Post Your Favorite Youtube Vids


A classic that hasn’t been linked yet, somehow:


so HOT so FRESH is one of my favorite things period


Eugene Mirman: Sexpert.


I have to go back and watch this one once in a while.


Some recent favourites:


Here’s some of my all-time/recent fav videos. The Zuma one is a slow burn but is 100% worth it



A classic. “Comm-scan has detected a-” shuts pod

Also this one probably makes more sense if you’ve seen Kamen Rider W but it’s still hilarious:

Oh, and ElectroBOOM is always fun to watch.


Lasagna Cat is back, but all you need to know

They know what we like.


:nsfw: but hilarious

edit: NOT :nsfw: and also hilarious




These are just audio, but they’re available on YouTube.

And I have to share the two best videos Ashens ever produced.


my fave Uptown Funk mashup





This is a pretty popular video, but I just remembered that it existed and I think more people should watch it if they haven’t already.

And a little backstory because I think it’s neat! MysteryBen, the director and lead animator of this music video, created a fan animation for a different Mystery Skulls song, Money. When Mystery Skulls found out, they asked him to create an official one.


Apparently this song/video is about nuns summoning aliens to earth so they can smoke alien weed and get hella high. No really.


Bill Wurtz videos are great:

He just released a massive sequel to that one:


How did I miss the newest entry in the greatest series Youtube had?!