Post Your Favorite Youtube Vids


No matter what, this is always amazing.


(technically cross-posting this from the podcast one since I think not everyone who watches youtube also listens to podcasts.)

Two months ago an old podcast returned as a youtube show. From 2006-2010 there was a videogame music podcast called “Into the Score” which is a in depth musical study and music history analysis of different videogame soundtracks. The old episodes are still online which are well worth listening to because of the analysis.


Just came across this and it put a huge smile on my face.


Chip and I have been crying at this video for a few days now



I swear I’m not going to go down a Steamed Hams hole, but this is amazing


We’ll never forget you Cybershell



The guy who made the “Heavy Rain but 200%/500% facial animations” did one for the trailer of Beyond: Two Souls, and it’s every bit amazing as you might expect.




New Guaranteed* Video production!

And a blast from the distant past…