Post your favorite video game glitches

Video games are good and possibly one of the best things about them is when they break in really interesting ways. Let’s share some of our favorite glitches and bugs! I’ll be mostly posting videos in this thread, but just discussing weird shit that’s happened to you while playing games is fine, too!

Let’s start off with some classics:



I don’t think I can find any specific videos of it, but, anything from the gem of a game “Raven’s Cry”. I remember from the Giant Bomb quick look there was a point where a quest NPC exclaimed “You can’t fool me, I’m smart!” and then proceeded to run into a fence for a solid minute.


Physics glitches are the best, I always loved the swingset glitch from GTA4.

Sleeping Dogs is great and I don’t know if I will ever be able to replicate these, so here’s a few choice clips of driving glitches from my LP.

And one more of Wei trying to buy out a shop’s entire stock of herbal tea.

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Oh my god, I haven’t thought about that Skyrim glitch in years!

I’ve always loved glitches that just screw up animations, and Destiny kinda goofs up all the time in that regard. This is my favourite that I’ve encountered personally though:

This glitch happened to me in Sleeping Dogs and it still makes me laugh. I didn’t edit the music to sound like this, the game distorted it like this by itself and I have no idea why but I love it.


There’s a better version of this gif but I can’t find it after looking for several minutes:


ragdolls going haywire will always be my favourite thing

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Well I was going to post The Ascension of the Jackdaw, but since that was posted I guess I’ll go for this one

This also might not count because it’s technically a mod to goof up GTA4’s handling, but I always found it fascinating just the same

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just get down from the box already


Bye noctis


A couple of my glitches.

Rome 2 at launch with it’s land ships.

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Basically anything from Sonic 2006 (when other people are playing, naturally).

Half of Kurt’s poké-balls in Gen 2 are glitched in hilarious ways. The Fast Ball only works on the slowest 3 pokémon that can run away (Tangela, Grimer and Magnemite, as opposed to the ones that always run away, the 3 legendogs), the Moon Ball only works on pokémon that evolve via BURN HEAL, and best of all, the Love Ball only works on pokémon that are the same species and gender as your active one. It’s actually a gay ball. <3
so yes, every single time you used those poké-balls back in the day was actually a placebo. Go figure. But obscured stats and calculation are the norm in Pokémon, so it’s no wonder no one, well, “caught” this glitch.

(I recommend checking TheZZAZZ and ChickasaurusGL on youtube for more pokémon glitches. There’s… a lot. There’s always more. And they don’t stop.)

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