gonna report it to the hospital?”

Todoroki: “Well, then… a real man goes by his own rules. First, ask me to spread the rumor.”

newmascotresized: Todoroki works just like he did in Innocent Sin, with some rumors having multiple outcomes.

Todoroki: “The request is now approved. Check the results yourself. If you have any other rumors to spread, get information from the rumormongers. They’re everywhere.”

Tamaki: “That ‘Deja Vu Boy’ seems to be looking for the source of the rumors… I know of a good underground page.”

newmascotresized: We briefly met Baofu in Innocent Sin - primarily through his website.

baofusaturn: I forgot that I had one of these done back when I still used Mr. Saturn as my dialog pic.

Logo: “So you’re saying I wouldn’t believe it…? Oh, well… I’ll know when I see you. We’ll meet at Double Slash in Aoba, Rabbit. Tell the worker my handle, and do what they tell you…”

katsuya: “Sounds suspicious… should we go?”

newmascotresized: There’s some optional dialogue while we’re here.

Tamaki: “Hm? I thought I knew more, but I guess not…?”

newmascotresized: Can you spot Baofu in this picture?

newmascotresized: Meet Baofu. Baofu is a massive dork. He’s also voiced by the same voiceactor who would later go on to play Sojiro in Persona 5.

newmascotresized: I refuse to believe that he’s not Futaba’s real dad.

newmascotresized: I’m not sure if the term “tap buster” is used in the original script or not, but it refers to him being a phone wiretapper. In the West, he’d probably be called a “phreaker” or “phone phreak”.

newmascotresized: Baofu casually lights a cigarette to look cool, because he is a massive dork.

newmascotresized: This is Parabellum. We’ll learn why it’s called that in just a moment.

katsuya: “We said about all we know. Now it’s your turn.”

Baofu: “From what I’ve researched, the Joker rumors were taken from some TV show, which then started to spread like wildfire. But before that, not even the ‘J’ in Joker was known to the public.”

Baofu: “There’s just one exception…”

newmascotresized: We saw Tatsuzou Sudou’s name a couple of times in Innocent Sin - his name is on a sign at one of the parks. As you can guess by the name, he is Tatsuya Sudou’s father.

newmascotresized: As I mentioned near the end of the Persona 5 Royal LP, Hashino ripped off Tatsuzou Sudou fucking HARD when writing Shido. What Satomi Tadashi creates, Hashino steals.

katsuya: “How would you know? A wire tap…? That’s illegal.”

Baofu: “Don’t be so stiff… it’s been going around that he’s doing some pretty dirty stuff underground. That 10-year unsolved serial arson-murder case… it’s an infamous rumor between police and investigators that it was his son.”

newmascotresized: This is one of the plot points that kinda doesn’t make sense. The entire reason Sudou was an arsonist in Innocent Sin was because of Nyarlathotep.

newmascotresized: In Eternal Punishment’s world, Nyarlathotep was never able to fuck with things, so what they’re directly implying is that Sudou would’ve done all those things regardless of Nyarlathotep’s influence.

newmascotresized: This brings up the entire question of why Nyarlathotep needed him in the first place and didn’t just… you know… start talking to Jun’s father directly.

confused: “Is that… true!?”

Baofu: “What… you don’t know? Either way, about this incident, you don’t think it was a coincidence, do you?”

Side: " ‘We’ are going to find out about that now. Take me with you. I know where Sudou’s son lives. You guys get clues on the Joker. As long as I’m by the next target, I will get closer to the truth… not a bad deal."

Glassespush: “…What do you plan to do with the truth? Your objective is blackmail, huh?”

Side: “Hehe… my intentions are honorable, I can assure you. I can’t let evil prevail…”

katsuya: “…What should we do? You’re being targeted, you decide.”

Baofu: “You understand what I’m talking about. Well then, let me test something first…”

newmascotresized: Baofu just gets away with turning Parabellum into a weapons shop without having to undergo food torture, which honestly feels kinda unfair to the Innocent Sin cast.

Leaning: “Hey… what are you trying to do?”

Baofu: “I don’t believe that rumors can come true… so I’m testing it out.”

Ulala: “T-Then, does that mean the rumor about the emblem is now true!? Then you’re alright, Ma-ya!!”

Baofu: “So whatcha gonna do with the emblem? If you keep it, the Joker will just stay away. You don’t think you’ll run into the Deja Vu Brat anymore…? Think of why he gave you that…”

newmascotresized: Naturally, our first real dungeon is the return of one of the worst dungeons from Innocent Sin, where absolutely nothing bad happened to Yukino whatsoever.

newmascotresized: One thing I learned after the IS LP is that “katatsumuri” is Japanese for “snail”, which made sense given that El Caracol (which is Spanish for “snail”) was on top of it.

katsuya: “I see… Amano-kun, let’s check it out.”

Baofu: “Hold on! There’s a place called the Velvet Room around here. It has something to do with demons… considering the situation you’re in right now, you’ll need all the help you can get.”

Baofu: “Let’s go in and take a look…”

newmascotresized: When I was recording this, I went “What’s the point? I didn’t even negotiate in Seven Sisters…” and then I remembered we have all our spare cards from Innocent Sin.

katsuya:“What is that? What does that have to do with anything?”

newmascotresized: I like to think that Katsuya’s Persona is actually his gun. His Prime Persona is a second gun, and his ultimate is another two guns with triggers in his shoes so he can fire with his feet.

newmascotresized: If you equip Lucifer to him, he gets a secret fifth gun that sits on his shoulder that he triggers using eye movements.

Baofu: “I don’t even feel like explaining… just follow me…”

newmascotresized: The Velvet Room is now open, for all the good it’ll do us.

newmascotresized: There’s a bit of a tutorial to introduce Igor, Nameless, Belladonna, and the Demon Painter. It’s nearly identical to Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: There is, however, some optional dialog here I’d like to show.

newmascotresized: I see a stupid-looking boss fight in Baofu’s future. I know that’s at least the second time I’ve linked that video but they just keep giving me the opportunity.

katsuya: “Followers of Philemon…? Then, that was not a dream at all… I dreamt about this as a kid… a golden butterfly… masked man… blue room… the night I played Persona with Tatsuya…”

newmascotresized: Satomi Tadashi kind of ran into the same exact problem Araki did with Jojo, in that he kind of ran out of ways to explain how it is that all these people with no connection to St. Hermelin have Personas.

newmascotresized: As it turns out, we don’t actually keep our entire card stash from Innocent Sin - all we get to keep is the free cards we had. While we have enough to do whatever, there’s nothing really worth making.

newmascotresized: There’s no new armor in the armor store, but Parabellum has new weapons. Baofu throws coins because he is a massive dork and probably actually read the Zenigata books.

newmascotresized: Mount Katatsumuri is open now, and it’s every bit as bad as it was in Innocent Sin. Actually, it’s probably worse.

newmascotresized: Unlike Innocent Sin, there’s no chair lift up to the top - only that one road. Let’s take it.

katsuya: “Accident? Have you contacted the police?”

katsuya: “There’s nothing we can do… I understand, thank you.”

katsuya: “What do you think?”

Baofu: “This is suspicious. There’s another road down at the bottom of the hill. It’s longer, but it leads to the back.”

katsuya: “Alright, let’s take that.”

newmascotresized: In Innocent Sin, we fought a shit-ton of nazis to get up to the top of the mountain. There was a really high encounter rate and an enemy called “SS” that was extremely fast and had an instakill.

newmascotresized: Meet Zombie Solder. Zombie Soldier is essentially the SS… with a twist. It’s still rather fast and has a shit-ton of HP for being level 7.

newmascotresized: Yep. It’s got an instakill move called “Kamikaze”, where it blows up and kills whatever it hits.

newmascotresized: The enemies are also worth basically nothing in terms of experience. As you can tell from Baofu being level 8, we’re a little underlevelled. This is still the time period where Atlus balanced games around how much they expected you to get lost.

newmascotresized: We haven’t seen Baofu’s Persona yet, so let me log it while we’re here.


Origin: Ancient Greece

Eternal Punishment Original

Legendary Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War and masterminded the Trojan Horse plot. Spent ten years coming back home, which is chronicled in the Odyssey. Descended from Hermes.


newmascotresized: Odysseus kinda sucks.

newmascotresized: Puck shows up here, though we’re not going to negotiate with it. Speaking of which, you can’t negotiate with zombies because fuck you, that’s why.

newmascotresized: I’ll take a second and show off all the negotiation skills, however.

newmascotresized: Unlike Innocent Sin, each character only has one negotiation skill. You can still combine them, but it makes negotiating a pain in the ass.

newmascotresized: In this fight, I ran into a Harpy, so I tried using the negotiation guide on GameFAQs… which only lists the name of the negotiation skill, not who has it or what combination of people make it.

newmascotresized: Let me also post the map of Mt. Katatsumuri - there’s a person on Gamefaqs who just made new ones for the PSP version.

newmascotresized: Speaking of maps, there’s something I should mention that the game won’t tell us about for a while. Eternal Punishment has a side quest involving them.

newmascotresized: The side quest is to fully map out every dungeon - you get a reward for each dungeon you fully map out. Some of the rewards are garbage, others are VERY IMPORTANT to get.

newmascotresized: Eventually, we reach a river with a chest on the other side that we can’t reach.

newmascotresized: The enemies on the other side of the bridge are slightly harder, including Ogre and Empusa. And now, one of the two most dickish rooms in this dungeon.

newmascotresized: On the left of the bridge is a hidden area with an item we should probably pick up. The only problem…

newmascotresized: Every encounter in this room, so far as I can tell, is four Zombie Soldiers. If you get bad enough RNG, it is entirely possible that they can wipe you.

newmascotresized: We get a Strength incense, which gives 10 points of Strength when used in a Persona fusion. I could use this to make Katsuya even more overpowered, but I’ll wait.

newmascotresized: There’s also a hidden area we can use to reach that chest, which has a fusion item in it. I’m not sure what this makes, but we might as well grab it. There’s one final dickish secret here.

newmascotresized: Right before the final area, there’s a hidden trail that doesn’t show up on the minimap or the regular map. This leads to a hidden area that, unless they changed it for the PSP, you can only access now.

newmascotresized: Both of those names sound… suspicious.

newmascotresized: Remember the fucking cat in Kuzunoha’s office? The one you had to stand in front of and mash X for like five minutes to donate 10,000 yen in 100 yen increments? Yeah, that’s what this is.

newmascotresized: Donating 10,000 yen unlocks something later in the game, and as I mentioned before, this is the ONLY TIME you can do this. By the time you know why you’d want to, it’s too late.

newmascotresized: I found out after recording how you’re supposed to figure this out. If you make a pact with a Harpy, one of the demon rumors it can give you is about the shrine.

newmascotresized: And done. I timed it, and this took around 6 minutes. On an emulator, I could’ve done it in about thirty seconds. It’s too bad turbo controllers don’t work with the PSP Go.

newmascotresized: And now we’re at the sanitarium. You might notice that Baofu is green - this is because of these assholes.

newmascotresized: Phantoms will attempt to possess a party member before dying. This acts like a confuse effect, but it only procs very rarely. We don’t have a cure for it - the only cure is death.

newmascotresized: Fortunately, just like in Innocent Sin, death fixes itself after battle so you can simply heal up and move on.

newmascotresized: I’m not sure what’s with that expression, and I’m not entirely certain the artist knew either. It’s kind of YIIKesman-esque.

Baofu: “Don’t make such a loud fuss…”

newmascotresized: Well, at least we know it’s not Sudou, because he would have set them on fire.

katsuya: “They tried, but got killed by demons. Guess that about sums it up. They’re not Japanese.”

newmascotresized: You might ask how he can tell that from just a cursory examination. It’s because of the gun. As far as I can tell, “Kuroboshi” is a mis-spelling of “Kurohoshi”, a word meaning “black star”.

newmascotresized: The Black Star is a kind of handgun manufactured in China, also known as the Type 54. It’s a knockoff of the Soviet Tokarev pistol - which is what Joker used in Persona 5.

Baofu: “It’s the Tien Tao Lien… the Taiwanese Mafia. I recognize one of the faces…”

newmascotresized: I also looked this up. There is a real Taiwanese Triad group known as Tien Tao Meng, or “Heavenly Way Alliance”. They’re partially the result of some godawful policies put into place by the Kuomintang.

katsuya: “Your buddies…?”

Baofu: “Say that again, I’ll put a hole in your face.”

newmascotresized: Whoa there Baofu, casually threatening to shoot people is Kusabi’s thing. Not that I’m saying a Suda51-written Persona game wouldn’t be good…

newmascotresized: This choice doesn’t matter, you get the same dialog either way - at least, going from a copy of the PS1 script.

Baofu: “Ch… these guys are dogs of Tatsuzou. He’s been on good terms with them for 5 years when he was the Minister of Justice.”

katsuya: “…Wait a second. Why would Tatsuzou and the Mafia attack the very sanitarium his own son was in?”

newmascotresized: Probably the same reason Shido violated the rules of how the Metaverse works to make a sentient clone of his son that can use a Persona for no good reason.

Baofu: “How the hell should I know? We came to find that out.”

newmascotresized: And now, optional dialogue time.

newmascotresized: God… dammit… I filled the last LP with Deus Ex clips and I can’t… I even used that one already… god dammit.

newmascotresized: Why is it that both of these games do this to me?

newmascotresized: There’s a Velvet Room here, as well as Trish’s stupidly overpriced healing fountain. At this point, Maya is nearing 200 SP, and a Media from her Persona only costs 3.

newmascotresized: I ran around grinding for a bit, and got an Aques card off a demon. This allows us to get our first real negotiations in, because I want to show you how that works in case you don’t have 700+ cards lying around.

newmascotresized: This is Erinys, one of the first demons we’re capable of forming a pact with. It’s here I learn something really, really dumb about Eternal Punishment’s negotiations.

newmascotresized: Each of the combination negotiation techniques in Eternal Punishment is unique. Costing a Fortune is a combination between Ulala and Baofu… in that exact order.

newmascotresized: Doing it the other way around (selecting Baofu first) actually won’t do anything because we don’t have that technique unlocked yet, but it’s not the same as Costing a Fortune.

newmascotresized: Some of these are a pain in the ass to remember, including “Persuade” and “Advise”, which are Maya/Katsuya and Katsuya/Maya, respectively.

newmascotresized: There is, however, one major change from both the PS1 version and Innocent Sin. In the PSP version, you only need one person in the party who meets the level requirement to make a pact. That person does NOT need to be the one doing the negotiation.

newmascotresized: Tell that to the Persona 5 LP, where we spent… god only knows how much money on fortune telling to avoid permafucks.

newmascotresized: Here’s the annoying part. We have to sit through that dialog four times, with no way to skip it or speed it up, before we get to making a pact.

newmascotresized: We can then use Baofu’s Wire Tapping to get cards.

newmascotresized: What sucks is that there’s one negotiation called 100 Stories, which is only available on Elly’s route because Elly is and will always be the best girl in this entire series.

newmascotresized: 100 Stories has a HUGE amount of optional dialog, and I imagine a lot of it was changed in the patch because you could tell they butchered some in the PS1 translation.

newmascotresized: The Sanitarium is three floors, all shaped like a U. Each arm has a staircase, with one being the “progress” staircase and one being a dead end that usually has an item in it.

newmascotresized: The second floor has exactly one room we can enter out of the like… fifteen pairs of doors that exist on it. All that’s in here is some dialog.

newmascotresized: Well yeah, I mean… that sounds like Tatsuya Sudou, though I’m surprised he didn’t also light a bunch of people on fire.

newmascotresized: Just before we get to the third floor, we run into the worst encounter in this place. Cockatrice is a pain to negotiate with and has a full-party attack that hits twice.

newmascotresized: It’s probably best to just run away from this one, as even with Maya healing every turn I couldn’t keep up with the damage.

newmascotresized: The third floor features a chest you can see from the “progress” side but can’t actually reach without going all the way around. It’s like that one scene with Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2.

newmascotresized: On the way to that chest, I run into Robin Goodfellow. This is the second demon we can make a pact with, so I do. I then accidentally run into progress.

newmascotresized: You know, why is it that you never once see the party do this in Persona 5? They all have guns, but never think to just clear rooms with them.

confused: “What… is… this…?”

newmascotresized: In case the blonde hair, single eye, general body shape, knowledge of Innocent Sin’s plot and connection to the Masked Circle weren’t enough clues, Sudou is the Joker.

newmascotresized: In Eternal Punishment’s timeline, Nyarlathotep never had Jun’s father write In Lak’ech with Sudou.

Baofu: “The seven Pleiades set the frozen time free. Wild dance, shadowed festival, foreign song ensue. As flames of expiation light the heavens, the lion’s roar echoes far and wide…”

Baofu: “Five skulls glow in the depths of the earth… the holy cross shines high up in the sky… once the star comes to a complete halt… the Maia Maiden’s heart stops with it…”

Baofu: “What then remains is paradise on earth… marking the end and a new beginning… what does all that crap mean?”

newmascotresized: I can only imagine how confusing this would have been for people playing this in 2000, without having Innocent Sin for context or knowing why the Oracle of Maia is important.

katsuya: “Heaven’s cross… is it the ‘Grand Cross’ that occurred this summer? Is… this… some sort of prophecy?”

Ulala: “You mean where all the planets in the solar system align in a cross formation…? But nothing happened…?”

Ulala: “Does your chest hurt again, Ma-ya?”

confused: “Again…?”

newmascotresized: You know, I also get this weird thing when I go near my PSP where I remember that horrible dream I had where I LPed that broken version of this game.

newmascotresized: Admittedly, this game looks a lot better on an emulator.

Baofu: “This place ain’t normal… this room’s vibes can’t be trusted. Let’s move on.”

newmascotresized: There’s some optional dialogue here, especially if we examine the Oracle of Maia again.

Baofu: “I see why Sudou was hiding him… I guess you can’t blame him with such a crazy son. Like father, like son…”

newmascotresized: From what I’ve heard, Satomi Tadashi has some… interesting takes on mental illness - and by interesting, I mean bad.

newmascotresized: This feels like they put it in purely for people who hadn’t played Innocent Sin. It was kind of obvious from the get-go that Nyarlathotep is back at work.

Glassespush: “He seemed to know about you… but what about you does he know…”

newmascotresized: Just up the hallway, Katsuya’s boss fight senses start tingling again. It’s at this point that I go back.

newmascotresized: This is going to be helpful for making Katsuya less slow. There’s also a chest if we go up the “wrong” way to the fourth floor.

newmascotresized: Another fusion item.

newmascotresized: Going up the “progress” path gets us almost immediately to the director’s office, where we have our next boss fight waiting.

newmascotresized: You might be wondering why Sudou has both eyes, and honestly, I’m wondering the same thing. I wasn’t even sure if the shrine fire incident happened in Eternal Punishment’s timeline, and clearly it didn’t.

Sudou: “I see… I feel sorry for that brat.”

Glassespush: “You’re… Tatsuya Sudou, aren’t you? This serial killing… the killings 10 years ago… you did these, didn’t you…?”

Sudou: “You mean back then? Ah… how nostalgic. The voices won’t let me off with just arson. They said they needed a sacrifice. With the chest all carved out alive… with the tendons cut so they can’t escape.”

Silent: “You piece of garbage… how the hell did you get that kind of power being locked up for 10 years?”

Sudou: " ‘Kotodama’, y’know, Kotodama. Y’know? You say something, and it’ll happen? The voices tell me anything… that poor excuse for a dad did this to me."

Glassespush: “Kotodama…? The rumors…? You said that your dad did this to you. Then, why is he after your life?”

newmascotresized: A cell phone starts ringing in the background.

Sudou: “Shhhhhhh… it’s from the guys outside.”

newmascotresized: Yep, Baofu just ditched us.

Sudou: “I’m free, you got that? ‘I’m coming for you soon!’ Give that message to my fuckin’ dad!”

Glassespush: “What do you hope to accomplish!? To keep on killing!? To get revenge on your father!?”

Sudou: “Hyahaha! I used to kill for pleasure, but now I only kill because people give me a call… right?”

Leaning: “…”

Sudou: “My real purpose is… to right the wrong. ‘This Side’ is wrong, and the ‘Other Side’ is right. My fuckin’ dad doesn’t understand that… you understand, don’t you?”

newmascotresized: Clearly Sudou doesn’t, because he’s dead on the other side along with everyone else.

Sudou: “Ch… how long are you gonna keep up this act!? I’ll make you remember… if this guy doesn’t eat you, come to the Aerospace Museum!”

newmascotresized: One thing I should’ve mentioned is that Eternal Punishment has a LOT of post-consumer recycled Innocent Sin in it.

newmascotresized: Sudou teleports out, and Katsuya shoots at him as he does so. I bet if Katsuya was in Persona 5, he’d have arrested Maruki while Maruki was doing one of his dumbass monologues.

newmascotresized: This fight can be INCREDIBLY annoying, depending on how the boss chooses to act. Hellhound here is immune to fire and repels gun attacks.

newmascotresized: Ulala now knows Magnara, so we can use that to do around 40 damage.

newmascotresized: Meanwhile, a single Aqua from Maya does over 100 damage, because Hellhound is also incredibly weak to water. You might notice how fucked up Katsuya is.

newmascotresized: The Hellhound has two attacks - Venom Bite and Fire Breath. Katsuya nulls Fire, but Fire Breath takes off about half of Maya’s HP due to her being kind of a glass cannon right now.

newmascotresized: What you want to do is have Ulala and Katsuya heal Maya while Maya shits on the boss with water spells. If we had used that Aques card, this would be a stomp.

newmascotresized: I also found out that there’s apparently a link between what Persona you have and what you get at level-up for bonus stats, so we can find a Persona that gives Agility and slap it on Katsuya.

katsuya: “You seem to have a reason… did you know him?”

Silent: “Knock it off. They’ll find out without a report from us. Besides, how are you gonna explain this?”

katsuya: “I am an officer of the law. I can’t just let it go…”

newmascotresized: Not without a bribe, that is.

Baofu: “Heh… you can’t look the other way, huh…? You’re too soft…”

newmascotresized: Next time, we’ll go back to the Aerospace Museum. How much do you want to bet it’s going to catch on fire again?

Katsuya should take notes from The Sundown Kid from Live A Live and make his special techniques just shooting faster.

I’m going to bet Nyarlathotep somehow makes the aerospace museum flood this time because something something chaos something.


newmascotresized: We’ve unlocked Kounan now, but before we move on, there’s a bunch of rumors we can spread. Some of these I probably should’ve spread before we even did the sanitarium.

newmascotresized: Our first destination is Gatten Sushi in Rengedai, where we can meet up with one of the Persona 1 cast.

newmascotresized: Just like in Innocent Sin, Toro is a rumormonger. He only has one rumor we really care about.

newmascotresized: …He’s asking this, and he has a Persona. His Persona is Mara, just in case you forgot. Anyway, we need this to fix Katsuya’s stats later. I think I’m gonna go for that just to see how long it takes.

newmascotresized: There’s also some… rather important optional dialogue in here.

newmascotresized: And now we know she’s done the Joker curse.

newmascotresized: Before I go off to Time Castle to visit Nyarlathotep, I stop by Kaori to heal because half the party is poisoned.

newmascotresized: It’s never mentioned anywhere in Innocent Sin, but I think one of the world guides tells you that the Count is Nyarlathotep in disguise.

newmascotresized: The Count has two very important functions. The first is that he sells skill cards. If you spread that rumor, then come back and talk to him, you get a second rumor that he duplicates cards.

newmascotresized: Duplication works a little differently than Persona 5 - in this game, you have to give him the card at which point he’ll start selling it. You don’t get the original card back.

newmascotresized: We can also go to Double Slash to get rumors from Baofu’s message board. This one you can actually get before going to the sanitarium, I just… didn’t think to do that. Now let’s head to Kounan.

newmascotresized: Lunar Palace Kounan is where Maya lives. Unfortunately, the Abandoned Factory is no longer this game’s grind dungeon. That has been relegated to one of the worst areas from Innocent Sin and reworked.

newmascotresized: The first thing we want to do here is visit Sumaru Genie. The Sumaru Genie was in Innocent Sin but didn’t really do much. In this game, she’s far more useful… if you’re willing to reset a lot.

newmascotresized: We have to meet her first, and then go next door and… how much do you want to bet there’s a mini-boss rumor surrounding her? Anyway, off to Jolly Roger.

newmascotresized: This guy can give us a rumor about the Sumaru Genie.

newmascotresized: There’s also a rumor you can get in pieces from Toro, Baofu’s website, and the Jolly Roger guy about the magazine sweepstakes. I didn’t touch that in Innocent Sin and won’t here either.

newmascotresized: Rosa Candida now has uh… cowboy outfits. Everyone can wear them. I like to think that Maya and Katsuya are fully into it and Baofu is looking out from under his big dumb cowboy hat with a scowl.

newmascotresized: Anyway, let’s talk about what the Sumaru Genie does now that we’ve spread a rumor about her. She’s this game’s equivalent to Disgaea’s cheat shop… only you can’t pick which cheats you want.

newmascotresized: For 3000 yen, she’ll give you a fortune. You could do this in Innocent Sin but it really wasn’t worth bothering to do it. Speaking of which, there’s some optional dialogue about the genie in IS I missed.

newmascotresized: In IS, you can find out that the genie is actually a trans clubber who started telling fortunes due to a rumor.

newmascotresized: Anyway, there’s six different dragons you can get, with each one changing something. These are permanent until you change them (at least as far as I know). Blue Dragon is the worst one.

newmascotresized: They are:

  • Light Dragon (Double exp, half money)
  • Black Dragon (Double money, half exp)
  • Yellow Dragon (Increases luck, which I think only matters for the sweepstakes)
  • Red Dragon (Higher mutation chance)
  • Blue Dragon (Changes how demons react to negotiation techniques)
  • Silver Dragon (Negotiating takes longer, this is used for grinding Fool cards)

newmascotresized: Most guides will recommend resetting until you get Light Dragon. We’re not going to do that… yet. The reason is that we want to stop levelling the second we hit 23.

newmascotresized: Well, that’s certainly an ominous warning. Let’s go in anyway.

newmascotresized: Damn right! Get these kids out of this museum! We can’t have them learning anything, or else Persona 5 Royal will never sell!

newmascotresized: It’s blurry, but… is that… Jun?

newmascotresized: Oh man, I bet I know what he’s doing here. He’s going to spread a rumor that aerospace museums are a great date spot and then take Tatsuya out.

newmascotresized: What he doesn’t see coming is Tatsuya sitting by all the engines and making airplane noises like he did in Innocent Sin. This is why no one dates at aerospace museums. The temptation is too great.

Jun: “Eh…? Ah… that time! You bumped into a tall guy from Seven Sisters High School, right? I knew I saw you somewhere… so that’s where… then, did you give me this letter…?”

Leaning: “Hey, that stuff doesn’t matter now, hurry up and bail! What are YOU doing even listening to him? You’re so vulnerable to younger men! We don’t know where the Voice Man is…”

newmascotresized: You have no idea how hard I groaned when I saw this shit was going to happen again.

Sudou: “You remember, it’s just like the Other Side. If you don’t take the kids up here, they become barbecued!! …Hee… ihi… hyaha! Hya-----hahaha-------!”

newmascotresized: This kind of thing is why I say that Eternal Punishment feels less like a sequel to Innocent Sin and more like a remake. So far, all we’ve done is explore the same areas in a different order.

newmascotresized: There is a plot reason for this, but it’s kind of a weak one. The real reason is that Eternal Punishment was made without a budget. I’ll talk about that in a bit.

newmascotresized: At least Satomi Tadashi had the common sense to not make a Marie or Kasumire. We all know if he did, it’d just be Tamaki except with a different hair color and a more revealing outfit.

katsuya: “Ch…! Hurry up and get the kids upstairs! You’re Jun-kun, right? Find the teacher in charge and head for the roof! Let’s go check all the floors and make sure no one failed to escape!”

newmascotresized: You might ask if this works exactly like Innocent Sin, with the time limit and the first few floors not having enemies on them. It absolutely does. It is a carbon copy of Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: I’m starting to think that maybe Satomi Tadashi peaked at Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: I’m going to skip the majority of this dungeon, because it is 100% identical to Innocent Sin. You can see for yourself: here’s the map of Eternal Punishment’s version and here’s the one from Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: There is one small difference from Innocent Sin in that the time limit is now 30 minutes instead of 10 - and it now counts down during battles, but not in menus. This is presumably so you can get the full map.

newmascotresized: There’s one room of kids to rescue in the first area, and it’s not particularly hard to reach.

newmascotresized: From there, we run across to the other side and to the exhibit room.

newmascotresized: In Innocent Sin, this is where Maya saved Ixquic from the Zero hanging from the ceiling and overcame her fear of fire. In Eternal Punishment, it’s just another room.

newmascotresized: Nope, no Ixquic here.

newmascotresized: Here’s what I don’t like about this scene. Imagine you’re playing this in 2000 on your PS1 or PS2. You have no idea why the hell this scene exists because Innocent Sin wasn’t localized.

newmascotresized: On the other hand, someone who has played Innocent Sin already knows what the deal is and this scene isn’t going to mean a whole lot.

newmascotresized: On the third floor, we need to stop at Trish’s Fountain.

newmascotresized: We have to talk to Trish first, and then talk to Katsuya and Baofu.

newmascotresized: This is a step to unlocking a negotiation that only appears on Elly’s route. It’s one of the most in-depth negotiations in terms of text.

newmascotresized: On the third floor, we grab a Damascus Steel. It’s another fusion item.

newmascotresized: Since there’s not a whole lot going on here, I figured I’d talk about why this dungeon is recycled. We’re going to see a lot of this throughout the game. The reason can be boiled down to one word: sales.

newmascotresized: There’s a Persona fansite called Persona Central that made graphs of a bunch of sales data from Famitsu. Famitsu only tracks physical copies, and only in Japan - but that’s fine in this case because all of the games we’re looking at came out before digital copies were a thing.

newmascotresized: As you can see, Innocent Sin didn’t even come close to Persona 1’s sales. This is probably for a number of reasons, but mostly that the PS1 was an oversaturated market for JRPGs.

newmascotresized: There’s no hard data on it (at least not that I could find) but as far as I can tell, Eternal Punishment was Atlus trying to get more of a return on the investment they’d put into Innocent Sin.

Sudou: “I know… that this sound, this color, this heat is the way it’s supposed to be!! I don’t care if the Grand Cross has passed!! I’ll kill, burn, and destroy everything! The hell with this fake world!”

Sudou: “If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, I’ll make you go through the same shit again. From this floor, there’ll be demons… just like the ‘Other Side’, remember? Hyaaaaahahahahahahaha!”

newmascotresized: Moh Shuvuu shows up here, and I got a forced negotiation so I made a pact. I probably should’ve made new Personas for everyone, but it doesn’t matter and you’ll see why.

newmascotresized: Near the stairs to the fifth floor, Katsuya’s boss senses start tingling. Personally, I think Katsuya just has a copy of Innocent Sin’s script.

newmascotresized: We run into Kinnara, and Ulala gets possessed by a ghost. Honestly, I kinda turned my brain off for this dungeon - it’s stupidly easy and I’ve already done it once before.

newmascotresized: Just like last time, the boss is on the fifth floor. Would it have killed Atlus to, I dunno, maybe change up the dungeon a bit? Maybe have you start on the roof instead and go down to the first floor?

newmascotresized: Oh shit, it’s fucking on now. No one grabs Tatsuya’s boyfriend.

Sudou: “Guide us like you did on the ‘Other Side’… I won’t screw up like the ‘Other Me’…!”

newmascotresized: Again, I’d like to point out that this makes ZERO sense unless you’ve played Innocent Sin. Also… did Sudou just try to use flower language on Tatsuya’s boyfriend? I’m surprised he’s still alive at this point.

confused: “Wh… Tatsuya!?”

Leaning: “Wh… who is this tall kid over here? Huh!? This is the Deja Vu Boy!?”

confused: “What!? What’s going on…!?”

Sudou: “Hyaha… at last, you’re here, Maya Amano!! Don’t you remember this scene…? Hurry up, rememberrrr!!!”

newmascotresized: Stop. Do not remember that Persona 1 or Persona 2 exist. The series began with Persona 4.

Sudou: “Dumbassss! You can’t resist your destiny… 5,4,3…”

newmascotresized: Not quite. In Innocent Sin’s version of this scene, Tatsuya jumps out of the way and Ixquic is the one who winds up hanging from the ledge.

newmascotresized: I’m going to be very real here: this dungeon sucks. It sucks ass. The Innocent Sin version was good because it was a major plot point. This just feels like it’s here to be a call-back.

Sudou: “Even if you remember now, it’s too late… die, bitch!”

newmascotresized: And now it’s time for my least favorite thing about this dungeon, next to the boss fight. Oh, there’s a boss fight alright.

newmascotresized: Another thing I hate about this. Jun had a portrait for the exact pose he’s in from Innocent Sin.


newmascotresized: Most of the portraits in Eternal Punishment (apart from characters who weren’t in Innocent Sin) are the Innocent Sin portraits mirrored and slightly re-drawn. How hard would it have been to recycle that?

newmascotresized: I’d say this is another example of Hashino using the forbidden catchphrase from The Silver Case, except this isn’t even a Hashino game. I don’t think Hashino was even on the team for this game.

Sad: “Don’t worry… it’s not your fault…”

Glassespush: “Tatsuya! Where were you!? What is this all about!?”

Baofu: “Deal with it later! We’ve got bigger problems…”

Leaning: “But how do we get out of here!?”

newmascotresized: The same way we did in Innocent Sin. I forgot to take a pic of it, but there’s a couple of NPCs in the Satomi Tadashi store in Kounan who will mention the rumor about the blimp on the roof being real.

Normal: “Follow me…”

Baofu: “Hey, you don’t think a model will fly… a rumor!? You’re making it fly by using a rumor, huh!?”

newmascotresized: It’s no surprise that they recycled the cutscene for this from Innocent Sin as well. It’s shot-for-shot identical, except for two very brief shots early on.

Normal: “I saw it once…”

newmascotresized: It’s true. Tatsuya didn’t pilot the blimp in Innocent Sin - Maya did, which is presumably why it crashed.

Leaning: “Phew… anyways, we seem to be safe for now.”

Normal: “Not yet… Jun, take the controls.”

newmascotresized: As soon as I saw Jun say this, I immediately contacted Salty Vanilla. That’s all I’ll say.

Leaning: “Hey, heyyyyy!? What’s this all about!!”

newmascotresized: You can’t see it due to Katsuya’s portrait, but Tatsuya leaves the room.

newmascotresized: I’m not really a fan of this scene. This feels a lot like the Silent Hill movies, where they started shoving Pyramid Head in everywhere they could, even though Pyramid Head had no meaning in that context.

newmascotresized: Sudou is more or less an embodiment of Maya’s fears, and he dies here because this is where Maya’s fears die. In this game, he’s kind of meaningless, especially when you know about Nyarlathotep.

Sudou: “Stupid fools… everyone’s wrong… you! That bitch! And my fuckin’ dad!! You’re supposed to correct mistakes!!”

newmascotresized: We’re up against Sudou, two Minotaurs, and two Shax. This boss fight sucks unless you ranked Apollo up in Innocent Sin… and I never used Apollo because his SP costs were way too high.

newmascotresized: Now, let me explain why this fight sucks. This fight is balanced around you having Tatsuya, meaning that none of your other characters matter. In fact, you’re likely going to have everyone die.

newmascotresized: Let’s talk about one thing that absolutely sucks, and that’s this game’s battle inputs. In this fight, Sudou nulls Gun and ABSORBS fire. The game loves to forget what you were targeting between rounds.

newmascotresized: Shax is weak to fire, and Minotaur is weak to magic in general. You might notice that Maya and Katsuya are dead - this is because the enemies tend to focus on one person.

newmascotresized: Here’s the game forgetting about targeting again. I should mention what happened - at the start of the fight, I was using Blazing Burst (Agidyne from Tatsuya, Agi from Katsuya) on the Shax.

newmascotresized: Unlike Innocent Sin, which would break up fusion spells if someone died and then ask you for a new set of commands, Eternal Punishment will assign everyone to a random target without warning.

newmascotresized: Now here’s why this fight is fucking stupid and bad. This is an attack Sudou has when alone called Old Maid. What does Old Maid do, you ask?

newmascotresized: Old Maid randomly “infects” a target with an invisible status effect that replaces their next attack with an attack that hits everyone in your party. If this hits Tatsuya, the entire party will die.

newmascotresized: There is a way around this if you IMMEDIATELY stop combat and have everyone defend… but I assumed the game would tell you if someone had the status effect. It does not.

newmascotresized: This is one thing the later games MASSIVELY improved on. Sudou can and will use Old Maid up to every turn - there’s no cooldown or limit on it. If Tatsuya is alone, it’ll just waste his next turn.

newmascotresized: This shit sucks. It’s a lot like that dumbass sleep-lock dungeon in Persona 1.

newmascotresized: And Sudou’s dead. Again. I mean, I guess he’s right in that Joker makes it all the way to Persona 5.

newmascotresized: In Innocent Sin, the party carried the kids out while jumping. I guess they kinda forgot the kids were there.

newmascotresized: You know, I never thought about how weird it was that Jun’s dad gave him a lighter at the age of… what were they, 7 years old at the time?

newmascotresized: Clearly he’s saving the watch for their wedding.

newmascotresized: There’s another recycled FMV… and then my PSP froze. I hadn’t saved since before fight Sudou, and didn’t bother to check to see if it’s an issue with the hack. I’ll try that when I record for the next update. We may need to go over to an emulator.

You think Sudou already knew what the flower meant or did he have to look it up? Was he just really disturbing some flower shop employee or perched like a gargoyle on a chair in an internet cafe trying to find a website?

Also when I was seven I probably would’ve thought a metal lighter that both goes “clink” AND makes fire would be the coolest thing I could own so I can see me carrying one around and giving it to a friend.

This is actually kinda funny, because there’s kind of a plot hole in the game that as far as I’m aware only got addressed in some source outside of the game. It’s kind of a minor spoiler, but then again if you played Innocent Sin it isn’t all that surprising.

The actual canon explanation for why Sudou remembers Innocent Sin is that he basically got a copy of the Innocent Sin script from Nyarlathotep, so he probably just paged through it until he found one of Jun and Tatsuya’s romance scenes.


newmascotresized: I had to go back through the Aerospace Museum anyway, so here’s a quick addendum to the last update.

newmascotresized: On the second attempt, I fused new Personas for everyone but Baofu. While we don’t really need them, they’re good for one reason: we can use them to gain stat points.

New Persona: Phaleg

Origin: 16th Century Swiss LARPers

First Appearance: Persona 1

Supposed Olympian spirit from a book called the Arbatel of Magick, which was published in 1575 by Swiss LARPers.

newmascotresized: Phaleg is given to Maya, specifically because he boosts Dexterity at level-up. By the time I finished fighting Sudou again, Maya was nearly halfway to maxing out Dexterity… at level 14.

newmascotresized: We fused Surya in Innocent Sin, but he was re-designed for Eternal Punishment. In Innocent Sin, he was a robot-looking thing with wheels instead of legs.


newmascotresized: Surya boosts Agility at level-up, and as such he goes to Katsuya. Baofu is now our slowest party member, but we have no easy way of fixing him right now.

newmascotresized: I also return all of the starter Personas except Helios, who isn’t maxed yet. The Agility incenses go to Katsuya, and I dump the Vitality incence on Maya to make her slightly less fragile.

newmascotresized: This time, I just have everyone defend while Tatsuya dumps Agidynes. I did find out one unfortunate quirk of Eternal Punishment’s battle system that I don’t think existed in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: While I was running through the museum, I ranked Surya up and got Maragi. I tried to have Katsuya use it early on, because no one had hit Sudou yet - meaning he can’t heal off it.

newmascotresized: Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. Even though the Shax and Minotaurs are weak to fire, because Sudou absorbs it the Maragi immediately ends when it hits him.

newmascotresized: I also figured out the trick to surviving Old Maid. Notice how everyone but Tatsuya is defending.

newmascotresized: As soon as the attack went off, Ulala switched from defend to a physical attack. This is how you know Old Maid has hit you. I don’t believe the game will switch spells to physical attacks, though.

newmascotresized: Maya gains two levels, and now has more than double the magic attack of anyone else in the party.

katsuya: “…!? Tatsuya…!? Has anyone seen Tatsuya!?”

newmascotresized: I had an idea for a Salty Vanilla pic where Baofu points at the ocean and there’s a snorkel sticking out of the waves, and it’s Tatsuya waiting for the party to leave.

Baofu: “Calm down… he’s been through a lot more than you… he probably avoided us and went ashore somewhere else…”


newmascotresized: My screenshot tool fucked up massively on this one conversation and I have no idea why, so pardon the weird resolution. I’m also using the dialog from the PS1 LP because yeah, not doing this again.

Jun: “I don’t know… I just feel I know him from long ago… just a feeling he was someone important…”

newmascotresized: I like to think that Tatsuya is just off screen holding up a sign reading “Jun’s my boyfriend” and Maya and Baofu can see it but Katsuya is totally oblivious.

Leaning: “But the Joker is dead now, right?! It’s over… I’m so relieved. I can finally get on with my miserable life!”

Baofu: “Moron… nothing is over yet. We still don’t know what Tatsuzou intends to do.”

katsuya: “For once, he’s actually right… we haven’t learned anything about the Sudou family, Joker, or Tatsuya… it’s unfortunate that the suspect is dead. I should let HQ know.”

Baofu: “Haven’t you learned anything, Suou? You can’t depend on the police…”

katsuya: “Say that again…”

Baofu: “You’re not only hard-headed, but hard of hearing too? Or is it that you can’t do anything without your badge? Hmph! That’s what I thought. Do you really think you can catch Tatsuzou by yourself? Good luck…”

newmascotresized: Katsuya does, admittedly, kinda suck.

katsuya: “Say what you will. Just stay out of my way, or you’ll find yourself in the slammer with Tatsuzou.”

Leaning: “I don’t know about you, but I’m quitting while I’m ahead. Ma-ya, don’t get involved… I don’t think I could handle it if you got hurt…”

Baofu: “Cowards! What are you afraid of!? It’s the truth that matters! Don’t tell me you’re quitting too?”

newmascotresized: You can’t see it, but he’s looking at Maya when he asks that. She shakes her head.

Baofu: “Heh… good for you. I’m gonna head back to my place to see if I can get a bead on Tatsuzou. See if any of your friends at Kismet know anything. I’ll swing by and pick you up later.”


newmascotresized: Our party is gone, and we need to go get them back. The only place we can really go right now (apart from the shops and the Velvet Room) is to Kismet.

newmascotresized: I’m not sure why they bother introducing Chizuru here, because she’s a character who only appears on Elly’s route.

Chizuru: “You my dear, have a peculiar aura about you. You must let me read your fortune… you… you are feeling that you are not yourself? You are worrying about a younger man…”

Chizuru: “Tell me, do you enjoy life? Are you glad you came into this world?”

newmascotresized: I mean, it could be better.

newmascotresized: You might be asking if she’s Nyarlathotep in disguise again, and the answer is surprisingly no.

Chizuru: “Where were you before… in your past life? Another country? Or maybe… another world… Humans are connected. Not only to the past, but to themselves in another world… you will change… along with this world…”

newmascotresized: Chizuru clearly forgot that they got rid of that for Ni no Kuni 2, though I think we all know that Maya’s isekai realm counterpart is some kind of gremlin.

Chizuru: “Please excuse me, but I must be going.”

newmascotresized: When we leave the editor’s room, Chizuru leaves the building.

newmascotresized: Wait a second, this is just scientology.

Chizuru: “Joka is a dragon, filled with Kegare. The Guardian Dragons will absorb bad luck during this cycle… it is a much more powerful negative trend than that of ‘Tenchusatsu’ or ‘Ankensatsu’.”

newmascotresized: Gesundheit.

Chizuru: “Kegare calls forth further Kegare, and Joka causes sin to increase… the more people sin, the greater Kegare’s power becomes.”

Chizuru: “It is cause and effect… you must not let jealousy and petty grudges consume you! You must not perform the JOKER curse!”

newmascotresized: You know, I wonder if dialing your own number to get your voicemail counts for that, because that was a super common method of getting to your voicemail in the pre-smartphone era.

newmascotresized: I mean, no, that’s how the entire stupid plot to fool Akechi into thinking he’d killed Joker worked. Also, his real name is John Persona.

newmascotresized: Chief Togashi is in Innocent Sin, but unless you’re one of those people who runs around to every location to check on every NPC, you’ll probably never know he’s there.

Angry: “Sir! Then, what about that blimp!? Something that wasn’t supposed to fly was flying!”

confused: “What fire…!? What are you talking about? I was just there!”

confused: “That can’t be…”

Angry: “It’s a waste of time to keep investigating! We should be tracking down Tatsuzou!”

newmascotresized: It’s blurry because of the PSP resolution, but there’s something here you might recognize from the sanitarium - and it kind of makes no sense that Katsuya doesn’t.

newmascotresized: The phone records have a thousand calls from someone named Yusuke, and then a handful listed internally as “HORNY (DO NOT PICK UP)”.

newmascotresized: I’m also pretty sure that phone records don’t work that way. Even if the shadowy conspiracy asked for the records of anyone who called their own number, how could they know it’s for the Joker?

newmascotresized: When I said that Hashino stole the entire plot for Persona 5 from this game, this is what I meant.

newmascotresized: Here’s what I don’t get about that, by the way. You see Chizuru leave the Kismet building - did she have a TV crew waiting outside?

newmascotresized: What Baofu doesn’t realize is that Maya did the Joker curse, except she called Persona 5 Joker and now she’s getting sudden urges to clean her room and eat something that isn’t canned crab.

Angry: “It’s Tatsuzou… that bastard torched the sanitarium to destroy the evidence. Even on the blimp, he must have had someone watching over his son… that bastard has got his hands everywhere.”

Silent: “I tapped his home telephone, and they were talking about plans to finish someone off. I couldn’t tell who the ‘mark’ was though. So what do we do now?”

newmascotresized: We all know what Maya really wants to say is “Let’s go get French takeout”.

Silent: “I’m not too hip about it, but there seems to be no other way… he’s the only way we can get information from the cops. If that woman’s fortune telling airs, the whole city could be in danger. Damn… what a pain…”

newmascotresized: Didn’t it already air? Wasn’t that why it was on TV? Our next destination is the police station to go pick up Katsuya.

Silent: “I figured… the fortune telling went on TV and became a rumor, causing everyone who used the curse to become a Joker…”

newmascotresized: One of the rejected ideas I had for a Salty Vanilla image was the Persona 5 party all dressed like Joker after calling him.

alsoconfused: "It pains me to say this, but we can’t rely on my colleagues. They’re only making things worse…’

Baofu: “Hehheh… a little bitter, aren’t we…? Just leave this to us…”

katsuya: “I can’t do that… I would rather turn in my badge than just turn my head. I’m going with you.”

Baofu: “Do whatever you want…”

newmascotresized: I bet we’re going to walk into Gold and find Ulala dressed in checkered pants and a black jacket with a dumbass mascot shadow hanging off her shoulder.

Silent: “What…? Don’t tell me… was she using the Joker curse as well?”

confused: “If that’s true, Serizawa-kun is going to become a murderer… who would she curse!? Amano-kun, you must know someone who Serizawa-kun didn’t get along with…”

Silent: “Anything is helpful. Try to remember…”

newmascotresized: In case you don’t remember this guy, his name was Makimura. He was… honestly just kinda there when we did GOLD as a dungeon in Innocent Sin.

newmascotresized: I have absolutely no idea how this doesn’t count as remembering that Innocent Sin happened.

newmascotresized: Ever since I played No More Heroes 3, I associate the phrase “Hey, what’s wrong?” with Travis Touchdown cutting shit in half.

katsuya: “Huh…? Are you saying you’ve never met this guy, but you recognize his face?”

Silent: “What do you mean…?”

katsuya: “That ‘deja vu’ stuff again… anyway, let’s apprehend that con-artist. We can’t let Serizawa-kun commit a crime.”

Silent: “I don’t understand, but you can tell by looking at his face, right? What do you wanna do, just look around? Wait… let’s drop by Hirasaka first.”

Silent: “Rumor says the head of an Izakaya bar has services for locating people… there may be clues.”

newmascotresized: This is most of what we’re going to do this update, because the next dungeon is another copy-paste from Innocent Sin and requires a significant amount of grinding.

newmascotresized: There’s actually a second dungeon we could do here - that being Kasugayama High. Remember the bomb shelter? That is this game’s Abandoned Factory. We won’t be bothering with it just yet.

newmascotresized: Shiraishi Ramen has been turned into an izakaya.

newmascotresized: In Innocent Sin, we turned this lady into a Russian spy who also had a legendary guitar gun. In Eternal Punishment, she’s a sidequest instead.

newmascotresized: And now we’re off to Parabellum.

katsuya: “I see… we have reason to believe a woman who was swindled used the Joker curse for revenge. We were sent to protect him… but… if you aren’t the man we’re looking for…”

Baofu: “That’s all we need, another dead body… poor bastard… it’s probably too late.”

Baofu: “Gotcha… hey nee-san, next time learn to be a better judge of character…”

katsuya: “Amano-kun, where would Serizawa-kun be?”

newmascotresized: GOLD sucks ass and we’re kinda underleveled, so let’s do something else.

newmascotresized: Now that we’ve unlocked GOLD, we have access to Peace Diner and another rumormonger.

newmascotresized: We need that first rumor because it’s one of the best ways to make money in this game… if you’re using savestates or save-reloading.

newmascotresized: For purposes of this LP, casino savestating will be legal as a means of skipping money grind. All PSP custom firmwares have native access to savestates, and this hack is only playable on CFW.

newmascotresized: Toku was a rumormonger in Innocent Sin who lived in the park in Rengedai. In Eternal Punishment, he now stays at Shiraishi.

newmascotresized: We can get this rumor after visiting Parabellum, and we want to use it because it gives us access to some very easy money.

newmascotresized: I’m not sure if this is better or worse than the blackjack rumor, but I went with it anyway.

newmascotresized: I went to go spread some rumors, and remembered that there’s a reference to Devil Summoner in Todoroki’s office.

newmascotresized: If you check this bookshelf behind Todoroki, it opens up and gives you a magazine. This allows you to buy a soundtrack CD to play on Maya’s stereo.

newmascotresized: Man-Searcher is an extremely easy sidequest if you’re using a guide. You pay a small fee up front, and then collect ten times that fee as reward money when you find the target.

newmascotresized: This guy is our first target. he’s in the back of Time Castle, behind Nyarlathotep.

newmascotresized: You have to guess their names, because apparently hunting people down for money follows the Rumplestiltskin rule.

newmascotresized: I forgot to take a shot of the name entry screen, but all you have to do is enter the name as it appears on the request and you get paid. This is from the second target, who is in Kismet’s editorial room.

newmascotresized: By the time I get the last available one done, we’ve made over 60,000 yen. We’re going to need this money to take advantage of a little exploit for stat-maxing.

newmascotresized: Also, let me explain why we’re not doing GOLD this update. It’s because I made a horrible mistake. GOLD is an exact replica of the Innocent Sin version.

newmascotresized: It has a bullshit high encounter rate, including the return of Faust from Innocent Sin. Faust can cast Gry and hit the entire party (Maya included) for half their maximum HP or more.

newmascotresized: I got Baofu a new Persona that increases his Dexterity. This is still good because it boosts his pathetically low magic stats, even if it’s not Agility. Then I made a mistake.

newmascotresized: Early on in GOLD, you can find a Rainbow Light in one of the dressing rooms. This allows us to fuse Iris - which at the time I thought “Sure, why not, it has a heal and I need a heal”. This was a mistake.

newmascotresized: Iris is only compatible with Maya. She’s weak to wind, which almost everything in GOLD uses. She also broke my one fusion spell because she lacks Aqua. But that’s not the worst part.

newmascotresized: You see the “Agility +1” level-up bonus? That’s bad. To understand why, we need to remember how fusion spells work in Innocent Sin - and this is something I forgot.