Posting a nearly finished LP


I did read in the rules that it’s A-Okay to dump an LP as long as you actually intend to finish it and interact in the thread. However, I have an LP that is nearly finished (nearly finished meaning it’s a long-ass monster of a Dark Souls III LP that will probably last for another two or three months due to the DLCs and post-game content but the main game is nearly over.)

So what’s the stance on posting an LP that has progressed that far? Yay or nay?

(sorry if this has already been discussed somehow, but the layout of the site is a bit confusing to me)

As far as I can tell, it’s fine, just don’t dump already completed LPs without permission

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Vicas migrated his tour of Dark Souls, so I think it’s all good if it’s still in-progress, no matter how far into the game you are.

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I figure for the first few months of the forums at least, it makes a lot more sense to be able to move in progress LPs over here, to fill the place up a bit. In the future it might be more frowned upon but considering this literally opened up for realsies today, exceptions can probably be made

(note that I’m not a forum mod, thank god, so don’t take my word as law)


I’ve got a question along these lines. Me and my pals are just getting into this stuff, and we’re about a weeks worth of episodes away from finishing a playthrough of Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion. (I’m trying to post an episode every weekday.)

It being among our first lps, there are a lot of audio issues, especially in the episodes being posted now. The thing is, we just recorded the DLC of the game with much better audio equipment/in a better space. I’m wondering if I should start posting the episodes I have, or wait a week and make a thread just for the DLC.

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I see, would it be better to just dump the entire thing at once or have the old updates trickle in. I’m asking mainly because every update is attached to a post and it’s not as simple as just copypasting my op (despite being a VLP each update links to a post)

You could do what I did and hide past updates using the [.deatils] tags.

Do note though that you have to write them out a certain way to get them to work

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That’s really neat, but I already dumped every individual post. Since some of them have lengthy supplementary posts I would probably hit the character limit sooner than later anyway. But It’s nice to know we have something like this for the future.