Post your favorite webcomics!


I’ll start here with Kill Six Billion Demons, by Abaddon, an ongoing series that covers the adventures of Allison, a college student thrust into greatness. With insanely good art, and an amazing story and hecka neat world building, this is my current favorite webcomic!

Have a sample, wherein our heroine is engaged in a drinking contest with a demon:

Edit: I forgot to mention, K6BD updates Tuesday and Friday evenings (and occasionally weekends). Abaddon also takes audience suggestions on background characters.

Martha, Martha, Martha! - The Comic Book Thread

I’ll recommend Paranatural by Zack Morrison, an action/comedy series about a group of kids who can see and fight ghosts with ghost powers! It has a colorful art style that lends itself well to both comedy and action scenes in addition to being one of the funniest webcomics out there right now.

A sample, in which one of our heroes investigates the dark secret of one of his teachers:



i like cad


I can’t recommend Valerie Halla’s Goodbye to Halos enough, it’s an incredibly sweet and funny “action-adventure” story with an entirely queer cast of characters and an absolutely gorgeous art style:


I saw this thread and immediately came in to post goodbye to halos and I’m happy that someone already beat me to it! An extremely good and important comic

So I’ll go ahead and reccommend Cucumber Quest, which I’ve been slowly making my way through. I’m still only on chapter 2 but I’ve loved what I’ve read so far and everyone I know who reads it says it only goes uphill as it goes on! :smiley:


My two favorite webcomics currently are Star Trip and Witchy!

Star Trip is about an earthling who one day saves an alien on Earth and makes an agreement with them to travel space together and visit all kinds of planets. It’s full of really cool alien planets and concepts. The art at the beginning is older and so it can start a little rough, but the artist grows a lot throughout the comic. It’s also really gay :thumbsup:

Witchy is a comic about a young witch who struggles to find her place in a world where hair length determines magical ability. There’s an underlying political struggle and a whole lot of cool character designs. One thing it does differently is that it’s all Eastern inspired, as opposed to conventional Western witches and magic. The illustrations are really wonderful. Also pretty gay :thumbsup:


Cucumber Quest is wonderful :grinning:


There are three webcomics I read regularly. The one I’ve been reading the longest ist Questionable Content, a pretty well known webcomic which kind of started out as a comic poking fun at Indie Rock, and turned into a slice-of-life thing about, well, the creator says robots and butts. I’ve been reading it for nearly 10 years now, read it in it’s entirety multiple times, and it never really ceases to amuse me. It updates every weekday.

The second one is Girl Genius, a Steampunk comic about mad scientists fighting over control of Europe. It’s a lot of fun, although it does get confusing at times because the cast of characters is really gigantic by now. Updates monday, wednesday and friday.

As for the third one, well, I think everyone who’s ever even looked at a D&D players handbook knows about Giant in the Playground. It’s a comic about a group of more or less D&D characters trying to prevent the destruction of the world while poking fun at role playing clichees. It’s very good, but updates fairly unfrequently.


Seconding Girl Genius. It’s a really fun webcomic, although as El_Sid said, it’s plot is quite confusing. Luckily the writing is good enough that most readers won’t mind.

Darths and Droids is a really good webcomic. It’s the Star Wars movies as a tabletop RPG campaign. Like DM of the Rings except longer and the creators are less pretentious. They are currently nearing the end of Return of the Jedi, although they are planning on doing Rogue One next and will do the sequel trilogy if they are still around when Episode IX releases.

Speaking of complicated webcomics, Erfworld is quite good. It’s about a guy who gets sucked into the a tabletop strategy game world he made and it’s actually a lot better than the premise suggests. The story’s pacing is quite slow unfortunately, but it makes for a great binge read. Definitely not for everyone though.


I’m so behind on Witchy, which is a shame because I really like it. I really gotta hop back onto the webcomic train very soon.


Since OOTS and K6BD have already been mentioned I guess I’ll bring up Unsounded which is a fantasy webcomic following (at least initially) the beleaguered undead mage Duane escorting Sette, supposed daughter of a crime lord, across countries to collect on a debt. It has some fantastic worldbuilding, good art, interesting characters, and very large dogs. A word of warning the comic does contain some nudity, gore, and rather dark themes.


I don’t read many webcomics but every now and then I check out Awkward Zombie


I liked Homestuck. I’d personally recommend Problem Sleuth before it, though.

I recently stumbled upon Rock And Riot, a 50s high school greaser culture comic about young love starring an entirely queer cast, that has a phenomenally slick art style.

Goodbye to Halos is seriously really good.

And I’m a fan of Josh Lesnick’s Girly and :nws: You Suck, though the latter is a dead project.

I feel like I read more webcomics, but they’re just not springing to mind right now.


I completely forgot to post one of my absolute favorite webcomics! Supernormal Step!

It’s been running for a few years now and is gradually reaching its completion. It’s about a girl named Fiona who gets pulled into an alternate version of the world where magic exists. It’s extremely cool and full of awesome action and has a lot of thematic inspiration from rock music. It has a ton of interesting characters and it can get pretty funny at times. Here’s a page from a chapter where Fiona has to fight someone inside of a pinball machine.


I’m not big on webcomics as most big ones i’ve seen feel too childish and safe, as if they were morning cartoons, and with a medium so unrestricted like webcomics that feels like a waste :/. Though there is one really nice one I read called “Check, Please!”. It’s a really nice, sweet gay love story about hockey players.


I think the only two that I’m consistently reading nowdays are Questionable Content and Gunnerkrigg Court.

I was going through kind of a reread of the latter here not too long ago and -

Hoo boy has the author's art improved over time.


I enjoy Cucumber Quest, Paranatural, and Awkward Zombie, and keep an eye out for new Hark! A Vagrant updates.

It’d be remiss of me not to use this opportunity to mention Solstoria by Charmwitch, a story of a girl who becomes a knight in her quest to discover the fate of her missing brother. Updates have been sporadic as of this post, however.


It is worth noting to anyone who is kinda interested in QC that it gets kinda bland in the middle, but recently has been exploring the consequences of alcoholism, PTSD, dealing with loss, depression and how to be a good person, while still being really funny! It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I recommend it to anyone who is curious. Plus, the author/artist has gotten so much better it is astounding.


I agree, although I never really thought it was bland, or I wouldn’t have continued reading it for so long. I do see what you mean though. There wasn’t much really happening in the comic at a certain point, it was mostly just about the characters and their relationships. I kinda liked that as well, but yess, I absolutely agree that the more recent one’s have picked up the pace quite a bit, and certainly to the benefit of the comic.

And it’s absolutely amazing where Jeph has gotten now compared to where he started art-wise. That alone makes the comic worth looking at in my mind.


All I gotta say is, you’ve been looking at the wrong webcomics for sure. There’s a whole world of different comics out there for different audiences. Also worth noting–sometimes an art style doesn’t match its tone! I’ve read a ton of comics with cute styles that dealt with really heavy topics, or had interesting plot twists, etc. For example, every comic I’ve mentioned here has an interesting twist or two that I’ve not really divulged for the sake of spoilers.